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Publication numberUS398234 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1889
Publication numberUS 398234 A, US 398234A, US-A-398234, US398234 A, US398234A
InventorsJames K. Cleary
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Can or similar vessel
US 398234 A
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Patented Feb. 19, 1889 N, PETERS. Pmmmimgmpmr. wnswngmn. n. C.


SPECECATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 398,234, dated February 19, 18:89. Application tiled December l, 1888. Serial No. 292,370.` (Model.)

ol' eonstruetion as will hereinafter be more particularly deseribed and pointed out.

The objeet ot' mv invention is to provide a eau or like vessel of sneh Construction as that the same nnrv,v be mneh more Conveniently therefrom than willi man)v forms oll eans and similar vessels heretofore in use 5 also to permit ol' shipment ol' the same in large quanti ties with less eonsnmption oi' spaee and but little` risk ol' brez'ikagge or distortion otl the hainlles, all as will more t'nlly hereinafter appear when taken in eonneetion with the aeeompanving' drawings, wherei1r- Figure i rcqilresents-a perspeetivsfi view of a ean or like vessel constructed in aeeordanee with my invention, and Fig'. is a side view thereof. liig. 3 represents a horizontal seetional view of Fig. 2 on the line fr rc, and Fig. Ll is a side view ot a modification. Fig. represents in pennieetive a eau eons'lirueteil in aeeordanee with in v invention, the same being inten ded lo represent one mannerof making' or eonstruetiou thereol', and wherein two ot' the intersee ine sides are shown as ent ont eorrisponi'liugly io Areeeive the dished'or eoneaved portion whieh eloses up the opening made or let! by sueh eutting, and whieh imparts or `:rives to the eau or vessel the appearanee o` being' sunken or relifessed.

ln eafrrving' in vinvenlion into elleel l reeess the can or vessel, preferably, at the angle of intersection olf two ot its sides, or, if desired, at one ot the sides thereof only, to form a eavity or reeess of` suttieient dimensions to reeeive or aeeomnniu'late the hand or lingers ot' the person using the vessel. l then solder or otherwise seonre to the ean or vessel betere only. lifted and brimght to a position for pouring,l i

the eavily or reeess, and in a plane [lush or eoineidenl' with the plane ol. the sides ol the vessel, a lgrip or handle, whieh preferably is oli' a shape lo eonlorm to the general contour ot the said vessel. ln this way a handle or grip is formed or provided which does not eX- ten d or protrud e beyon d the sides oli1 the vessel, thereby Consuming no more spaee in transportation than ilormerlv, and also permitting oi the vessel being' handbal mneh more eonven- Referringl to the annexed drawings by the letters marked thereon, A represents a ean or like vessel, the same being` reeessed, preferably, at the angle of intersection ot two of its sides to form a cavity, a, althouglnif desired, sneh eavitv may be .formed in one ot the sides Attached or secured to the ean at the upper and lower extremities of the reeess, and in a plane Hush or eoineident with the plane of the sides of the vessel, is a handle or grip, l?, Capable of being,l readily grasped by the hand when it is desired to lift the vessel for the purpose ot emptying it ot its contents. The said handle or `grip lj), in addition to its innetion as sueh, also serves to strengthen the sides of the vessel, and does not add to the dimensions of the vessel, thereby giving' to it a twofold advantage.

ln the use of the can or vessel for the ship ment of oils and similar liquids I propose to forni the same Complete with the handles; but it is evident that in supplying the vessels themselves to the trade l may furnish them minus the handles, wliieh ean be readily at* taehed subsequently.

The modification, fl, is intended. to represent an ordinary glass or earthenwa re demijohn surrounded or inelosed by the usual wieker eoverinp,l to proteet the same from ln'ealae'e. ln the side ot' this vessel is formed the reeess or eavity d shown in the other figures. ln this instanee the outer covering et the vessel twisted or plaited to form the.

handle or grip l, and in all respeets eomes within the seope of my invention.

As one method ot' eonstrueting' or making' a eau or similar vessel embodvine` the form deseribed, it may be stated that the said ean or vessel may be made up oll the usual top and bottoni, and, it desired,ot tour separate sides,


which are soldered or otherwise joined to gether at their intersecting or meeting edges, two of which sides being correspondingly cut out, as represented at M, Fig. 5, thus leaving an opening, over which is afterward soldered or secured thc curved or dished portion N, to impart to the can the characteristic intended. Instead, however, and'preferable to making the can or vessel of four separate sides, soldered or otherwise secured together, I make the body of a single piece, the same being turned or stan'xped into shape and united at one corner only, the edges being cut as above explained, and to which the curved or dished portion N is secured, as and for the purpose described.

I do not limit myself, however, to either of the above-described methods of constructing the said can or other vessel, as it may be found practicable to stamp the same into the desired shape by the use of machinery, in which event I might so wish to make them.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is- Y l, A can or like vessel having its side wall formed with a cavity for the reception of the hand and provided with a handle or grip located before such cavity and in a plane flush or coincident with the sides or surface of the vessel, substantially as described.

2. A can or like vessel having a portion of its side walls cut out to form an opening, and having a handle or grip located before such opening in a plane coincident with the sides or surface of the vessel, and a dished or curved piece set into the opening and soldered or otherwise secured to the edges thereof, substantially as described. r, ,l

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.



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