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Publication numberUS392143 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1888
Filing dateMay 29, 1888
Publication numberUS 392143 A, US 392143A, US-A-392143, US392143 A, US392143A
InventorsThomas H. Weight
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Thomas h
US 392143 A
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- SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 392.143, dated October 30, 1888. Application filed May 29, i888. Serial No. 275.451. (No model.) I

To @ZZ whom, t may concern: A

lle it known that I, THOMAS H. WRI .'irT,of Covington, in the county of Kenton and State of Kentucky, have invented certain new anduseful Improvements in llleasuring-Rules, of which the following is a specification.

The object of my invention is to provide a rule which carries a slide-gage supporting a pencil, whereby any given length of mark canV be drawn on a given line.

Another object of my invention is to provide means for employing the same pencil for describinga circle or portion of a circle.

Other features and objects of my invention wlllbe fully set-forth -inthedescription lof the accompanying drawings, Jinakmg a part -o'l' this specification, in which;-

Figure 1 is a perspective view of my improvement. Fig. 2 is a cross section on line x w, Fig. 1. Fig. fl is a cross-section on line y y, Fig. 1. Y

1 represents a rule-,made of any desired'ma tcrial.

2 represents a longitudinal slot pierced through the rule.

3 represents a slideguidc, preferably made of metal, and stamped out so as to have the body fit within said slot, and it is provided with anges ll, that overlap theedges of the slot and hold the slide firmly in position, preventing the least lateral movement and still allowing a free longitudinal movement of the gage. y

5 represents a pencil inserted through the orifice f3 in said guide. NVhen it is desired to -rule a line, the pencil can be placed asshown in Fig. 2, and thevs'lide 3 moved by means of the pencil on the line drawn in any given direction for the desired length.

7 is a point upon said guide or slide. It is placed to overlap the bevel of the rule and points to the index figures of the scale.

8 represents a metallic ferrule placed over one end ofthe rule. It is provided with a pencilsharpencr, 9. 1f) represents a similar ferrule over the opposite end of the rule. This is slotted and provided with a springplate, 1l, carrying a point, 12, rigidly scoured to said plate 11. Y

` When itis desired to employ tue rule to describe a circle, the point' 12 is depressed and enters the surface to be marked, and serves as a pivot on which to turn thc rule. If at the same time the pencil be placed in the orifice 6 of the slide 3, a circular pencil-line may be described. l/Vhen the point 12 is released, Ait is Withdrawn up within the slot 2 by the spring 11 and is out of the way. The fel-rules 8 and 10 are placed upon the wood and of the same height as the upper plate of slide 3. Gonscquently, when the rule is drawn over, they form a lever bearing or rest.

13 represents a rubber inserted in lhc end of' the ferrale 10.

` The rule l is slotted elf-ar through, as indi cated by the dotted lilies in Fig. 1. The fen rule is inserted in position to hold the rule and prevent it from springing. This is one feature of my invention; but l do not wish to lnit myself to thc slotted rule through at one end, as the slide f5 may be inserted and bent in position and still accomplish some 'of' the purposes of this invention.

Having described my uvenl ion, what 'l claim is1 v l. A ruler having a long-itudinahslot 2, cxteuding entirely through il., iu combination with a slide located in the slot, and having a pencil-receiving:r orifice arranged in the plane of the slot between the sides thereof', substantially as described.

2. In combination with a rule, l., provided withslot 2 and the pencil-supportfl, the spr-ingpivot lprojecting` through said slots, sabslantially as herein specified.

3. ln combination with the rule l, the fer- Vrules S and-1() the iencilslide Il and s iri'nov l a l :s

pivot 12, substantially as specified.

4. In combination with a rule having the longitudinal slot 2 and the pencil-slide 5, the ferrulc ll),detachably comiectedto one end thereof and carrying the swing-pivot12,aud forming,r a socket for the rubber lll, sub: tantially as herein specified.

I u testimony hand.


W itnesscs:

il. It. liunL-isoo. .L Warsaw S firs.

whcreofl havehcreunto set my

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Cooperative ClassificationG01B5/061