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Publication numberUS3906557 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 23, 1975
Filing dateJun 20, 1974
Priority dateJun 20, 1974
Publication numberUS 3906557 A, US 3906557A, US-A-3906557, US3906557 A, US3906557A
InventorsBarabas Andrew A
Original AssigneeCastro Convertible Corp
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Drop in sofa bed
US 3906557 A
The convertible sofa bed disclosed herein includes an independent peripheral base frame on which a folding sofa bed mechanism is removably mounted. An upholstered sofa frame is also removably mounted on the peripheral base frame; but it is independent of the sofa bed mechanism, so that the sofa frame can be removed from the base frame while the sofa mechanism remains on the base frame, available for operation.
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[ Sept. 23, 1975 United States Patent Barabas DROP IN SOFA BED Andrew A. Barabas, Danbury, Conn.


4/1966 United Kingdom,......,,.............. 5/13 [73] Assignee: Castro Convertible Corporation,

New Hyde Park, NY.

June 20, 1974 Primary Examiner-Casmir A. Nunberg Attorney, Agent, or FirmArthur V. Smith; Pasquale A. Razzano Filed:

21 Appl. No.2 481,441

[57] ABSTRACT The convertible sofa bed disclosed herein includes an independent peripheral base frame on which a foldin [52] U.S. 5/13; 5/29 [51] Int. A47C 17/14 g [58] Field of Search........... 5/13, 28-31, Sofa bed mechanism is removably mounted An uph0l stered sofa frame is also removably mounted on the peripheral base frame; but it is :inde bed mechanism pendent of the sofa References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS so that the sofa frame can be removed from the base frame while the sofa mechanism remains on the base frame, available for operation.

Barabas 5/13 6 Claims, 3 Drawing Figures US Mam Sept. 23,1975 Sheet 2 of2 3 9%,557

DROP IN SOFA BED The present invention relates to aconvertible sofa bed and, more particularly, to a convertible sofa bed wherein the sofa frame is independent of the sofa bed mechanism.

The use'of convertible sofa beds has become highly popular in the United States, particularly in urban areas where housing and apartment accommodations provide limited space so that sofas andchairs must serve dual purposes for living and sleeping. There are of course numerous types of convertible sofa and chair structures presently availablein the commercial market. Typically the convertible sofa beds which have beenpreviously proposed have a sofa bed mechanism consisting of a foldable metal frame which is adapted to be folded and unfolded between collapsed and extended positions. In the collapsed position, of course, the foldable metal frame is contained within the confines of the sofa and is covered by the sofas seat cushions. Typically the metal folding frame or mechanism for the sofa is rigidly secured directly to the sofas frame. That is, the wooden frame which forms the exterior of the sofa, and which is upholstered by the manufacturer, generally is secured directly to the metal folding frame in order to form a one piece unit.

Although such previous proposed convertible sofas have been generally satisfactory in use, they create several problems, particularly for the manufacturer. More specifically, since the metal sofa mechanism is secured directly to the sofa frame, the entire convertible sofa bed is relatively heavy and bulky. This of course creates problems in shipment-and increases the expenses involved. Moreover, when the owner ofthe sofa bed has to have the sofa reupholstered, it is necessary to send the entire sofa and sofa bed mechanism to the manufacture for the reupholstering operation since the sofa mechanism is secured directly to the sofa frame. As a result, the owner of the sofa does not have the sofa bed mechanism available for sleeping, since it must go to the manufacturer with the sofa for the reupholstering operation.

Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to solve the foregoing problems and provide a comfortable, easy to use sofa bed mechanism.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a convertible sofa bed in which the sofa frame is readily separated from the bed mechanism.

Yet another object of the present invention is to provide a convertible sofa which is relatively easy to ship and manufacture, and simple to assemble.

A still further object of the present invention is to provide a convertible sofa wherein the components thereof can be separately shipped by the manufacturer and assembled conveniently at the home of the purchaser.

In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, the convertible sofa bed herein includes an independent peripheral base frame having means forsupporting the base on the floor. A conventional folding sofa bed mechanism is removably mounted in the peripheral base frame and an upholstered frame, adapted to receive the sofa mechanism therein, is also removably mounted on the peripheral base frame, but is independent of any attachment to the sofa bed mechanism.

The peripheral base frame has a generally horizontally extending peripheral support surface along its outer edge and the sofa'frame includes an interior support frame which is generally complementary to the base frame and whichhas a bottom edge that is adapted to be seated in superimposed relation on the support surface of the base frame so thatthe sofa frame is supported on the base frame. As a'result, the sofa frame is removable from the base frame independently of the sofa mechanism so that the sofa frame can be separately shipped from the sofa mechanism. Accordingly, the shipping cost for the manufacturer and the problems involved in such shipping are reduced and, moreover, the homeowner can remove the sofa frame and have it reupholstered or cleaned, as desired, from time to time, without having to ship the sofa mechanism back to the manufacturer with the sofa frame. Thus, the sofa mechanism remainsin the home available for use as a bed, when necessary.

The above, and other objects, features and advantages of this invention, will be apparent in the following detailed description of an illustrative embodiment thereof, which is to be read in connection with the accompanying'drawings, wherein:

FIG. 1 is an exploded prospective view of the components of the convertible sofa bed of the present invenof the sofa bed in FIG. 1 shown in its extended position and FIG. 3 is a sectional view taken along line 3-3 of FIG. 1.

Referring now to the drawing in detail, and initially to FIG. 1 thereof, it will be seen that the convertible sofa bed 10 of the present invention includes a base frame 12, folding sofa bed mechanism 14, and an upholstered sofa frame 16. The latter includes a hollow upholstered back 18, arms 20, and removable seat cushions 22 (shown in dotted lines for clarity). The sofa frame 16 defines a central generally rectangular opening 24 in which the sofa bed mechanism 14, is received below the proper level of seat cushions 22. Opening 24is bounded along the lower portion of frame 16 by a rectangular support frame 26 which may be formed of wood, metal, or the like, and which surrounds the folding sofa bed mechanism 14, when the mechanism is folded as seen in FIG. 1. Frame 26 is used to support sofa frame 16 on base 12 independently of mechanism 14, as described hereinafter.

The folding sofa bed mechanism 14 is of conventional construction and is essentially of the type sold by Castro Convertible Corporation for many years, although other folding sofa bed mechanisms can also be used in this invention. The illustrated mechanism is described in detail in US. Pat. No. 3,654,642 andNo. 3,284,812, and therefore need not be described here in detail. However, basically, the folding mechanism sup ports a cushioned mattress 28 in the folded configuration shown in FIG. 1, when the mechanism is folded. As seen therein the mattress will assume a generally L- shaped configuration when folded with the vertical portion 30 of the mattress being received in the hollow back 18 of the sofa frame 16, and the folded horizontal portion 32 thereof being located beneath the cushions 22 within the aperture22 of frame 16. The horizontal portion 32 of the mattress forms the seat surface for cushions 22 when the sofa is in itscollapsed position. The arrangement of thefolded sofa mechanism in the sofa frame is shown in greater detail in the above mentioned U.S. Pat. No. 3,654,642.

Base frame 12 consists of a peripheral frame formed of generally L-shaped metal frame members 34-40. Each of the frame members has a horizontal outwardly extending flange portion 42 and a vertical flange portion 44 which cooperate with support frame 26 of sofa 16 to properly locate and support the sofa on frame 12 independently of the folding mechanism 14. The latter is supported on frame 12 by pairs of plates 46 secured to the vertical flanges 44 of the side frame members 34,38. A plurality of bolts or screws 48 of the like secure one of the frame members of the sofa mechanism 14 to plates 46. In the illustrative embodiment, the L- shaped bar 50 of the sofa mechanism is secured at its ends to the plates 46 on frame 12 for support of the sofa mechanism thereon. In previously proposed constructions, for example those now commercially available, support bar 50 is secured directly to the wooden sofa frame 16 so as to be intergral therewith. This for example, is shown in my above noted U.S. Pat. No. 3,654,642. It will be appreciated that by the construction by the present invention, sofa frame 16 is totally independent of the sofa mechanism.

More specifically, it will be appreciated from a consideration of FIG. 1 that, with sofa mechanism 14 secured on frame 12, through the plates 46, sofa frame 16 can be placed over the folded sofa mechanism 14, with the bottom edge 52 (see FIG. 3) of the sofa support frame 26 engaged against the upwardly facing horizontal surfaces of the flanges 42 in support frame 12. Accordingly, the sofa mechanism 14 will be received within the sofa frame in the conventional manner, so as to be hidden by the sofa frame, but the sofa frame is independent of the folding bed mechanism.

Preferably the internal dimensions of sofa support frame 26 are substantially equal to the external dimensions of the rectangle formed by the vertically extending flanges 44 of frame 12. As a result, these vertically extending flanges cooperate with the interior surfaces of support frame 26 in a male female relationship, such that the sofa frame 16 is properly located on base frame 12 during the assembly procedure. Moreover, the flanges 44 serve to prevent shifting of the sofa frame in any horizontal direction once the bottom edge 52 of support frame 26 is properly seated on the horizontal flanges 42 of the base frame 12.

It is contemplated that support frame 26 can be removably secured to the frame 12 as desired, by screws or bolts 54, or the like, extending through apertures (not shown) in flanges 42 into the interior wood support frame 26. Once the convertible sofa bed is assembled in this manner, the sofa mechanism can be operated in the conventional manner, so as to extend mattress 28 through opening 24 in sofa frame 16 in order to form a flat horizontal sleeping surface.

The assembled configuration of the convertible sofa is shown in greater detail in FIG. 2 wherein it is seen that support frame 26 of the sofa is seated on the outwardly extending flanges 42 of the frame 12. It is noted that in FIG. 2 only the front portion 26A of frame 26 is seen, with the remainder thereof broken away to permit the illustration of the connection between bracket 50 and the plates 46 of frame 12. However, as it will be appreciated, folding bed mechanism 14 can be extended in sofa frame 16 of the present invention by opening the folding mechanism in the conventional manner, as for example, as described in my above mentioned patent, in to the configuration illustrated in FIG. 2. It is noted that the sofa mechanism includes a pair of counter-balanced springs 56, of conventional construction, interconnecting various portions of the folding mechanism, in order to balance the weight of the mechanism and mattress during the folding and unfolding operations.

Accordingly, it will be appreciated that the convertible sofa bed mechanism of the present invention permits the upholstered sofa frame 16 to be removed from the base frame 12 as desired, without disturbing the mounting support of the folding bed mechansim 14 on base 12. Thus, when it is desired that the sofa frame be reupholstered or cleaned, the manufacturer can readily disassemble the sofa frame 16 from the base frame 12 (as for example by removing the bolts 54) and ship the sofa frame back to the plant for the reupholstery operation. This leaves the sofa mechanism 14 undisturbed on base 12 so that the homeowner can continue to use the mechanism to provide a bed or sleeping surface. When the reupholstering operation is completed the reupholstered frame is simply placed back on base frame 12 and secured thereto.

The construction of the present invention is also ad vantageous for the manufacturer since typically the sofa frames are manufactured at a different location from the metal folding bed mechanism. With previously proposed constructions it is necessary to ship the folding bed mechanism to the plant at which the sofa frame was manufactured, secure the mechanism to the sofa frame, and then ship the entire assembly to a storage area or warehouse for later shipment to customers. By the arrangement of the present invention, substantial transportation and manufacturing steps are avoided since the upholstered sofa frame 16 can be shipped from its manufacturing plant to the warehouse separately from the folding mechanism 14, while the latter can be secured to base frame 12, at its point of manufacture and then shipped to the warehouse, independently of the sofa frame. In this manner extra shipping of the upholstered frame is avoided and the total weight shipped will be less, thereby reducing shipping costs for the manufacturer. Once the sofa frame and folding mechanisms are at the warehouse, the manufacturer or dealer can simply assemble the sofa frame and the folding mechanism support frame combination or, he can do it later, at the customers home. Of course being able to assemble the sofa frame and folding mechanism at the customers home is advantageous since it is easier for the dealer to ship the two lighter sections than the heavier completely assembled sofa.

As a result, it is seen that the arrangement of the present invention provides for more convenient use of the convertible bed sofa by the consumer and substantially reduces the inconveniences encountered by customers when reupholstering of the sofa is required. Moreover, it also substantially reduces the costs of manufacture and shipment for the manufacturer of the convertible sofa beds.

Although an illustrative embodiment of the present invention has been described herein with reference to the accompanying drawings, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to that precise embodiment and that various changes and modifications may be effective therein by one skilled in the art without departing from the scope or the spirit of the invention.

What is claimed is:

l. A convertible sofa bed comprising an independent peripheral base frame being generally rectangular in plan and having a peripheral outwardly extending unobstructed horizontal support surface formed thereon, a folding sofa bed mechanism mounted on said base, and a separate and independent upholstered sofa frame removably mounted on said base frame independently of said sofa bed mechanism, said sofa frame having an interior generally rectangular support frame which is complementary to said base frame and which has a peripheral bottom surface engaged with and supported on said unobstructed horizontal support surface, whereby said sofa frame is removable from said base frame while the sofa mechanism remains on the base frame available for operation; said folding bed mechanism being folded substantially entirely within the confines of said base frame to leave said outwardly extending support surface exposed and unobstructed for engagement with said support frame.

2. The convertible sofa bed as defined in claim 1 including means for removably securing said sofa frame to said base frame.

3. The convertible sofa bed as defined in claim 2 wherein said base frame is formed of generally L- shaped angle frame members having angularly related horizontally and vertically upwardly extending legs, said horizontal legs defining said support surface and said vertical legs being located Within the confines of said sofa support frame when the sofa frame is seated on said base, thereby to locate said sofa frame on said base.

4. The convertible sofa as defined in claim 3 wherein said vertical legs are located to closely mate with the interior of said sofa support frame, thereby to prevent shifting of said sofa frame on said base frame 5. The convertible sofa as defined in claim 2 wherein said base frame includes a plurality of vertically extending mounting plates, and said sofa mechanism is removably secured to said plates.

6. The convertible sofa as defined in claim 2 wherein said sofa frame has a generally rectangular opening therein which is generally complementary to the sofa support frame and through which said sofa mechanism can be opened when the sofa frame is on said base

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