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Publication numberUS3904058 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 9, 1975
Filing dateAug 22, 1974
Priority dateAug 22, 1974
Publication numberUS 3904058 A, US 3904058A, US-A-3904058, US3904058 A, US3904058A
InventorsRosenstein Abraham J
Original AssigneeRosenstein Abraham J
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Combined pocket flask and denture case
US 3904058 A
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United States Patent Rosenstein Sept. 9, 1975 [54] COMBINED POCKET FLASK AND 2,877,779 3/1959 Bromberg 206/5.l X

DENTURE CASE 2,973,767 3/1961 Cohen 3,732,999 5/1973 Roukles.. [76] Inventor: Abraham .I- n n, 3,802,919 4 1974 Gaffir 206/83 x Clayton-Mill River Rd., New Marlborough, Ma$$- 01752 Primary Examiner-Daniel Blum [22] Filed: Aug. 22, 1974 [57] I ABSTRACT [21] Appl' 499571 A compact, portable pocket flask for cleaning and refreshing dentures. The flask is elongated, curved and [52] US. Cl. 215/6; 134/1 17; 206/38; pocket sized and contains two completely sealed com- 206/523; 259/54; 259/72 partments also sealed from each other. One such com- [51] Int. CI."T....A61C 19/10; BOSB 3/04; 865D l/O4; partment is shaped to carry a denture for cleaning B65D 81/08 purposes, and is accessible through a hinged panel [58] Field of Search 134/117, 137, 166 R; sealingly attachable to the flask wall. This compart- 132/79 R; 206/51, 38, 83, 523; 215/6; ment has padded walls, and is completely sealed, 220/344; 259/54, 72 whereby the denture within the compartment may be treated by shaking the flask. The other compartment [56] References Cited is connected to the neck of the flask, and may contain UNITED STATES PATENTS rinsing fluid such as mouthwash or water.

2,102,643 12/1937 Pellegrini 206/83 X 1 Claim, 3 Drawing Figures COMBINED POCKET FLASK AND DENTURE CASE BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION DISCUSSION OF THE PRIOR ART The patent to Crawford US. Pat. No. 3,732,973 discloses a combined denture case and brush, which is a large cup of such a size and shape as to preclude its use as a portable carrier easily placed into and removed from its owners pocket, purse or the like. Many other devices of the type of the Crawford patent have been disclosed in the patent literature, including the denture bath shown in the patent to Leifman et al. U.S. Pat. No. 3,386,706 and various vibratory devices for cleaning dentures, such as that shown in the patent to George US. Pat. No. 3,151,846.

One of the problems in the prior art is that there is no completely portable, small, compact carrying device which can readily be carried in the pocket or purse of a person who is traveling or who, for any other reason, does not have the full and exclusive use of washroom facilities.

OBJECTS OF THE INVENTION It is accordingly an object of this invention to provide a compact, portable carrier which can be used with convenience and privacy for denture cleaning, even while traveling or otherwise obliged to use public toilet facilities, all without embarrassment to the user. Still a further object of this invention is to provide a portable pocket flask which can be carried in the pocket of the user and which can be used with efficiency and effectiveness in brushing and cleaning of dentures in any lo cation without depending upon the availability of running water such as in the privacy of a toilet stall in a large public washroom area.

Other objects and advantages of this invention, including the simplicity, economy and effectiveness thereof, and the gentleness with which it stores and processes the dentures, will further become apparent hereinafter and in the drawings.

DRAWINGS Of the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a view in perspective showing one form of flask embodying features of this invention;

FIG. 2 is a side view of a flask shown in FIG. 1, and

FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken as indicated by the lines and arrows 3-3 which appear in FIG. 2.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Referring to the drawings, the number designates the flask, having a neck 9 at one end, sealingly closed at a screw cap 15.

As shown in FIG. 2, the flask 10 has boundary walls 11 which define the container, and has a transverse wall 12 which sealingly divides the internal portion of the container into a compartment 13 which communicates with the neck portion 9, and another compartment 14 which is spaced from the compartment 13. As shown in FIG. 2, the compartment 14 is larger than the compartment 13, although this relationship may vary.

The compartment 14 has a large opening in one side wall, here shown as a rectangular opening, covered by a rectangular panel 20 hinged by the hinges 21, 21 to the face of the flask. A fastener 22 is pivoted at 23 and is swingable about the pivot 23 to secure and to release the panel 20 with respect to the flask 10.

Referring to FIG. 3, a gasket 25 is provided in the flask, extending around the periphery of its opening, forming a sealing relationship with the panel 20. Further, the inner side walls 26 and bottom wall 27, as well as the inner wall 30 of the panel 12, are constructed of soft resilient material such as foam rubber or the like, thus performing a protective and cushioning enclosure for the denture D.

OPERATION In operation, it will be apparent that the compartment 13 may be used to store water, mouthwash liquid, or any other liquid of the users choosing. Similarly, a denture cleansing liquid may be contained within the compartment 14, which is normally kept in a sealed and closed condition while it is carried in the users pocket, purse, briefcase, or the like. At any appropriate time during the day or night, when the user desires to cleanse the dentures D, he simply locates a reasonably private area such as a stall within the public toilet facilities, for example, and uses the compartment 14 to cleanse the denture D. This is readily accomplished by simply swinging the latch 22 to its open position while holding the flask horizontally with the panel 20 facing upwardly, then lifting the panel 20 about its hinges 21, inserting the denture D into the cleanser fluid already contained therein, swinging the panel 20 into sealing contact with the flask body, securing it in sealed position by manipulating the latch 22, and then shaking the entire flask together with its contents for the desired period of time. The denture D is protected against breakage or damage because of the softness and resilien-ate the walls 26, 27 and 30, and after an appropriate iti. ie the compartment 14 may be opened up and the denture D removed and the rinsing liquid emptied into the toilet bowl. At this stage, the compartment 14 may be sealed shut again; or, if desired, the user may avail himself of the use of new mouthwash or ordinary tap water from a basin in the public area thus readying compartment 14 for quick use again whenever next necessary. After use, the compartments 13 and 14 are sealed, the flask replaced in the users pocket, purse, briefcase or the like, and the task of cleaning the denture D has been quickly, conveniently and reasonably privately performed. I

It is important, as will be apparent, that the compartment flask must be water-tight, that it must be of such shape and form as to enable easy carrying in ones pocket or in a womens purse, for example, and the provision of the inner wall such as foam rubber or the like is highly important in preventing injury or damage to the denture D.

While the upper compartment 13 containing mouthwash or the like is useful and important, it can sometimes be dispensed with or provided in a much smaller size as shown in the drawing. Further, the overall sizes and the relative sizes of the two compartments may be varied at will, subject to the size which is desired, and

which still enables the entire flask to be placed in ones pocket or purse, for example.

It is to be emphasized that the purpose of the container in accordance with this invention is not storage, but it is intended only for use as a quick cleansing means in screened-off private portions of public areas while at the same time avoiding any possibility of embarrassment in use.

While it is not essential, it is desired to provide a somewhat elliptical shape for the combined compartments, to enable easy pocketing or purse storing. In this connection, it is highly preferred that the flask be long, flat and thin, and somewhat compact, like a wallet.

Obviously, the seals are very carefully constructed, because leakage would be disastrous.

Although this invention has been described with reference to a certain specific form thereof, it will be appreciated that many variations may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

The following is claimed:

1. A compact, portable pocket flask denture storage and cleaning apparatus comprising an elongated, flat, pocketsize flask of a size and shape for ready insertion into and removal from a standard size pocket or handbag,

said flask being sealed and water-tight and having a transverse dividing wall internally separating the space within said flask into two aligned compartments each of whichis sealed and each being sealed fromthe other, i

said flask having a neck portion connected to one of said compartments, said neck portion being provided with a water-tight cap for sealing liquid,

said flask having a hinged wall panel spaced apart from said neck portion covering an opening in a wall in the compartment remote from said neck portion, with said dividing wall located between the neck portion and opening, said opening communicating with the other of said compartments for access thereto, said other compartment being of a size and shape for storage and treatment of dentures with liquid therein, and said panel being of corresponding size and shape,

said other compartment walls and panel being lined with resilient material, and sealing material being provided around the periphery of said opening to provide a water-tight seal.

l l l

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