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Publication numberUS3924722 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 9, 1975
Filing dateFeb 27, 1973
Priority dateFeb 27, 1973
Publication numberUS 3924722 A, US 3924722A, US-A-3924722, US3924722 A, US3924722A
InventorsWienhold James L
Original AssigneeCpt Corp
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Typewriter with electronic keyboard
US 3924722 A
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United States Patent [191 Wienhold Dec. 9, 1975 TYPEWRITER WITH ELECTRONIC 21 Appl. No.: 336,240

[52] US. Cl 197/19; 178/175; 340/365 R [51] Int. Cl. 341.] 5/30 [58] Field of Search 197/16-17,

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Apr., 1966 Typewriter with Electronic Separation of input.

Primary ExaminerE. H. Eickholt Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Schroeder, Siegfried, Ryan & Vidas ABS IRACT The disclosure is directed to a modified IBM Selectric Typewriter which is driven through an electronic circuit and keyboard. The typewriter has electronic means for receiving signals and also for producing signals which are to be used in associated mechanisms such as being recorded on magnetic tape.

A diode matrix is used with switches to replace the rods and interposers and key levers. Through the use of a series of gates and electronic buffers, the signals are transposed from mechanical to electrical pulses and are eventually applied to a series of solenoid drivers which energize or actuate the solenoid drivers which energize or actuate the solenoids which are coupled to the tilt and rotate mechanism of the single element printer. Operational functions are also accomplished in a similar manner to complete functional operations of the typewriter.

In addition, the typewriter also includes means for actuation of the carriage assembly to return it to its initial or starting position without indexing the platen. The typewriter also includes an electrical means of stopping the carriage movement upon reaching the margin and accounting for the predetermined number of spaces by the carriage beyond the margin.

A timing mechanism is provided which times the print cycles so that additional input data may be put through the buffer stages for energizing the print mechanism upon completion of a print cycle in less time than the maximum alloted for the function.

Through the use of the three buffers, an operator may type a burst pattern and the buffers will properly store and print out the data in its proper sequence.

18 Claims, 29 Drawing Figures U.s. Patent Dec.9,1975 sheet lof 19 3,924,722

Sheet 2 of 19 3,924,722

U.S. Patent Dec. 9, 1975 Sheet 3 of 19 US. Patent Dec. 9, 1975 U.S. Patent Dec.9, 1975 Sheet4of 19 3,924,722

us. Patent Dec.9,1975 sheets 19 3,924,722

US. Patent 1166.9,1975 Shee t6of19 3,924,722

US. Patent Dec. 9, 1975 Sheet 7 of 19 3,924,722

US. Patent Dec. 9, 1975 Sheet8 01-19 3,924,722

U.S.Patent Dec.9, 1975 Sheet9of 19 3,924,722


RBI: R132 l A H F m m m H w v 2 m R 9 6 E m w w 5 R m R R I C C PM C R II I 8 2 C 4 m 4 4 W m 20 Z Z 20 "7 4 4 4 n 5 l H 9 X 3 V Ll 7. W :m 8 M '8 2 II. I II I I TO R R WR R WR V 5 l I I 7 F W 3 m w DA. w m m R m V C m 7 C To MM 7 W 8 R 5 C II R l U N 6 1T E W. m H M W 2 7+ O P C 0 LI l m m m R U IO N R n "A j a mo 7 T I w C. m m T K r C l 1 p C F V| 6 7 8 9 o m S L 6 6 6 8 F o R R R R R P F l w m w w v0 w M R R R R R M h 1 1 K W C s m CLEAR Sheet 11 of 19 3,924,722

U.S.- Patent Dec. 9, 1975 MARGIN RELEASE TO LR sw 95:1


STROBE DISCRIMINATOR M m m N X l Zfi 4 6 T 8 D D W 2 w M D F 7 D B B B K BL B H D B K K K K K SB K K I B A K T A D B D K R R E BF YF EU KB 0 N I ii ii}! ail 025 025 Q25 Q25 0 Q 37 27 27 37 um HM Hm HE D C D C C D C D C D C D C D C LE 6 43 B6 474 3P5: B m m m a H m m u m m U.S. Patant Dec.9, 1975 Sheet 12 of 19 3,924,722

w mwhEDm x m 02 mp 50 U- A v mm 8 mm IGIO IO munEDm on IOIO la la US. Paient Dec.9, 1975 Sheet 14 of 19 3,924,722

+ 28 COM CR4 CRHII BACK SR 3 1. f CRIZ (32 ii 5 SOL CR5 CR5 LINE RET. 4 9 25 n-H {4 C" 4 39 R 4 SOL 7 C22 7 SOLENOID CLUTCH Q I I l"(-- CR6 CRIQ INDEX lib-F 24 o| H Q13 CR G 3 SOL 3 In W CR7 CR]? SPACE H u I 2\ 3| |5 L 33 2SOL J T 11 CR9 I cRzl CR SOL B 1 22 id. [33 Q|2 |s0| by 2| 9 CR4 cR|5 TAB SOL K Q8 R54 Q9 PRINT B V l R57 CR24 Q6 Q7 OPERATIONAL US. Patent Dec.9, 1975 Sheet 15 of 19 3,924,722




85 Sm 3m US. Patent Dec. 9, 1975 Sheet 19 of 19 3,924,722

I 5v UND CYCLE TIMING T.s. No SW 2 zsI i CYCLE I \I TIMING 73 9 c'ou. BLK



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U.S. Classification400/62, 178/17.5, 400/666, 400/52, 341/22, 400/184
International ClassificationB41J3/44
Cooperative ClassificationB41J3/44
European ClassificationB41J3/44