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Publication numberUS390415 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1888
Filing dateMay 15, 1888
Publication numberUS 390415 A, US 390415A, US-A-390415, US390415 A, US390415A
InventorsNikola Tesla
Original AssigneeThe Tesla Electetc company
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Nikola tesla
US 390415 A
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(No Model.)


DYNAMO ELECTRIC MACHINE 0R MOTOR. No. 390,415. Patented Oct. 2, 1888.

l-Illllllln W/TIVESSES;




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 390,e15, dated October 2, 1888.

Application filed May 15. 1888. Serial No. 278,994. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern: The bearings G for the armatnre'shaft are Be it known that I, N IKOLA TEsI.A,asul)ject cast in the side bars, E F. The fieldcoils are ofthe Emperor ofAustria,from Siniljan, Lika, either wound on the pole'pieces or,preferably, border country of Austria-Hungary, now rewound on a form and then slipped on over the 5 siding at New York, in the county and State ends of the pole-pieces. The lower part or of New York, have invented certain new and castingissecured toasuitable base after being useful Improvementsin Dynamo-Electric Mafinished off. The armature K on its shaft is chines and Motors, of which the following is a then mounted in the bearings of the lower specification, reference being had to the drawcasting and the other part of the frame placed [O ings accompanying and forming a part of the in position, dowel-pins L or any other means same. being used to secure the two parts in proper This invention is an improvement in the position. construction of dynamo or magneto electric In order to secure an easier fit I cast the side machines or motors, the improvement consistbars, E F, and end pieces,A B, so that slots M [5 ing in a novel form of frame and field-magnet are formed when the two parts are put towhich renders the machine more solid and comgether.

pact asa structure, which requires fewer parts, This machine possesses many advantages. and which involves less trouble and expense For example,I magnetize the cores alternately, in its manufacture. as indicated by the characters N S, and it will 2:) The invention is applicable to generators be seen that the magnetic circuit between the and motors generally, not only to those which poles of each part of a casting is completed 1 have described in former patents, and which through the solid iron side bars. The bearhave independent circuits adapted for use in ings for the shaft are located at the neutral my patented alternating current system, but points of the field,so that the armature-core is 2 to other continuous or alternating current manot affected by the magnetic condition of the chines, such as have heretofore been more genfield. erally used. My improvementis not restricted to the use In the drawings hereto annexed, which illusof four pole-pieces, as it is evident that each trate my improvements, Figure 1 shows the pole-piece could be divided or more than four 30 machine in side elevation. Fig. 2is a vertical formed by the shape of the casting.

sectional view of the field-magnets and frame What I claim is and an end view of the armature; and Fig. 3 1. A dynamo or magneto electric machine is a plan view of one of the parts of the frame or motor the frame of which is built up of two and the armature, a portion of the latter being castings, each consisting of end plates with 8:.

35 'cut away. pole-pieces extending inwardly therefrom and I cast the field-magnets and frame in two connecting side bars, as set forth. parts. These parts are identical in size and 2. A frame forgenerators or motors built up shape,and each consists of the solid plates or oftwo superposed castings,each consisting ofa ends A B, from which project inwardly the rectangular frame with pole-pieces extending 1,0 cores 0 D and the side bars or bridge-pieces, inwardly from its ends, as set forth.

E F. The precise shape of these parts is 3. A frame and field-magnet for generators largelya matter of choice-that is to say, each and motors built up of two rectangular castcasting, as shown, forms an approximatelyings having pole-pieces extending inwardly rectangular frame; but it may obviously be from their ends, the faces of said pole-pieces 5 5 more or less oval, round, or square without being curved to afford clearance for the armadeparture from the invention. I also prefer to ture and provided with energizing'coils, as set reduce the width of the side bars, E F, at the forth.

center and to so proportion the parts that when NIKOLA TESLA. the frame is put together the spaces between itnesses:

50 the pole-pieces will be practically equal to the B0131. F. GAYLORD,

arcs which the surfaces of the poles occupy. FRANK E. HARTLEY.

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Cooperative ClassificationH02K1/143