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Publication numberUS398078 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1889
Filing dateNov 21, 1888
Publication numberUS 398078 A, US 398078A, US-A-398078, US398078 A, US398078A
InventorsAlbon Chase Peterson
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US 398078 A
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(No Model.)



Patented Feb. 19,

H ar qwivtmaooeo s W0 7 n w UNITED STATES PATENT OEEicE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 398,078, dated February 19, 1889. Application filed November 21, 1888. Serial No. 291,419. (No model.)

.To whom, it may concern: at their endsin the notches, and are held from Be it known that I, ALBON CHASE PETER- being pushed out of the same by the said SON, a citizen of the United States, residing at flanges or lips K K, and wedges M M are in- Areadia, in the parish of Bienville and State serted between the upper edges of the rails 5 of Louisiana, have invented new and useful and the upper sides of the notches to hold the Improvements in Fence-Posts, of which the rails firmly pressed against the bottoms of the following is a specification. l notches and prevent them from being raised. The invention relates to improvements in i The entire post is preferably formed of cast fence-posts; and it consists in a certain nor el metal, the two separable portions of which 10 construction and combination of devices, fully are connected after the anchors are fixed in described hereinafter in connection with the the ground; but the upper portion or upright accompanying drawings, and specificially may be formed of wood, in which case its pointed out in the appended claim. lower end is fitted between the vertical cars In the drawings, Figure l is a perspective of the anchor, in the mannerabove described, view of theimproved post. Fig. 2isaside view, a and secured by bolts or screws. partly in section, of the same arranged in the It will be noted that the parallel ears D D operative position in the ground. on the anchor are arranged at right angles to Referring by letter to the drawings, A desl the width of the blade, and therefore at right ignates the anchor, which is arranged in the angles to the line of fence, and therefore it 20 ground on the line of fence, and is provided will be seen that the longitudinal strain on with the flat blade 13, tapered toward its lower the fence causes the post to bear against one end, and arranged with its width coincident ear or the other, and thereby prevents undue with the line of the fence. At the upper end straining of the screws or bolts which secure of the blade, on opposite sides, are the shoulthe upright to the anchor. ders (I which bear on the surface of the Having thus described the invention, I ground, as shown in Fig. 2, and steady the post claimlaterally, and vertical parallel earsDI) extend In a fence-post, the combination, with the upward from theupper end of theblade about anchor secured in the ground and provided four inches apart. with the vertical earsD D at right angles to 0 The upright E, which is formed separatev the line of the fence, of the upright provided from the anchor, is provided at its lower end with the depending parallel ears F F, fitting with the parallel depending ears F F, which between the ears D D and provided with tit between the vertical ears D D and bear, apertures ff, registering with apertures 61 (Z respectively, against the same, and bolts or in the ears D D, and the bolts or screws en- 5 screws G (t engage registering apertures (Z (Z gaging the said registering apertures, suband f f in the said contacting ears to secure stantially as specified. the upright firmly to the anchor. In testimony that I claim the foregoing as- The post is preferably reduced at an intermy own I have hereto at'fixed my signature in mediate point to form the neck H, above and presence of two witnesses.

40 below which are the notches or rail-openings ALBON' CHASE PE'IERSON.

I I, and at the lower edges of the said notches \Yitnesses: are vertical flanges or lips K K. The rails L L, V. H. LESLIE,

portions of which are shown in Fig. 2, are fitted T. H. PENNINGTON.

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