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Publication numberUS3921800 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1975
Filing dateOct 26, 1973
Priority dateFeb 28, 1973
Publication numberUS 3921800 A, US 3921800A, US-A-3921800, US3921800 A, US3921800A
InventorsDonald Anthony Burns
Original AssigneeCementation Chemicals Limited
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Capsule for use in fixing rock-bolts
US 3921800 A
The disclosure is of a capsule comprising a sealed frangible phial containing a hardenable compound with activator and aggregate, sealed by means of at least one shrunken-on cap of cellulosic or viscosic or other membranaceous material.
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United States Patent Burns Nov. 25, 1975 CAPSULE FOR USE IN FIXING 2,119,901 6/1938 Beitler 215/246 RCK B0LTS 2,612,163 9/1952 Norman... 206/219 2,766,755 10/1956 Greene 206/219 [75] Inventor: Donald Anthony Burns, Potters Bar, 2 2 1 12/1953 c i 206/219 England 3,640,417 2/1972 Sakurai 215/246 uney an 771,909 11/1967 Canada 215/246 [22] Filed: Oct. 26, 1973 1,304,099 8/1962 France 206/219 21 Appl. No.: 410,026

Primary Examiner-William 1. Price P Assistant Examiner-R0 E. Hart Forelgn Apphcat'on "onty Data Attorney, Agent, or FirmCushman, Darby &

Feb. 28, 1973 United Kingdom 9787/73 Cushman [52] US. Cl.206/219;215/D1G. 8; 229/D1G. 12;

61/45 B '[57] ABSTRACT [51] Int. Cl. B65D 81/32 [58] Field of Search 206/219, 220, 221, 222, The dlsckm're a Capsule a sealed 20 /223; 2. 2 5/24 D[G frangible phia] containing a hardenable compound 61/45 85/63 'with activator and aggregate, sealed by means of at 1 least one shrunken-on cap of cellulosic or viscosic or [56] References Cited other membranaceous material.

UNITED STATES PATENTS 1 Claim 1 Drawing Figure 1,427,694 8/1922 Montgomery 215/246 1 US. Patent Nov. 25, 1975 CAPSULE FOR USE IN FIXING ROCK-BOLTS.

This invention relates to capsulesforfixing bolts or other items in rocks or other masses, the capsules being of the kind (herein calledthe kind defined) comprising a sealed phial having a substantially rigid frangible phial body containing a hardenable compound for example liquid hardenable synthetic resin, and at least one hardener substance isolated from the hardenable compound. Capsules of the kind defined are commonly used, for example, for fixing bolts or anchor rods or studs in holes in rocks or concrete or masonry, and usually the phials also contain some sand or other filler or aggregate material. It is usual to form the phial bodies of glass and to seal the hardener substances within tubular glass containers which are merely placed loosely within the phial bodies with the hardenable compound and the aggregate, some of the spaces within the phial bodies being occupied by air.

A capsule of the kind defined is usually used by inserting it into a blind hole in a masonry or other mass and then introducing and rotating a bolt or other item in the hole so that the phial body becomes comminuted and intimately mixed with the compound and hardener substance and also with detritus resulting from the scouring of the surfaces bounding the hole and from the crushing of any aggregate or hardener substance container which may have been provided.

Although capsules of the kind defined offer many advantages and are widely used, they also have some disadvantages, for example the conventional methods of sealing the phials are uneconomic, thin-walled phial bodies are likely to break easily if dropped or thickwalled phial bodies may be unduly difficult to rupture when required, and time-wasting methods are usually needed to retain the capsules in vertical holes open at their lower ends prior to the introduction of the bolts or other items into the holes.

The present invention is therefore intended to provide an improved capsule of the kind defined.

BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the invention there is provided a capsule of the kind defined herein, characterised in that the phial body has an elongated tubular form and has at least one of its ends closed by means of a cap made of membranaceous material. Thus the phial body may be sufficiently robust for normal handling and not liable to break too easily if dropped, and yet it is easily ruptured when required by driving a bolt or other item through the cap into the tubular body.

FURTHER DESCRIPTION AND ADVANTAGES OF THE INVENTION The cap may conveniently be made of a cellulosic or viscosic type of material, and it may be dried and shrunk so that it fits in a leak-proof manner after being put in place in a wet and swollen condition upon the phial body.

For retaining the capsule in a vertical hole open at its lower end there may be provided at least one elastomeric ring held in place on the phial body by means of the cap.

It is usual to cover a capsule of the kind defined with a perforated metal shield when it is to be employed in a hole in relatively soft material, for example in a block of lightweight building material, the purpose of the shield being to prevent the soft material from suffering 2 too much damage during the comminution of the phial body. With a capsule in accordance with the invention it may be advantageous if such a perforated metal shieldis held in place on the phial body by means of the cap. 7

How the invention may be put into practice is explained with reference to the accompanying drawing.

' BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE vIEws IN THE DRAWINGS In the drawing by way of example there is shown in sectional elevation a capsule in accordance with the invention lodged in a hole in a block of material, parts being broken away to facilitate illustration.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT which has been dried and shrunk so that it fits in a leak proof manner after being put in place in a wet and swollen condition upon the phial body 10. Such caps are commercially available under the registered trade mark VISKAPS of Viscose Development Limited.

An elastomeric ring 12 is held in place on the phial body 10 by means of the cap 11. This ring 12 serves to create pressure between the cap 11 and the boundary 1 of the hole H so that the capsule is retained in the hole A perforated metal shield 13 is also held in place on the phial body 10 by means of the cap 11. This shield 13 serves to prevent the material of the block B from suffering too much damage when the phial body 10 is comminuted by the introduction and rotation of a bolt (not shown) or other item.

The phial body 10 contains liquid hardenable synthetic resin 14, a sealed tubular glass container 15 containing a hardener substance in loose powder form, and filler or aggregate 16.

It will be readily appreciated that it is easy to introduce an item such as a bolt or anchor rod to pierce the cap 11 and then rotate the item and force it into the hole so as to comminute the phial body 10 and container l5 and aggregate l6 and obtain an intimate mixture of resin and hardener substance and detritus, so that when the resin hardens the item and the shield 13 become firmly anchored in the block B.

The nature and composition of the aggregate 16 may be selected to suit requirements; for example for use in rock or concrete the aggregate may be quartz sand between 1/16 inch /8 inch in size, common in United Kingdom lower green sand deposits.

Obviously the body 10 need not be formed exactly as shown, for example it could have both of its ends closed by means of membranaceous caps, the ring 12 and shield 13 can be omitted, and other modifications may be introduced within the scope of the invention as defined in the following Claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A capsule for use in fixing a bolt in a masonry mass, comprising a substantially rigid frangible phial body, hardenable compound in an unhardened state within said phial body, at least one hardener substance meric ring in place upon said phial body and thereby producing a resilient annular bulge spaced from said end of said phial body, said cap having a marginal portionsurrounding and gripping a marginal portion of said shield and gripping said shield in place upon said phial body.

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Legal Events
Oct 14, 1987AS02Assignment of assignor's interest
Effective date: 19870519
Oct 14, 1987ASAssignment
Effective date: 19870519