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Publication numberUS390089 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 25, 1888
Publication numberUS 390089 A, US 390089A, US-A-390089, US390089 A, US390089A
InventorsJohn A. Mcclelland
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US 390089 A
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Patented Sept. 25, 1888.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 390.089, dated September 25, 1888.

Application filed February 18. 1858. Serial No. 264,514.

IT all whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, JOHN A. MoOLELLAND, of the city of Louisville, in the county of Jefferson and State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Gases forTooth-Powderand other Medicinal or Toilet Powders; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, making a part of this specification, in which Figure 1 is a view in perspective of my improved case for toilet or medicinal powders when made in its simplest form without auxiliary cover. Fig. 2 is a view in perspective of a cover for the same with combined soap, pomade, or Vaseline receptacle. Fig. 3 is a central longitudinal section of the case and its auxiliary cover combined; Fig. 4, a bottom View of the follower; and Fig. 5, a perspective of a follower in a paper case, which is partly broken away, illustrating a modification in form of the openings in bottom of the follower.

My invention relates to an improved receptacle for dry powders which are required to be used from time to time in small quantities,and more especially for tooth-powders.

It has for its object to provide a cheap convenient case in which the powder may be very closely packed or compressed into a nearly solid mass, and from which it may be readily discharged in small quantities and in loose form without removing the covering-lid and without danger of spilling, and also to provide a definite measure for the powder in combination with the lid, and means whereby the loosened powder may be readily transferred to a tooth-brush, if desired, without affecting the mass.

It consists in the combination, with a suit able cylindrical case, preferably made of paper, of a metallic disk or follower fitting within the case to serve as a lid or protectingcover for its contents, and which is perforated with one ormore slits or openings having cutting-edges adapted to loosen the pulverulent material in the box when revolved in contact therewith, so that the material may drop through the openings, and in the combination, with said disk,of a receptacle formed thereon to (No model.)

serve as a measure for the powder which works out through its perforations, and of parallel plates projecting from the disk to serve as ears by which to revolve it,and as guides between which a tooth-brush may be inserted toreceive the powder dropping therefrom.

It consists, also, in the combination, with said case and its follower, of an outer auxiliary cover to fit over the end of the case, and which is provided with internal lugs or offsets to engage the ears projecting from the disk, and thereby lock the disk to the cover, so that a revolution of the latter shall turn the former,

and of a receptacle within the cover,into which theloose powder dropping from the revolving disk of the follower may be collected in readiness for application to a tooth-brush, or for other purposes.

It consists, moreover, in the combination, with said outer or auxiliary cover, of an outer receptacle for soap, Vaseline, or other cosmetics, and in the combination, with the body of the case, of a loose encircling band provided with a clip for holdingatooth-brush, and with an elastic cutter to cut off the superfluous end of the case as it becomes emptied.

In the accompanying drawings, A represents the cylindrical case, which is preferably made of paper, cardboard, or very thin metal, to admit of being readily cut away and reduced in length as it is gradually emptied, butwhich may also be made of celluloid or rubber or other stifi' material in more permanent form. This case admits of being ornamented in various ways, as good taste may suggest. It is preferably encircled by a metallic band, B. If the case be made of paper or other comparatively weak material, this band is made loose enough to admit of being moved along the case, and is fitted with a lateral spring, 0, terminating in a cutting-blade made to project over the upper edge of the band in position to admit of being pressed inward against the periphery of the case. By pressing the blade inward and revolving the band the case will be cut apart circumferentially with a clean out.

A cup-shaped follower, consisting of an annular plate, D, of a diameter small enough to fit loosely within the case, and whose inner end is closed by a disk, E, is provided to serve as a lid to cover the contents of the case. Preferahly two circumferential ribs or bands, ff, are formed upon the outer periphery of the follower, at its upper and lower edges, to fit closely and accurately within the case, the annular recess between 'the bands serving to catch any material which may work past the inner band in the use of the device, and to reduce friction between the follower and the case. This follower or movable lid for the case is designed to remain therein until the case is emptied of its contents. To facilitate this end, one or more transverse openings having eutting-edges g g (see Figs. 3 and at) are made in the disk E; or the disk is perforated with holes h h h, (see Fig. 5,) having ragged edges on the under side, the function of said cutting or ragged edges being to scrape or stir up the underlying material whenever the disk is rorated, and thereby promote a discharge thereof into the follower through the apertures in the disk. A central compartment is preferably formed within this cup-shaped lid or follower D by means of two parallel partitionplates, I I, secured thereon at a distance apart corresponding substantially to the width of a toothbrush, and which project beyond the outer rim of the follower far enough to allow of the inser tion of the head of atooth-brush between them. \Vhere these plates are used, the openings in the disk E are confined to the space included between said plates, so that the discharge from the case shall be made only into said compartment. By making this compartment of a determinate size it can be used as a measure of the quantity of material discharged therein from the case. The projecting ends of the plates I I serve conveniently as cars or handles by which to revolve the follower.

In the use of the device in its simple form, as described, the case Ais closely packed with tooth-powder or other pulverulent material, leaving space enough only at the outer end to permit of the insertion of the follower D, so that its disk Eshall rest upon the surface of the powder and serve as a cover therefor. By revolving the disk by means of the projecting plates I I the cutting-edges of the slits g g (or the equivalent ragged edges of the holes h it) will operate to scrape or shear off more or less of the powder from the surface of the tightlypacked mass in the case, and the loosened powder will work up through the openingsin the disk between the plates I I into the central compartment of the follower, so that by inserting a toothbrush between said plates and then reversing the case the powder will fall upon the brush. In this manner a sufficient quantity of powder may be neatly applied to a wet brush without spilling it and without wetting the powder in the ease,so that the same case may be used in connection with different tooth-brushes without objection. As the follower need not be removed from the case, the powder within the case is constantly protected from the air and dust as well as from contact with the brush. \Vhen by the withdrawal of a quantity of powder the follower passes so far down as to render it inconvenient to fit a brush between the plates I I, the band B is slipped up so as to bring the cutting-blade G into position near the outer end of the ease, whereupon, by rotating the band and pressing in the cutter, a portion of the end of the case may be neatly detached and removed.

When the case is used for medicinal or other powders other than for the teeth, the form of the'plates I I may be modified and the central compartment, or the entire interior of the follower, be used simply as a receptacle, and, if desired, as a determinate measure for the amount of powder to be taken from the case at any one time.

An outer cap, K, may be fitted over the end of the case to embrace the projecting plates or cars I I, and to serve as a cover for the follower.

To render the device more complete where an outer auxiliary cap or cover, K, is used, I form within said cover offsets or lugs L L, to engage the ends of the ears or plates I I, projecting within the cover, so that by revolving the cover K the follower D will be made to revolve with it; and I form or secure also within said case a central diametric receptacle, M, adapted to fit neatly in over the central compartment of the follower between the plates or cars I I when the cap is placed upon the case; hence by inverting the case, as shown in Fig. 3, and then holding the cover K and revolving the case, the powder loosened by the cutting-edges g 1 will drop into the receptacle M of the cover.

To prevent the follower from being drawn out by the suction produced in removing the cover K, small airholes s s are pierced in the cover outside of its joint with the case, as shown in Fig. 3.

The receptacle M in the cover, when charged with a sufficient quantity of powder, is admirably adapted to permit of dipping a toothbrush therein to take up the powder. As the receptacle is readily emptied and cleaned after being thus used and as readily freshly charged for use again, it may be used by different persons without objection from the most fastidious.

The device is rendered yet more complete by forming in the outer end of the cap or cover a receptacle, N, for toothsoapwaseline, cosmetics, or such other preparations as may be desired, said receptacle being preferably closed by a cover, 0, screwing down therein, as shown in Fig. 3.

A ring, 1?, is attached to the band B, by which to hang up the case, and for toothpowder cases a clip, It, is fixed to the opposite side of the band, by which a tooth-brush may be suspended from the case.

It is evident that the proportions and dimensions of the case A may be greatly varied without departing from my invention; also,

projecting outwardly from the follower to fat-- cilitate revolving it, a band encircling the case and turning freely thereon, and a spring-cutter carried by the band and adapted to engage and cut the case when pressed inward.

3. The combination, substantially as herein set forth, of the cylindrical case, a follower fitting within said case, a receptacle upon the outer face thereof communicating with the in-. terior of the case through one or more openings in the follower, and parallel guide-plates ing the head of a tooth-brush placed over the same.

4. The combination of the cylindrical case, a perforated follower fitted within the same, a receptacle formed on the outer side of the follower to communicate through its perforations with the interior of the case, an auxiliary cover fitting over the outer end of the case, interposed arms or plates projecting from the one to engage lugs or offsets on the other, so that a revolution of the cover shall cause the follower to revolve, and a receptacle in said cover made to register with the receptacle on the follower, substantially in the manner and for the purpose herein set forth.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.



A. N. JEsBERA, E. M. 'WATsoN.

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