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Publication numberUS3909426 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1975
Filing dateOct 3, 1973
Priority dateOct 3, 1973
Publication numberUS 3909426 A, US 3909426A, US-A-3909426, US3909426 A, US3909426A
InventorsAndrew G Horodysky, Henry Raich
Original AssigneeMobil Oil Corp
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Extreme pressure grease composition
US 3909426 A
Grease compositions are provided comprising a lithium complex grease containing synergistic extreme pressure proportions of calcium acetate and dibenzyl disulfide.
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[ Sept. 30, 1975 EXTREME PRESSURE GREASE COMPOSITION Inventors: Andrew G. Horodysky; Henry Raich, both of Cherry Hill. NJ.

[73] Assignec: Mobil Oil Corporation, New York,

[22] Filed: Oct. 3, 1973 [211 Appl. No.: 403,145

[52] US. Cl. 252/17; 252/41; 252/45 [51] int. CI.*.C10M 3/18; ClOM 5/14; ClOM 7/20; CIOM 7/24 [58] Field of Search 252/17, 40. 41. 24. 45

[56 References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 2.898.296 8/1959 Pattenden et ul...... 252/41 3.182.020 5/1965 Davis 252/40.7

3.278.432 I 10/1966 Davis 252/40.5 3.396.108 8/1968 Caruso 252/18 3.574.111 4/1971 Morway 252/17 3.681.242 8/1972 Gilani ct al. 252/41 3,791,973 2/1974 Gilani et al. 252/41 Primary E.\'aminer-Delbert E. Gantz Assistant Examiner-l. Vaughn Attorney. Agent. or Firm-Charles A. l-luggett; Raymond W. Barclay; Benjamin 1. Kaufman [57] ABSTRACT 1 Claim, No Drawings EXTREME PRESSURE GREASE COMPOSITION BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention This invention relates to grease compositions and, in'

one of its aspects, relates more particularly to grease compositions exhibiting improved extreme pressure properties. Still more particularly, in this aspect, the invention relates to grease compositions comprising lithium complex greases containing non-heavy metal additive mixtures as extreme pressure improvers.

2. Description of the Prior Art Lithium complex greases have heretofore been widely employed in many industrial applications, and i.

particularly in instances where a high-temperature grease is required as a lubricant. In order to achieve to provide extreme pressure additives for these lithium complex greases which can impart good extreme pressure properties without the presence of heavy metal rial contains alkyl groups, each alkyl group preferably contains from 1 to 22 carbon atoms. Where the sulfurcontaining material comprises a sulfide, these sulfides preferably contain from l to l() sulfur atoms per mole.

Where the sulfur-containing material comprises sulfu- In its more specific aspects, the novel lithium complex greases of the present invention comprise calcium acetate in an amount from about 0.0 l%.,to about 50%, by weight, and from about 0.1% to about 30%, by weight, of the sulfur-containing material. Particularly desirable grease compositions are represented by a lithium complex grease in which calcium acetate is present in an amount from about 0.2% to about 15%, by weight, and the sulfur-containing material, e.g. diben- I 4 components, as heretofore employed. The term lith- Zyl dlsulfideg ew m am from ium complex grease" is intended to denote greases havabout by A more? tlhorouglh s f i ing lithium salts of two or more carboxylic acids, e.g., 0 the f f miter-1d S emp t a grease containing lithium salts of 12 hydroxystearic novel gred se composltlo-ns 9 f l acid and a dibasic acid, such as azelaic, sebacic, adipic w i g A t l b 4 f] and similar acids as the complex thickening agent. 96 6 0 u ncmng cflln e i the vehicle for the novel greases of this invention, in- SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION eluding both mineral and synthetic oils and particularly It has now been found that marked improvement in solvent-refined mineral olis' extreme pressure properties can be imparted to lithium DESCRIPTION OF SPECIFIC EMBODIMENTS com lex r ass b inc )r ti int 0 :es,

p b L ng i h gr m The following examples and comparative data WIII an amount sufficient to achieve the desired extreme x i a I 1 ,serve to illustrate the novel greases of the present in- .P Q I'T properties r-mx'turc .cukflum vention and to demonstrate their effectiveness as non-- i sulfjurk-lconktlampg mater al. I: fCSPCCILII bean 3 h y. .mcml lubricam possess ng impro d efimm oun t at t c a orcmcntione at ltivc pac age ort c 40 prcssprgctpmpelrtiesa u lithium complex grease results n a marked improve- I: "The Standard tcstfm'detcrminatwn mpi g 1. T.PF;. m. 99 QQ i Pi 9 sure effects on grease compositions comprised th e'Timfilm-C16 P l Icy hcmfy m li additionto e'X i en Test OK, Load, in pounds, according to AST D- biting good elxtr me pressurecharacteristics, the novel i i E 1115 u d I be of highly deisimblcicoinsls'y In the comparative data and examples of th e followy l l i}? ukgscnce i i f i ing table in which all components are expressed by OdOfweight, the base grease comprised a lithium complex Insofar as the sulfur-containing material is congrease via, a lithium l2 hydroxystearic-azela'ic acid rn y lf rn g material y be grease (Example 1 in which were subsequently incorployed in h additive Com in i n. and particularly porated various additives and evaluated in accordance desirable are sulfur-containing materials selected from with th forementioned Timken O,K Load Test, as the group consisting of sulfur, alkyl sulfides, alkyl polyshown in the remaining examples. In each instance sulfides, aromatic sulfides, aromatic polysultides, sulfuboth the untreated and treated grease formulations exrized oils and fats. Where the sulfur-containing mate- W hibited light color and satisfactory odor.

TABLE Timken Test Penetration O.K. Load, Lbs. Example Grease Blend V2 Scale ASTM D-2509 l Lithium Complex l39/l47 Base Grease 2 2'7! Dihemyl Disulfide l4X/I5I 40 1.571 Chlorinated Pnraflin 1.571 sulfurized Fat 3 2.5% Dihenxyl Disulfidc l40/ 40 a 2.571 Chlorinated Paraffin 4 4% Dihenzyl Disulfide l36/l53 40 4'71 Chlorinated Paraflin Timkcn Test Penetration Example Grease Blend '7; Scale O.K. Load. Lbs. ASTM D-2509 5 4'7( Dihenzyl Disulfide l37/l58 3'71 Chlorinated Paraffin 371 Sulfurized Fat 6 4% Dibenzyl Disulfidc 3.5% Calcium Phenate 7 4.5% Dihcnlyl Disullidc l7! Chlorinated Paralfin 2'7! 0.0-Dialkyl-S- Acyloxyalkyl Phosphoro Dithioate 8 8'7 Sulfurized Fat 2% Dibenzyl Disulfide 9 [U /P Dibenzyl Disulfide 107, Calcium Acetate Dispersed in Mineral Oil ll 5'71 Calcium Acetate Dispersed in Mineral Oil 3'71 Dihenzyl Disulfide 2% Chlorinated Paraffin 5'71 Calcium Acetate Dispersed in Mineral Oil 3'7r Chlorinated Paraffin 571 Calcium Acetate Dispersed in Mineral Oil 3% Dibenzyl Disull'ide 3% Calcium Acetate Dispersed in Mineral Oil 1.5?! Dihenzyl Disulfide 1.57: Chlorinated Paraffin 4% Calcium Acetate Dispersed in Mineral Oil 271 Dibenzyl Disulfide 2% Chlorinated Paraffin 2% Dihenzyl Disulfide l .570 Chlorinated Paraffin 1.571 Sulfurized Fat From the foregoing examples and comparative data. it will be apparent that the novel greases of the present invention exhibit markedly improved Timken O.K. Load properties. it should also be noted that other types of additives which provide further desirable properties may be added to the grease composition. These additives can include viscosity index improvcrs, pour point controlling agents. anti-oxidants and the like.

It will be understood that although the present invention has been described with preferred embodiments, various modifications and adaptations thereof may be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention, as those skilled in the art will readily understand.

We claim:

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