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Publication numberUS3921629 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1975
Filing dateFeb 5, 1974
Priority dateFeb 5, 1973
Also published asDE2404338A1
Publication numberUS 3921629 A, US 3921629A, US-A-3921629, US3921629 A, US3921629A
InventorsEkbladh Fred Vage Gunnar
Original AssigneeEkbladh Fred Vage Gunnar
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US 3921629 A
A bandage to be used on open wounds for receiving secretion and/or solid excrement, for example, after an ileostomi incision, including a unit which can be folded up into a pocket. One side of the unit has an opening surrounded by an adhesive material which adheres to the skin and surrounds the wound. It also has an openable flap adapted to be sealed to the exterior of the unit so as to close the same.
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United States Patent Ekbladh Nov. 25, 1975 [541 BANDAGE 3,286,713 11/1966 Kurtz CI 211. 128 156 1 1 Inventor: Fred vfige Ekbladh, 33223132? 111335 51121831.: IIII iii/5Z2 Postlada 1785-430 40 3,823,713 7 1974 Shah 128/157 Sweden FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS [22] 1974 172,680 9/1960 Sweden [21] Appl. No.1 439,831 659,528 3/1963 Canada 128/156 [30] Foreign Application Priority Data 'm Exam"?er Rlchard Gaudet Ass/slant Exammer-Henry J. Recla Feb. 5, 1973 Sweden 73015455 Attorney Agent, or Firm Brumbaugh, Graves, 52 US. Cl. 128/156; 128/283; 128/296 Raymond [51] Int. C1. A61F 13/00 [58] Field of Search 128/156, 157, 283, 286, ABSTRACT 128/287 290 W, 296, 290 H, 1316- 26, A bandage to be used on open wounds for receiving 132 D, 151 secretion and/or solid excrement, for example, after an ileostomi incision, including a unit which can be [56] References Cited folded up into a pocket. One side of the unit has an UNITED STATES PATENTS opening surrounded by an adhesive material which ad- 612,997 10/1898 Smith 128/275 heres to the Skin and Surrounds the wound- It also has 613,761 11/1898 Dillon 128/275 an openable flap adapted to be sealed to the exterior 2,703,576 3/1955 Furr, J1- 1 128/283 of the unit so as to close the same. 2,910,065 10/1959 Marsan 128/283 2,928,393 3/1960 Marsan 128/283 3 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures v I 1 I I l l l I 5 1 U.S. Patent N0v.25, 1975 Sheetl0f2 3,921,629


US. Patent Nov. 25, 1975 Sheet 2 of2 3,921,629

BANDAGE The present invention relates to a bandage to be used on open wounds as after ileostomi incisions, or for slow-healing leg wounds.

The object of the present invention is to obtain a cheap and suitable bandage, where secretion absorbing material may be inserted and removed easily and where the wound is easily accessible.

So called ileostomi bags are previously known, which comprise a bag having a circular opening on its one side. around which opening an adhesive material is arranged, which adheres to the skin. The bag is applied against the skin around the open wound which exists after an ileostomi incision and through which opening secretion from the intestine is withdrawn. The drawback of such bags hitherto known is that they have to be changed completely each time the wound is to be cleaned or the amount of secretion calls for a change. This is very expensive as the adhesive coating which adheres to the skin is very expensive.

These drawbacks have now been able to be eliminated according to the present invention which is characterized by a unit which can be folded to a pocket having on the one hand an opening around which an adhesive material, which adheres to the skin, is arranged on the inner side of the unit and on the other hand an openable flap which closes the pocket, which flap is arranged to be sealed against the side of the unit facing away from the opening.

According to a suitable embodiment of the invention the unit forming the pocket comprises two sides which are foldable at most at a 90 angle to each other and two connecting parts connecting said two sides, which connecting parts each is provided suitably with at least one folding line, along which the connecting parts are arranged to be folded into the unit between the two sides. According to another suitable embodiment of the invention the unit contains an absorbing material intended to soak up the wound secretion.

According to a further suitable embodiment of the invention the material adhering to the skin is provided with a removable protecting film which protects the adhesive material.

As the bandage is formed as a pocket the wound is easily accessible and permits the intestine to be emptied after an ileostomi incision by means of a so called ileostomi catheter.

The bandage of the invention also permits a simple change of the absorbing material, which has been placed therein for soaking up the secretion from wounds or the outside of an intestine.

The invention will be described in the following with reference to the attached drawing which shows a suitable embodiment of the invention.

FIG. 1 shows the bandage from the side facing the body.

FIG. 2 shows the bandage from the side facing away from the body.

FIG. 3 is a view similar to FIG. 2 but showing certain modification in the structure of the invention.

FIG. 4 is another view similar to FIGS. 2 and 3 but showing another modification of the structure.

FIG. 5 is also similar in arrangement to FIGS. 2, 3 and 4 showing still another modification of the structure of the present invention.

The bandage may be made of a foil prepared of a thermoplastic material, and comprising two sides 1 and 2, which are connected with each other along a folding line 3 and by means of two connecting parts 4 and 5. The one side 1 is provided with an elongation 6, which forms a closing flap of the bandage. The side I is fur ther provided with a centrally arranged circular opening 7, around which on the outside of the bandage a film or foil 8 is arranged and secured, which film or foil is provided with an adhesive material which adheres to skin, said adhesive material further being provided suitably with a removable protecting film 9.

The connecting parts 4 and 5, which are connected with the sides 1 and 2 are each provided with at least one folding line 10, along which the respective connecting part 4 and 5 can be folded together and in between the two sides 1 and 2 to form a substantially flat bandage.

The size of the connecting parts 4 and 5 can of course be varied so that the angle between the sides 1 and 2 when open is greater or smaller. Such angle, however, should not exceed Sheets 11 of an absorbing material are suitably placed into the bandage between the side 1 and the connecting parts 4 and 5, and may be folded therein. The sheets or the folds are suitably almost as large as the sides 1 and 2. After inserting the material 11, the connecting parts 4 and 5 are folded inwardly along lines 10, thereby bringing sides 1 and-2 toward each other. The flap 6 then is folded over the side 2 and is fixed against the side 2 on its outside, suitably and most simply by means of adhesive tape. The flap may, however, if necessary, be provided with adhesive along its total length on its side facing the side 2. The type of closure between'the flap 6 and the side 2 is, however, dependent on the extent to which air tightness is required. In most cases it is necessary to have a certain amount of air circulation, for which reason the flap cannot be sealed along its whole length but only at one or a few points. The need for air circulation may, however, be fulfilled by providing the side 2 and/or the connecting parts 4 and 5 with small air openings as shown at 15 on FIG. 3.

The connecting parts 4 and 5 may also be bellows shaped, as shown in FIG. 4 that is to say that more folding lines 10 16, I7, 18 and 19 are provided on the connecting parts 4 and 5 for a bellows-like folding together of these members. The sides 1 and 2 may also be connected to each other as shown in FIG. 5 by means of a bottom part 20 in place of the fold line 3, which is bellows-like and foldable into the unit.

I claim:

1. A bandage to be used on open wounds for receiving secretion and/or solid excrement, said bandage having a first sheet-like portion adapted to be adhesively secured against the body, and an opening therein so that said portion may be placed around the incision, said bandage having an outer sheet-like portion secured at one edge to said first portion by a hinge, said outer portion being secured to said first portion also by two lateral connecting side members to form a pouch, said side members having at least one folding line which folds inwardly to close the pouch, and a flap secured to said first portion at an edge opposite said one edge by a second hinge and adapted to close the bandage and to be secured against the exterior surface of said second portion, thereby forming a closed pouch which retains such secretion and/or excrement.

2. A bandage according to claim I wherein the side members and folding lines are so formed as to limit the angle of opening of said first portion and outer portion to not more than 90 degrees.

3. A bandage according to claim 1 containing absorbent material for absorbing secretion.


DATED November 25, 1975 INVENTOR(S) Fred VZtge Gunnar Ekbladh It is certified that error appears in the above-identified patent and that said Letters Patent are hereby corrected as shown below: C

1st Page after "Inventor" and before "Filed" insert:

[73] Assignee: Astra-Sjuco AB, Goteborg Sweden Signed and Sealed this Twenty-eighth D3) 0f December 1976 [SEAL] U Arrest:

RUTH c. MASON c. MARSHALL DANN Arresting Officer Commissioner oj'Parems and Trademarks

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