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Publication numberUS3923162 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1975
Filing dateFeb 11, 1974
Priority dateFeb 11, 1974
Publication numberUS 3923162 A, US 3923162A, US-A-3923162, US3923162 A, US3923162A
InventorsHussey John J
Original AssigneeHussey John J
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Shower caddy
US 3923162 A
A shower caddy having a simple substantially vertical wire loop for hanging over the shower arm of a shower stall, with a lock-on device locking the caddy to the shower arm thereby preventing accidental motion or removal of the shower caddy.
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'United States Patent [191 Hussey 1 1 Dec. 2, 1975 1 SHOWER CADDY [76] Inventor: John J. Hussey, c/o

Frohock-Stewart, lnc., 79 Beacon St., Worcester, Mass. 01608 221 Filed: Feb. 11, 1974 2| Appl. No.: 441,363

[52] U.S. Cl. 211/119; 248/212; 248/302 [51] Int. Cl? A47F 5/08; A4711 1/16 [581 Field of Search ..211/119,113,87,86;

[56] References Cited UNITED STATES PATENTS 1,227,318 5/1917 Riker 248/212 1,819,713 8/1931 Klein 248/212 2,117,689 5/1938 Tatsch 248/99 2,188,047 1/1940 Jones 248/99 2,505,289 4/1950 Haslett 248/99 X 3,181,702 5/1965 Raphael 211/119 Ncgri 248/214 X Stroh 211/119 Primary Examiner-Francis K. Zugel Assistant Examiner-Terrell P. Lewis Attorney, Agent, or FirmCharles R. Fay

[57] ABSTRACT A shower caddy having a simple substantially vertical wire loop for hanging over the shower arm of a shower stall, with a lock-on device locking the caddy to the shower arm thereby preventing accidental motion or removal of the shower caddy.

The lock comprises a U-shaped member having free-ended arms terminating in eyes, together with a screw type bolt located therebetween to provide for clamping the same onto the shower arm. the U-shaped member being welded or otherwise secured to the wire loop that suspends the caddy from the shower arm.

1 Claim, 2 Drawing Figures Us. Patent Dec.2,1975 3,923,162.-


SHOWER CADDY BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Shower caddies which hang on the pipe for the shower nozzle are old and well known in the art but one difficulty is to permanently secure the caddy in place so that it will not fall accidentally from the shower arm or become dislodged in any way. It is the object of the present invention to provide a very simple and inexpensive means for locking the caddy to the shower arm in a fixed position from which it cannot be dislodged or accidentally fall. This construction also obviates the necessity of using wall fasteners.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A shower caddy having shelves and holders, etc., for bath devices including capped extensions for holding articles, and a substantially vertical elongated loop which easily slips over the arm or pipe leading to the shower nozzle.

A U-shaped member is welded in conformance with this loop with its arms extending downwardly and terminating in eyes which in turn accommodate a bolt, which by being turned a very few times, actually springs the arms of the U-shaped member and locks the entire shower caddy to the arm so that it cannot accidentally fall therefrom or be knocked off.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view in side elevation illustrating the invention, and

FIG. 2 is a view generally in rear elevation but being sectioned on line 2-2 in FIG. 1.

PREFERRED EMBODIMENT OF THE INVENTION The reference numeral indicates what is generally known as a shower arm and which is a pipe extending from the side of the shower stall supplying the nozzle 12. This shower arm ordinarily has a horizontal portion 14.

The shower caddy of the present invention includes an elongated, vertical, divergeant, two arm wire member 16 which has an upper loop at 18 formed to be large enough so that it can be hung over the shower arm, the wire member 16 diverging enough so as to be easily placed over the shower nozzle into the position shown in FIG. 1.

At its lower end the member 16 terminates in a pair of forwardly and slightly upwardly turned capped extensions 20 which may be used for hanging face cloths, bath brushes, etc., and it is also provided with a horizontal shelf at 22 provided with a fence-like barrier or the like 24. There is also if desired a further downward extension generally indicated at 26 which is welded at 28, 28 to the wire member 16 and is provided with a shelf 30.

Conforming to the loop at 18 there is provided an inverted U-shaped member 32 which has a pair of freeended arms 34, 34, the U-shaped member opening downwardly and the arms 34, 34 terminating in eyes 36, 36 which may be merely turned up as indicated in FIG. 1 to form holders.

The closed end of the U-shaped member 32 is rounded to conform to the wire loop 18 and it is welded thereto at its closed end in order to make a unitary structure, the arms 34, 34 being free.

A screw type fastener or bolt 40 is placed in the eyes 36 in such a way that a few turns at the end of this threaded member as by a nut 42 and a slotted head 44, merely as examples, is all that is necessary to spring the arms 34, 34 in toward each other to grip the shower arm portion at 14 and thereby hold the entire caddy against any kind of motion or escape.

It will be seen that by this very simple device any fasteners to the wall of the shower such as are generally used are completely dispensed with and it is a very simple operation to hang up the present shower caddy and fasten it in position.

I claim: 1. A shower caddy comprising a loop adapted to be hung on the shower arm for a nozzle in a shower stall, said loop including portions extending in a downward direction forming an inverted C, article holders at the lower end of the V-shaped loop, and means attached to the loop at the upper end of the caddy for securing the same to said shower arm,

said means comprising a pair of free-ended arms adapted to embrace the shower arm, and including a fastener engaging both arms to move said arms to spring them toward each other to grip the shower arm, said arms forming part of a downwardly opening U- shaped member, the closed portion of the U- shaped member being in conformance with the loop at the apex of the V,

the U-shaped member being secured in conformance with the loop and welded thereto in the curved portion only thereof, the arms of the U-shaped member being free of the loop for movement to grip the shower arm.

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