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Publication numberUS399084 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 5, 1889
Filing dateDec 28, 1888
Publication numberUS 399084 A, US 399084A, US-A-399084, US399084 A, US399084A
InventorsBarnes Schmalz
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US 399084 A
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(-No Model.)



No. 399,084. Patented Mar. 5, 1889.

. @www @NT-Ten STATES PATENT @Twee Jeux' nmN 3s scnMALZ AND JOHN BENJAMIN FAULKNER, or Nonnom vinGINnx.


SPECIFICATION vforming part of Letters Patent No. 399,084, dated March 5, 1889.

Application filed December Z8, 1888. Serial No. 294,858. (No model) Be it known that we, JoHN l'ARNE-s SCHMALZ and JOHN BENJAMIN 'F.wLxnn, ei'uizens of the United States, residing' at Norfolk., in the County ol Norfolk ond State of Virginia, have invented L new and nsetnl Improvement in n Couch lor Applying' Electrical 'rl`reaLtnient/. ot' which the `followingis EL specification.

Onr inrention is :in improved conch for applying eleetrieal treatment: and it consists in Certain novel features hereinafter desf-.ribed and ehrinied.

In the drawing we have shown a perspective view ot' :i eoneh embodying' onr invenf tion.

Referring' to the drawing' by letter, A designates n eoneh, whieh may be oli' any preferred eonstrnetion and is provided at one end with the foot-plates l l, which :ire inode olf `soine i good eondnetor :1nd :rgnins whieh the potienlfs feet nre placed7 as will be readilyr nnderstood. 'lhe said plates are connected, by suitable wires, with :i buttery, supported below the eoneh, :is shown. (ln the sides ol the eoneh we provide the lnind-plotes l) D, which nre sinlilnr in eonstrnetion to the footplntes l ll and :rre also eonneeted with the battery lin' suitable wires. When the patient reelines on the eoiieh, his hands are plzieed npon these hond-plates, ns will be rendil)1 nnderslood.

IC designates n sponge electrode which is arranged near the head of the eoneh and is adopted to be plneed on the neel( of the p p itient, and F designates a. plate plaeed at a l proper pointI ot.' J@he eoneh to bear against the i shoulders oij' the patient when reclining` on l the eoneh. The said sponge electrode E and l the plate F are connected with the battery C, as will be readily nl'iderstood.

In praat-ice the patient reelines upon the ooneh with his feet bearing against; the plate 13, and his hands bearing upon the plate D, end his neek and shoulders in Contact with the sponge E and platte F, as will be readily understood. The body of the patient thus completes the circuit, and the current from the battery posses evenly th rough the entire body.

Our innjnoved deviee is very simple and is lvery ellieient in curing nervous diseases and in also relievin headache, rheninatisni, Alzo.

Hoving thus r'lesoribed our invention, what we elariin, and desire lo secure by Letters Patent, .is-

The improved eoneh for applying electrical treatment, havingl the l'mlatery (l supported in its lower portion nemone end, the sponge E, arranged nenr the head oli' the eoneh. and @onneoted with the botten* :ind ndzqited to he placed on the nochv of the patient, the plate l?, arranged near the sponge und eonneoted with the battery :ind adapted lo herir against the shoulders ot' the patient7 the foot-plates nl: the end of the eeneh eonneeled with the buttery, sind the hand-plates secured on the npper edges oli" the sides of? the eoneh :ind eonnooted with the battery, :is slneiied.

In testimony that we eloini the foregoing as our own we halve hereto ziiiixed our signatures in presence ot' two witnesses,


lEo. R. \\'ILsoN, J. L. SENECA.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61N1/05