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Publication numberUS394376 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 11, 1888
Filing dateMay 17, 1888
Priority dateMay 17, 1888
Publication numberUS 394376 A, US 394376A, US-A-394376, US394376 A, US394376A
InventorsJohn Cuningham Kelton
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US 394376 A
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Y (No m2021161.)` f v y.


Np. 394,376. Patented Deo. l1, 1888.




SPECIFICATION for'mingpart of Letters Patent No. 394,376, dated December 1v1, 1888.

Application tiled May 17, 1888.

To all who'm/ it may concern:

Be it known that I, .IoHN CUNINGHAM KEL- TON, a citizen of the United States, residing at Iashington city, in the Dist riet ol Columbia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Cartridge-Cases, ot' ,which the following is a t'ull and clear description, reference being had to the accompanying' drawings, forming partV ot this speeitication, in which- Figure l represents a perspective view of a cart ridge-ease embmlyingl my invention. Lic'. L is a tgansverse sectional view ot' the same. Fig. 3 a plan view. li'ig. -l shows studs or plates secured to a gun or belt l'or seeuring the cartridge-easesthereto. `l `ig. 5 illustrates the case secured to the gun.

My' invention is designed to meet the need feltfespeeia-lly by eaval rymen,that ot` securing a number ot' cartridges upon the carbine or rifle or shotgun entirelyout ot' the way of the hands in manipulating the piece, and at'y the same time vmvenient to the hand and in View, and in securing said eases t-o a belt or sling; and my invention consists in the construct-ions and eombinations ot' devices which I sha-ll hereinafter t'ully deseri-be and claim.

'lo enable others skilled in the art` to make and use my inventioml will now describe its construction and indicate the manner in which the same is carried out. l

In the said drawings, A represents the ease within which the earl ridges are to be placed. This ease is prel'erably made otl wood, and may or may not'l be provided with a cover. and said ease is l'ormed with cylindrical reeep taeles u., within which live,ten,or any desired number ol' cartridges may be placed, the wood between the ,reeeptaeles being' sulliciently thick to prevent the (langes or heads ol" the cart ridges which are plaeed therein l'rom overlapping. 'lhis ease A is prel'erably shaped as shown in Fig. il, so that'. when more than one row ol" eart ridges is placed in the ease the earl-ridges in one row lie between those in the adjacentrow. 'lhe eases are then easily 'paeked in boxes t'or transportation. A plate, l, set-tired .to tht` ease` s'provided with a pocket having a slot` y, opening centrally t'roni one end` and beneath or within said poe-het is secured the springplate1,prel'er- Serial No. 274,178. tNo modehl to or forming a partot a pla-te, t, scoured to the gun or t'o a belt or sling. 4When attached to a belt, the plate tl will in turn be fastened to a leather or other piece, l), having loops d, through which the belt passes, this construetion being )mrtieularly shown in, l ig..,l. h

In practice it may be desirable to secure the lug o to a st ud, e, projeeting from the plate C and having a width to snugly tit the slot g/ as the luge is passed within the pocket, and ot' ay thickness sutiieient, when pressed down, to depress '.the springplate and permit the case to be readily removed or .detached from the gun, belt, or sling.

In the presentinsta-nee I have Constructed the enses ot woodgbut, this material alone would notI sut'iiee, owingr mainly to its being att'eoted by atmosliiheric changes to such au extent that it' the diameter ol the receptacles is otl the same or nearly ol" the same diameter as the Cartridges the wood, under certain conditions, as when submerged in water, would swell,and thereby bind the inserted eartridge so that. it could only be removed by the applieation ot' eonsilerable torce and a consequent loss ot` time.

I have overcome the detects above noted by constructing my ease ol? wood and forming the' reeep'taeles d with a diameter somewhat greater than t-he diameter otl the cartridges, so that the latter will not be al't'eet'ed by the expansion ot.' the wood.

'lo securely hold the inserted eai'tridges against displacement by any ordinary cause, I secure to theI top ot' the ease, immediately over the entrance to the receptacles, a metallie plate` ll, .ha-ving openings corresponding with butl slightly smaller than the .diann."rA

ot' the receptacles.

'lhe openings in the plate l-l are surrounded by a` series otspring points or lugs, I, which are struck out` ot' the plate and project-downwardly and slightly inwardly, as shown in llig. 3, thus slightly reducing the size of the opening. l `rom this description it will be observed that when the points ot` the cartridges are inserted in the openings in the plate they strike against the spring-points and depress them. The cartridges may now be readily forced into the receptacles in the case, while ,the springlpoints will exert sufficient force against their sides to prevent them from falling out of the case when the latter is turned over. At the same time there is left sufficient space between the walls of the receptacles land the sides of the cartridges to prevent the lat-ter binding, because of the swelling of the wood case. lVhen in'place on the gun, the cartridges lie transversely beneath the barrel and in a position where they may be seized with the thumb and 1i nger and inserted into thel gun with the least expenditure of'r time and effort. fVVhen one case is emptied', it can another 011e attached.

be instantly removed and thrown away and In this manner I provide a practical magazine, which, for the time being, forms a part of the gun itself, and which may either be thrown away after being emptied, or, if desired, it may be returned to the belt to be refilled from. single cartridges which the riieman may have issuedy to him. Having thus described my invention, what `I claim as new, and desire to secure by Let- 1. The combination, with a cartridgecase, of a plate secured thereto, having the centrally-disposedslot or opening a and pocket, a spring integral with said plate and within -said pocket, and the locking-plate secured to --a belt, sling, or gun, and having a lug adapted to be confined within said pocket by the spring-plate, substantially as scribed. 2. Acartridge-case having receptacles for the cartridges and provided on its top surface with a metallic .plate having spring points or lugs extending downward into the receptaherein decles, whereby the cartridges are hcldby contact with said points or lugs.

3. A cartridge-case having receptacles for the cartridges and a metallic vplate having openings in alignment with said receptacles, said openings being surrounded by downwardly and inwardly projecting spring-poin ts which press upon the sides of the inserted cartridges, substantially as and for the purpose described.


4. An improved cartridge-case having re- 'l JOHN CUNINGHAM KELroN.



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