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Publication numberUS39570 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1863
Publication numberUS 39570 A, US 39570A, US-A-39570, US39570 A, US39570A
InventorsEmantjel Harmon
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Improvement in stockings
US 39570 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 39,570, dated August 18, 1863; antedatrd March 12,1863.v

To all whom it 1 1tay1c`once'r: Y Be it known -that I, EMANUEL HARMON, of Washington, in` thecounty of Washington, District of Columbia, have invented an Improvement in the Manufacture of Stockings; and I do'he'reby declare that the following is a fu1l, clear, and'exlct descriptionof the prin? 'ciple orcharaoter which distinguishes it from all other things. before known or used, and of the usual manner of making, modifying, and using the same, reference beingr had to the annexed drawing.

1 My invention consists in the preparation of stockings with a covering' ot' buckskin, kid,

or other leather, or anyh'arder or tougher material thanthat of which the stocking is made, so as to protect those portions of the stockings from the undue vfriction towhich they are subject by the operation of walking 4 with them on the footwith shoesorhoots. I

The drawing. representsa stockingv the heels and toes of which are lthus incase-d.

It is universally kno-wn that 'the heels and tces'of stockings are first worn out, vand that unless immediately darnedthe stocking thus mutilated will have to -he discarded before the body of. it is'aected in the least: AThe. leather' or indurated heels and toes protect those por- Iionsof the socks from the double friction toV whichvthey are subjected by the pressure of thevfeet which they inclosel against the shoes or boots in the act of walking.- They will- -probably increase the capacity of wear and tear of a pair of. stockings twofold, if not more, whilethe enpensewill be less than onehalf the original cost of apair .of stockings.

These indurated orleather heels I 'attach to the stockings in the process of manufacture.

`I amawarethat I presentino new material for the nianufactu; e of stockings or ccvtrfng.; for the feet, .of whatever name; and I ain also aware that it lis a' common right to use the yvarious,materials in all convenient .combinations, .as soft leather has often been used for the lining of boots and shoes and for thelegs o r for the lfeet of stockings, at option, :and I do not make any claim'in conict with t' e el commonlrghts; huh the improvement I have invented presents these peculiarities: First,

it adapts the more enduring material to the parts of the stocking most urgently requiring 4protection'from pressure second, it removes' all friction from the woven or knitted .stook.v

ing and establishes it between the'softleather and the boot or shoe, neither of. which can be :materially injured from such cause; and,

thirdly, and .what .is ot' the greatest importance, wholly protects the toes and heelsof the-wearer from the formation of corns, bun- `ions, and everydescriptio'n of callosity by which civilized man is so much afflicted in complying` with'the prevailing fashions .of

bootsAV and' shoes. Therefore,l disclaiming' alt title to the simple combination ofthe materials used, and relying upon the precise adaptation andutility 0f my invention,

lclainlf -v As an improved article ofnlanufacture,

.stockings made `of any textile material, ,and

covered at the `heels -and toes with ilexjible leather or its equivalent, substantially as described'. p l l 1 In testimony whereof lhave hereunto signed vmy name before two subscribing witnesses; l IE.' IIAlltthIOIL' Witnesses: Y


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Cooperative ClassificationA41B11/02