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Publication numberUS3902529 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1975
Filing dateAug 6, 1974
Priority dateAug 6, 1974
Publication numberUS 3902529 A, US 3902529A, US-A-3902529, US3902529 A, US3902529A
InventorsBrown David S
Original AssigneeBrown David S
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Extension tube for whirlpool bath
US 3902529 A
An extension tube connected at one end to the outlet of a whirlpool apparatus. One length of the tube is constructed of flexible rubber or plastic tubing and the remaining length is constructed of cotton turkish-toweling or the like whereby to prevent splashing, etc. and yet direct the flow of water and air to any part of the body desired but which normally can't be reached in a normal whirlpool bath.
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United States Patent Brown Sept. 2, 1975 [54] EXTENSION TUBE FOR WHIRLPOOL 3,286,7l2 ll/l966 Roden 4/l78 BATH 3,7l0,786 l/l973 Rico et al. 4/180 [76] Inventor: RavldCSifBr0wnhl4763O962N5 Harding Primary Examiner Harry N Haroian lcago Assistant Examiner-Richard R. Stearns [22] Filed: Aug. 6, 1974 Altorney, Agent, or FirmRummler & Snow [2|] Appl. No.: 495,228

ABSTRACT LSI CL I A I I I h 1 I r An extension tube connected atone end to thC outlet 138/109 of a whirlpool apparatus. One length of the tube is [5 1] IL Am 9/0O A47K 3/10 constructed of flexible rubber or plastic tubing and the of Search I V H remaining length is constructed Of CUttOn tUl'klShl28/369 78 28,5 toweling or the like whereby to prevent splashing, etc, and yet direct the flow of water and air to any part of [56] References Cited the body desired but which normally can't be reached UNITED STATES PATENTS in a normal whirlpool bath.

2,794,200 6/1957 Vitsky 128/66 4 Claims, 9 Drawing g PATENTEDSEP 2 m5 SHEET 1 [IF 2 EXTENSION Tl'BE FOR WHIRLPOOL BATH BACKGROL'ND OF THE IN\'ENTION Flexible rubber tubing has been emplo ed in the past and connected to the outlet of a whirlpool apparatus. However. due to terrificallv strong pressure emanating from the housing. the hose became almost uncontrollable. splashing water all over the bathroom. Further. it" a person wanted to take advantage of the whirlpool bath and wanted to treat the neck or shoulders or face. it was impossible to do so. Thus it was to overcome this inherent defect that the present invention was conceived,

SL'MMARY OF THE INVENTION A tubular member to be used in connection with whirlpool baths having a tubular flexible hose connected at one end to the outlet of a whirlpool apparatus. and a tubular-shaped cotton terrvcIoth-Iike tube connected to the free end of the flexible rubber tube whereb to extend the use of the normal whirlpool bath.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. I is a perspective view ota whirlpool apparatus and showing the present invention therewith;

FIG. 2 is a partial side clevational view ol'thc connection to the whirlpool apparatus:

FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view taken on the lines 33 of FIG. 2 and showing a positive Connection between the outlet of the whirlpool unit and the connector hose;

FIG. 4 is a perspective view of the connector alone:

FIGv 5 is a partial pcrspcctne view showing one use for the present invention:

FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view taken on the lines 66 through the tow cling tube and its connection to the flexible rubber tube;

FIG 7 is a Hat plan view ofthc interior ofthe connector;

FIG. 8 is a perspccthe iew of a modified connector means: and

FIG 9 is a flat plan new of the interior thcreol.

DF'I AILFD DESCRIPTION OF THF DRAWINGS A whirlpool apparatus consists generall of a motor. a filter. a pump or impeller. a water inlet. a water outlet and a housing. as well as an ambient air inlet to the stream ofwatcr in the noyzle or outlet chamber. All the foregoing is well known in the art and forms no part of the present invention e\cept that the present in\cntion is uscd in combination therewith.

The whirlpool apparatus is generall designated b the numeral I0 and its nozzle or outlet 12. The outlet l2 of the structure III. as shown in the drawing. is the t \pe manufactured b JacuT/i Research. Inc and has spider-like lugs I4. eight in number. for ad us'ting the force ol- The water for flowing thcre ut.

The present imentron comprises a corrugated I'le\i ble tube or hosc I6. one end I8 lsec FIG. SI of which is telcscopicall inserted into the mouth of the outlet I2 and held therein.

"desired. a connector iscc cspcciall FIGS. 4 and 7i mag be cmplo \ed to firnil secure the hose I6 to the outlet 12. This connector comprise a rcctangularlv shaped PlCc'L of plastic material 22. thc interior ol whith has .sccurcd thereto a piece ol'duck webbing material 24 to give the plastic material strength. On one end. a piece of corrugated rubber-like material 26 is secured having the same configuration as a vertical crosssection of hose I6 whereb v it will seat in the hose corrugations. as clearl shown in FIG. 3.

A wide strip of fastening material. generall referred to as hooks 28. is secured to webbing 24 along one end thereoftsee FIGS. 3 and 7) while a strip of cooperating loop material 30 is secured along the edge of the plastic material 22 so that when the members 22-24-26 are wrapped around the hose l6 and the hooks 28 are pressed on the strip of loops 30. the members 22-2- 4-26 are snugly and removabh secured to the hose 16.

An elongated strip of nylon webbing 32, of greater length than the width of the plastic material 22, is secured along the side edge opposite that of the side edge to which the corrugated material 26 is secured and is longer than the length of the plastic-web material 22-24. Medially of the side edges of the nylon webbing 32 are a series of apertures 34 through which the lugs 14 are inserted when the strip 32 is in position. A short strip of hooks 36 and loops 38 are secured adjacent each end of the strip 32, as clearly seen in FIG. 4.

When the strip of webbing 32 is placed o\ er the lugs of the spider I4. simultaneousl the webbing 24 will surround the hose 16. B pressing the hooks 28-36 on the loops 30-38. respectively. the hose ]6 cannot be accidentall or otherwise pulled out oi'thc outlet 20. as should now be clear A larger-in-diameter short length of flexible corrugated tubing 40 is slidabl positioned on the tube 16 (as shown in FIG. 6) and abuts against the tubular header 42 to prevent displacement thereof.

An elongated tube of cotton terr vcloth-like material 44 is provided at one end with a heav inturned seam 46 which abuts against the end 48 of the larger si'led tube 40 so it cannot accidentall be pulled there-m er The rest of the cloth tube extends beyond the header 42 and the free end thereof is finished so as to pre\ent unraveling of the material. Since the tube 40 is corrugated. it is obvious it acts like a spring if the cloth tube is pulled Iongitudinalh awa from the tube I6. and pre- \ents an possibilit of disconnection It should be apparent that the main length of the tube 44 is limpid before the water and air flow therethrough and then it partialls opens into a tube. Further. it the free end of the tube 44 is closed. as b using hooks and loops material 60 interiorl of the end. the tube tends to open full with the water therein emitting through the pores in thc terrtcloth.

In the modified connector shown in FIGS. 8 and 9. it takes on an H configuration in llat form. wherein the horizontal leg 50 has a pair of transverse legs 52-54 all made of hcav webbing duckcloth. The legs 52-54 are each provided with a strip of hook material 56-58. respccth el at one end. and a strip of loop material -62. respectivetv. at the opposite end. The leg 54 encircles the tube heatlcr portion 66 and is securel l'astcncd together b the hook material 58 intemeshing with the loop material 60. The leg 50 is placed between a pair of the lugs I4 ol the spider and the leg 52 encircles the outer wall of the outlet 12 and is securel fastened together b intermcshing the loop material 60 and hook material 56.

In use. the hose I6 is connected to the outlet I2 as alorcdcscribed. Since the hose 16 has the cotton terry clothlikc tube 44 connected to the opposite end of the tube 16, it may be wrapped loosely around the body area where desired. (As in FIG. 5, the tube 44 is loosely looped around the neck and shoulders of the user. 'l'he whirlpool is then activated and turbulently rapid flow of water (about 50 gallons a minute) admixed with air (fully opened. provides 6 pounds pressure) flows through the tubes 16 and 44 and returns to the tub 64. The effect of the rapidly flowing water and air gives a refreshing, effective water massage bringing comforting relief to minor aches and pains. as well as bringing soothing relaxation to those areas not reached by the ordinary whirlpool tub bath in the home.

Water will be prevented from splashing outside of the tub area by the present invention.

Where whirlpool equipment is not provided with the spider 14, it should be obvious that a connector such as shown in H0. 9 could be used between the outlet housing and the hose 16 to anchor the hose in outlet 12.

it is to be understood that numerous details shown may be altered or omitted without departing from the spirit of the present invention.

l claim:


1. ln combination with a whirlpool apparatus having a water-air outlet,

a. an elongated, flexible, corrugated hose having one end connected to said outlet of the whirlpool bath. b. an enlarged. corrugated. flexible, short tube slidably positioned on said hose adjacent the free end thereof, 0. means on the free end of said hose to revent said tube from being displaced therefrom. and d. an elongated tube of porous terrycloth-like cotton fabric. one end of which is secured to said short tube and having communication with the interior of said hose. 2. The device according to claim 1 wherein the free end of said porous tube is provided with closure means.

3. The device according to claim I wherein a connector means is provided to retain the hose in the outlet of said whirlpool apparatus.

4. The device according to claim 3 wherein the connector means is detachably secured around the hose and around the outlet of the whirlpool apparatus to prevent accidental detachment therefrom.

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