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Publication numberUS3926348 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1975
Filing dateJan 14, 1975
Priority dateJan 14, 1975
Publication numberUS 3926348 A, US 3926348A, US-A-3926348, US3926348 A, US3926348A
InventorsLutzker Robert S
Original AssigneeLutzker Robert S
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Pouring fitment with filter
US 3926348 A
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United States Patent [1 1 Lutzker Dec. 16, 1975 POURING FITMENT WITH FILTER [76] Inventor: Robert S. Lutzker, 21 Lee Ave.,

East Williston, NY. 1 1596 [22] Filed: Jan. 14, 1975 [21] Appl. No.: 540,876

Primary ExaminerRobert B. Reeves Assistant ExaminerDavid A. Scherbel [5 7] ABSTRACT A pourer for resealing partially consumed bottles of wine includes a fitment for securement across the open neck of the bottle. The fitment includes a lower tubular member disposed interiorly of the neck with a series of radial lips for engaging the internal neck walls for securing the fitment in place and providing sealing zones for preventing leakage of the bottle contents during pouring. A tubular extension projects upwardly from the lower tubular member and includes an outwardly flared lip for dripless pouring. A radial flange intermediate the fitment ends rests on top of the bottle neck to provide another sealing zone against leakage during pouring. A coaxial apron depends downwardly from the flange and engages the outer surfaces of the neck to provide additional sealing and securement of the fitment in place. A screen or filter may be interposed interiorly across the central bore of the fitment to prevent sediment and pieces of cork from being dispensed during pouring. A removable cap is placed over the tubular extension to seal the pouring lip and consequently the bottle contents during storage.

4 Claims, 5 Drawing Figures U.S. Patent Dec. 16, 1975 Sheet 1 of2 3,926,348

US. Patent Dec. 16, 1975 Sheet 2 of2 3,926,348

wees-4s reseal partially consumed bottles of wine. However, an effective resealer has not heretofore been available.

,Cap 12 includes a top circular plate. 30 from ,which extends a downwardly depending tube 32 and a concentric outer dependingapron 34.The tube 32 engages with the internal surfaces of the tubular extension 22 -to facilitate the securement of the cap 12 on the fitment as well as providing a a,sealing-'zone..; "l",he lip 24 is With the advent of larger size bottles, particularly half- 10 gallon and gallon bottles it becomes inevitable that the bottles must be resealed before being completely consumed. Utilizing the removed cork for resealing purposes is not the complete solution because the cork may be partially or completely damaged during initial removal, not to mention the fact that repeated removal of the cork will certainly decrease its longevity. Of course, there is the nuisance factor in having to repeatedly insert and then remove the cork particularly with the aid of a corkscrew or similar implement. Needless to say, a resealable dripless pouring fitment for partially consumed bottles of wine of all sizes would be a significant contribution.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A principal object of this invention is to provide a resealable pouring fitment for bottles of wine that eliminates the aforenoted disadvantages and problems associated with the absence of an effective resealer for partially consumed bottles of wine.


FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the pouring fitment and cap of this invention associated with oneanother',

FIG. 2 is a similar perspective view with the pouring fitment and cap disassociated',

DETAILED DESCRIPTION The wine bottle resealer includes a pouring fitment 10 and a cap 12 for association therewith. The pouring fitment 10 is adapted to extend across and seal with the open neck 14 of the partially consumed bottle 16 of wine.

The pouring fitment 10 includes a lower tubular member 18 from which extends a series of radial rings or sealing lips 20 which engage with the internal surfaces of the bottle neck 14 to secure the fitment in place and provide sealing zones for preventing leakage of the wine during pouring. A tubular extension 22 extends upwardly from tubular member 18 and defines an outwardly flared dripless pouring lip 24. A radial flange 26 projects outwardly between the ends of the fitment and conveniently rests on the top of the neck of the bottle to provide another sealing zone. A downwardly depending apron 28 at the periphery of the flange en-" gages with the outer surfaces of the bottle neck to provide a further sealing zone and additional securement for the fitment.

. adaptedto engage withthe lower. surfaces of the plate .30 to furthersealthe bottle contents. In order to provide additional securementof the cap 12 on the fitment 10 particularly when the resealer is used for champagne or similarly gas containing wines projections may be provided on the internal surfaces of the outer apron 34 to frictionally engage with the outer surfaces of the pouring lip 24.

In certain applications of the present invention, a screen or filter 36 may extend across the internal bore of the fitment 10 to prevent sediment or perhaps pieces of cork from being discharged during the pouring cycle. The screen or filter 36 may be integrally molded as part of the fitment 10 or be a separate member that is internally mounted either by adhesive or dimples or projections formed on the interior surfaces of the fitment 10 between which the screen or filter may be secu'red. This screen or filter can be replaced or used in conjunction with a one-way valve to permit the bottle contents to be poured but prevent any material from being permitted entry into the bottle interior.

Thus the several forenoted objects and advantages are most effectively attained. Although several somewhat preferred embodiments of the invention have been disclosed and described in detail herein it should be understood that this invention is in no sense limited thereby and its scope is to be determined by that of the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. Resealer for wine bottles including a pouring fitment for extending across and sealing engagement with the neck of the bottle, the fitment including an upper end and a lower end, the lower end having means for securing and sealing the fitment to the neck of the bottles, the means at the lower end of the fitment for securing the fitment to the neck of the bottle including a downwardly extending tube having a series of radial lips that engage with the internal surfaces of the neck for cooperating in securing the fitment'thereto, said means at the lower end of the fitment including a radial flange that rests on the top of the neck for providing an additional sealing zone therewith, an apron extending downwardly from the outer periphery of the flange and being adapted to engage with outer surfaces of the bottle neck for cooperating in providing an additional se aling zone and additional securement of the fitment to the neck of the bottle, a tubular extension projecting upwardly at the upper end of the fitment and including an outwardly flared dripless pouring lip, the pouring lip being an integral extension of the tubular extension and the pouring lip being defined by a tapered edge that reduces to a feathered edge, the cap extending across the upper end of the fitment for engaging with the tubular extension and pouring lip for sealing the bottle contents, the cap including a top circular plate, a downwardly depending tube and a concentric outer downwardly depending apron, the tube engaging with internal surfaces of the tubular extension for providing a sealing zone and securement of the cap to the fitment, the bottom of the top plate engaging with the pouring lip to provide an additional sealing zone of the cap with the fitment.

4 cycle.

4. The invention in accordance with claim 1, wherein projections extend from the cap for engagement with the fitment forproviding additional securement of the cap thereto.

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International ClassificationB65D41/02, B65D47/12, B65D41/28
Cooperative ClassificationB65D47/121, B65D41/28
European ClassificationB65D47/12A, B65D41/28