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Publication numberUS3901411 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 26, 1975
Filing dateNov 19, 1973
Priority dateNov 19, 1973
Publication numberUS 3901411 A, US 3901411A, US-A-3901411, US3901411 A, US3901411A
InventorsBauman John F
Original AssigneeBauman John F
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Apparatus for dispensing pavement sealer material
US 3901411 A
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United States Patent 1191 Bauman 14 1 Aug. 26, 1975 [76] Inventor: John F. Bauman, 432 Redwood Ave., Redwood City, Calif. 94061 22 Filed: Nov. 19, 1973 211 App]. 190.; 417,472

[52] US. Cl 222/167; 248/130; 259/81 R [51] Int. Cl 867d 5/64 [58] Field of Search 222/167, 537, 481, 196;

Primary Examiner-Robert B. Reeves Assistant Examiner-Larry H. Martin Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Julian Caplan [5 7] ABSTRACT To mix, store and dispense pavement sealer material of the coal tar emulsion type a cylindrical tank is rotatably supported by rollers above a frame by means of shafts at either end and rollers intermediate the ends. The tank has a vented filler port to receive the material and a handle on one shaft turns the tank to mix the ingredients. To dispense, a pipe system is connected to a valve on the bottom of the tank, this system having an upper horizontal stretch extending outside the frame, a vertical leg down to the level of the area to be paved and an elongated lower horizontal stretch pivotted to the vertical stretch. The horizontal stretch has a valve so that the operator can control discharge. The lower stretch can be swung back and forth to cover the area.

3 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures APPARATUS FOR DISPENSING PAVEMENT SEALER MATERIAL This invention relates to a new and improved apparatus for dispensing pavelement sealer material of the type used to surface parking lots, driveways, and the like. The material protects blacktop asphalt concrete pavement from weather conditions and gasoline and motor oil drippings. It is essentially a coal tar pitch emulsion which must be spread in a thin layer over the pavement to be treated. Heretofore, mixing and applying the material has been very burdensome and cleaning the utensils and container for the material have been difficult. The present invention provides an apparatus which facilitates use of the material.

A principal feature of the invention is the provision of a cylindrical, rotatably mounted tank in which a large quantity of the material may be transported in bulk from a storage depot, mixed as occasion requires and dispensed.

A further feature of the invention is the fact that the tank is mounted on a skidlike frame which can be lifted on to a dump truck body and is easily positioned and removed. By tilting the truck when the tank is near empty, the last bit of material may be dispensed.

Another feature of the invention is the provision of means in the tank to agitate and mix the material. The tank is rotatably supported on its frame in such manner that it may be easily turned by hand.

Another feature of the invention is the fact that the tank is conveniently filled and also conveniently dispensed at the appropriate time.

Another feature of the invention is the provision of a piping system on the discharge end of the tank which facilitates spreading the material over a wide area while the truck is substantially stationary and increasing the area by gradually advancing the truck.

Other objects of the present inventionwill become apparent upon reading the following specification and referring to the accompanying drawings in which similar characters of reference represent corresponding parts in each of the several views.

In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view partly broken away to conserve space.

FIG. 2 is a side elevational view partly broken away to reveal internal construction.

FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken substantially along the line 3-3 of FIG. 2. l

The material with which the apparatus is used is subject to some variation but is essentially a coal tar pitch emulsion used to seal blacktop pavements. The emulsion is mixed with aggregate and water in some instances. A typical material is known as multex GRS, a product of Emulsified Asphalts Incorporated. The material is applied to the surface and spread using a squeegee or pushbroom.

In accordance with the present invention, a frame 11 is provided having skids 12 extending on either side joined by transverse horizontal connecting members 13 at intervals. The frame 11 may be lifted on to a dump truck body when the apparatus is in use and may be lifted off the body and stored when not in use so that the truck can be used for other purposes. It will be understood that a vehicle other than a dump truck may be used but such vehicle is preferred since it can be tilted when the tank is nearly empty so that the last of the material may be dispensed. At either end of frame 11 are end bearing supports 14 carrying pillow blocks 16.

Tank 18 is preferably elongated and cylindrical having conical ends. Horizontal shafts 19 and 21 are welded to the axis of tank 18 at either end and are supported by pillow blocks 16. Shaft 21 has a hand crank 22 which is used to revolve the tank 18 at intervals when required. Each skid 12 carries one or more roller supports 23 having rollers 24 which engage the sides of tank 18 and help to support the same in a rotatable manner. A fill tube opening 26 is provided at about the middle of the tank and this has a cap 27 and a vent 28. The cap 27 is removed for filling purposes and the vent 28 permits the tank to breathe during dispensing and when there are abrupt temperature changes. The cap 27 is positioned intermediate the rollers 24 and hence the tank 18 may revolve without interference.

To agitate the contents of the tank when it is turning, short longitudinally extending slots 31 are formed diametrically opposite line. Pieces of plate 32 are driven through the slots 31 and the exterior is welded in a liquid tight manner. The plates 32 comprise baffles which, as best shown in FIG. 3, cause agitation of the contents of the tank as it turns.

Near one end of the tank is a radially disposed nipple 36, gate valve 37 and elbow 38 to which is connected a quick disconnect coupling 39. When it is necessary to dispense material from the tank 18, a piping system is connected to the connector 39 prior to opening of the valve 37.'A preferred piping system is best shown in FIG. 1 and comprises a horizontal upper pipe 41 which extends from connector 39 longitudinally of frame 11 out beyond the skids l2 and beyond the end of the bed of the truck on which the frame 11 is mounted. Con nected by means of a second elbow 38 to pipe 41 is a vertical stretch of pipe 42 having a length such that its lower end is at about the level of the pavement to be surfaced. An elongated lower horizontal pipe 43 is connected to stretch 42 by a third elbow 38 and a valve 44 of the so-called molasses valve type is connected to the outer end of pipe 43. Valve 44 is of a type which does not clog easily and is relatively accurately controlled and easily turned on and off by the operator. Further, between uses the valve is easily cleaned. The pipe 43 swivels relative to the pipe 42 so that the liquid dispensed from valve 44 is deposited in an arcuate path and can be spread by means of a squeegee or brush with great facility. To assist in swinging the pipe 43 a handle 48 or other means may be used.

In use, the frame 1 1 is raised to the bed of the vehicle such as a dump truck and transported to a depot where the cap 27 is removed and the emulsion, water, aggregate and other contents are filled. At the job site, prior to dispensing, the crank 22 is turned causing agitation of the contents, the baffles 32 being particularly effective for this purpose. The tank 18 is supported by rollers 24 as well as bearings 16. After the contents have been thoroughly mixed, the piping system is connected to connector 39 and the valve 37 opened. The operator then opens the valve 44 the required amount and by means of handle 48 swings the pipes back and forth in an arcuate path as the vehicle on which the apparatus is mounted slowly advances. The threaded joints at elbows 38 turned sufficiently to permit the swinging movement. The material is spread in normal fashion using the ordinary tools. Upon completion of the job, the valve 37 is closed and the piping system removed from connector 39 and cleaned. If necessary, a sheet metal or wooden casing may be built around tank 18 supported by frame 11; and, if necessary, a heater installed inside the casing to keep the tank 18 at proper temperature.

What is claimed is: 1. Apparatus for storing, mixing and dispensing pavement sealing material comprising a frame, a tank, said tank having a cylindrical body and conical ends, a plurality of rollers rotatably mounted on said frame for rotatably supporting said tank body, mechanical turning means for turning said tank, a filler tube and cap for filling said tank, said filler tube projecting radially from said tank body, a dispensing outlet nipple projecting radially from said tank body adjacent one end of said tank body, a valve member connected to said outlet nipple, said filler tube and dispensing outlet nipple being positioned relative to said rollers so that as said tank is revolved said rollers do not contact said filler tube, said cap, said outlet nipple, and said first valve member, the extent of radial projection of said tube and cap and of said outlet nipple and said first valve being sufficiently small so as not to contact said frame as said tank is revolved, and a piping system for detachable connection to an outlet of said first valve, said piping system comprising an upper horizontal pipe extending out beyond said frame and said one end of said tank body, a vertical pipe connected to said upper pipe, a lower horizontal pipe connected to said vertical pipe and a second valve at the outer end of said lower pipe.

2. Apparatus according to claim 1 in which said tank body is formed with narrow, short slits and which further comprises baffle plates, each said plate located inside said tank and having its outer end filling one said slit.

3. Apparatus according to claim 1 in which said frame includes a pair of skids extending parallel to said tank adapted to fit on the body of a dump truck, whereby said truck body may be tilted to cause the contents of said tank to flow to one end and subsequently said frame may be hoisted from said truck body for storage of said apparatus.

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