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Publication numberUS3904 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 12, 1845
Publication numberUS 3904 A, US 3904A, US-A-3904, US3904 A, US3904A
InventorsHugh Wightman
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Improvement in machines for carding fibrous substances
US 3904 A
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b'pecifeation forming part of Letters Patent No. 3,904, dated February 12, 1845.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, HUGH WIGHTMAN, of Pittsburg, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in the Construction of Carding-Mashines, of which the following: is a full, clear, and exact description.

My invention consists in dispensing entirely with the main cylinder of the common oarding-machine and disposing the lioker-in and the strippers and Workers around the lower part of the periphery of the doffer, so as to act doubly, both receiving and delivering the material to he carded directly from and to the doifer without the aid of the main Cylinder.

To explain my improvement and enalole the public to understand it fully, I refer to the drawing hereto attached, with the references.

The main cylinder is dispensed with, and

' the strippers and workers y are arranged around the lower part of the periphery of the doffer and so disposed as to operate as a suhstitute for the main cylinder andV to deliver to and receive from the doffer, and worked by an endless strap.

l 2 3 are the lap-roller, counter-wheel, and feed-rollers, asin the usual machines.

4 is the licker-in, and receives from the feeding-rollers and delivers to the doffer, and has a motion contrary to what is usual.

5 is the doffer.

6; 7, 8, and 9 operate as the workers and strippers of the common carding-rnaohines, but so moving as to receive from and deliver to the doffer.

The licker-in and the workers and strippers are thus applied immediately to the lower circumference of the dolfer, delivering to and receiving from the doifer itself.

ct is the pulley of 4, Z9 of 5, c of 6, d of 7, e of 8, andfof 9.

10 is a crank on the end of the shaft of 8, and moving a sword or pitman 11, which works the comb l2, the material carded to he conveyedv from the doffer, as is usual.

@c 0c are the puppet-head stands, sustaining the shafts of the workers and strippers.

The licker-in and Workers and strippers are to loe run hy a winding or endless strap moved by drum 14, driven by pulley 15, or hy other usual mode, so as to receive and deliver froin and to the doffer, as pointed out by the arrows on each cylinder.

NV hat I claim as my invention is- The dispensing with the main cylinder of the common cardinginachine hyso disposing of the lieker-in and Workers and strippers aroupd the lower part of the circumference of the doffer and giving them such mot-ion as to deliver to and receive from the doifer itself wit-hout the aid of the main cylinder.

August 3, 18M.