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Publication numberUS396212 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1889
Publication numberUS 396212 A, US 396212A, US-A-396212, US396212 A, US396212A
InventorsJohn V. Long
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Electrical body-wear
US 396212 A
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(No Model.)


ELECTRICAL BODY WEAR. No. 396,212. Patented Jan. 15, 1889;




SPECIFICATION forming of Letters Patent No. 396,212, dated January 15, 1889. Application: fled February 28. 1888. Serial No. 265,586. (No model.)

'.To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN V. LONG, acit-izen of the United States, residing at Jersey City, in the county of Hudson and State of New Jersey, havei'n'vented a certain new and useful Impiovcment in. Electrical Body-\Vcar, of

' which the following is a specification.

The obj ect of my invention is to prevent the occurring of involuntary seminal emissions,

and thereby to assist in the cure of those diseases by which they are caused.

To this end my invention consists, mainly, in an electric circuit-controller constructed so as to be operated by the movement of the male genital organs, and to thereby afiect a circuit whose effect 'is to awaken the user.

from sleep. I prefer that thecircuit shall be arranged to. administer an electric shock to the user toawakcn-him. It. may, however,

act in other ways, as by giving an audible alarm by means of a'bell or vibrator. The

preferred construction for the eircuitrcon- .troller is that of string or collar carrying within it relatively-movable' contacts, which will be forcedtogether by the movement above re-.

ferred to, to close a circuit. This circuit is preferably through a battery, induction-coil, and vibrator to terminals connected with the users body, preferably rings placed upon his n ei l I s are mar e "sui ii 5 s Tl econncction V 1 b t able flexible conductors.

' My invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings.

Figure 1 is a plan view of the preferred form of circnitrcontrollcr with the devices connected therewith, some of the connections being in diagram; and" Fig. 2 is a horizontal section of the circuit-controller.

A is a collar of wood, hard rubber, or other suitable insulating material. This collar has an internal groove, (1-, on one side and a slot,

b. At the end of said slot is pivoted the curved insulating-arm 0, whose free end carries a metal pin, (1, working in the slot 1) and connected by a flexible wire, c, with a bindingpost, f, on the collar. The arm 0 is held forward by a fiat spring, g, secured within the groove a. Upon the collar A is placed a metal clasp, h, carried .by a screw, i, passing through the slot b and held adjustably by a nut, is, on said screw. To this clasp h is secured a circuit-wire, 1, the other circuit-ire, 2, being connected to binding-post fl I prefer to provide the collar with eyes I- I, from which straps m m extend to a belt to assist in holding the device in position. The condnctois 1 2 are joined in-a flexible cord and include a battery, B, vibrator C, and the primary of an induction-coil, D. The secondary of the induction-coil is joined by wires united into a flexible cord, E, to two split metal rings, F F

'lheroperation of these devices is as follows: Upon retiring, the collar A is placed in position, as will be readily understood, and the rings F F are placed upon two fingers of the wearer. The battery and induction-coil will be placed in a' box beneath the bed or in other con venient' situation. The movement of erection will force the arm cback until the pin (1 makes contact. withthe clasp h, when the primary of the induction coil will be closed and the user will receive a shock from the secondary through the rings F F sufficient to awaken him from sleep; or if it is found that the desired effect may be produced by the shock without awakening the patient the induction-coil maybe adj uste'd in the well-known way for this purpose.

The position of the clasp 7:- may be adjusted according to the extent of movement required for the arm 0 in each case.

\Vhat I claim is- 1. In a circuit-controller, the combination of a supporting-body so formed and constructed as to be capable of being supported in the situation hereinbefore indicated, and relatively movable contacts carried within said body, substantially as set forth.

2. The combination, with a circuitcontroller consisting, essentially, of a supportingbody soformed and constructed as to be capable of being supported in the situation hereinbefore indicated, and relatively-movable contacts carried within said body, of devices in a circuit connected with said contacts for awakening the user from sleep, subrelatively-movable contacts carried within BESTAVAtLABLE COP- said body and having their extent of movement adjustable, substantially asset forth.

-1. The combination, with a circuitconti'ollcr consisting, essentially, of a supportingbody so formed and constructed as to bc capable ofi. bcing supported in the situation hcreinbcforc indicated, and relativcly-inovablo contacts carried within said body, of an inductionscoil whose primary is in the circuit. controlled by said contacts and whosc-sccondary has vterminals adapted to be placed in contact with the users body, substantially as set. forth. I 5. In a circuit-controller,the combination of a ring or collar of insulating material and relati cly-mm'ablc contacts supported within the same, substantially as set forth.

6. In a circuit-controller, the combination of the ring or collar of insulating material,

the contact-making arm pivotcd upon and within said collar, and tho stat-iona'r contact carried by said collar,substantially as set. mm.-

7. In a circuit-controller, the combination of the ring or collar of insulating material and the rclativcly-morablo contacts supportcd within tho samc, thc normal rclat-ivc position of said contacts living adjustablc, substantially as sct. forth.

9. In a circuit-controllcr, thc combination .of tho rin or collar of insulating matcrial,

thocontact-nmking arm pivotcd upon and within said collar, and thc :uljustablc stat.ion-- ary contact carried by the collar, substantiall y as sot forth.

9; In a circuit+controllcr, thc combination of the ring or collar of insulating mat-crial,

thc circuit-terminals upon tho samc, thc arm pivoted within the collar, and thc contact carried by said arm flexibly to one of said tcrminals and adaptcd to bc. movcd into councct ion with tho othcr, substantially as sctit'ort h.

This sspccification signcd and witncsscd this 25th day of l cbruary, 1885.-

' JOHN V. LONG. Witnesses:


FRED. K. -(Los.

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