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Publication numberUS399449 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1889
Filing dateAug 4, 1888
Publication numberUS 399449 A, US 399449A, US-A-399449, US399449 A, US399449A
InventorsWilliam Taylor
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Handle for umbrellas
US 399449 A
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(No Model.)



Patented, Mar. 12, 1889.

I 4 J J u H I a v m D a 9 9 9 7 Mb Inv I 3.425 I I IHM I F A v .w ml vV 1 l. n 1 3 I UNITED STATES PATENT, OFFICE.



sPEcIFIoATIoN forming part of Letters Patent No. 399,449, dated March 12, 1889.

Application filed August 4, 1888. fierial No. 282,017. No model.

.To all whom it may concern:

. Be. it known that I, WILLIAM TAYLOR, of

.Buffalo, in the county of Erie and State of use the same.

This invention has general reference to improvements 1n handles for canes, umbrellas, parasols, fishing-poles, &c.; and it consists, es-

inoperative by means of a lever,

l illustrated in the drawings.

quarters, hours, minutes, seconds, &c., the same as the usual ships or mariners compass. In the cover H, I provide for a portrait, H, if desired. The magnetic needle is rendered .T, having an eye, j, on one end, and an upwardly-curved portion, 1 on theother end, a slide, is, with an incline, 7;, Fig. 5, being arranged to depress the curved end, and thereby to elevate tie Opposite cud. and which also lifts the magnc-tic needle I, and therefore places the same at rest. The slide is is'operated by aknob or handle, L, from the outside of the shell G, as The handle B is i of tubular form and arranged to receive a so-called storm-glass, D, there being rubsentially, in the novel and peculiar combination of parts and details of construction, as 1 from the material of which the handle B is hereinafter first fully set forth and described, and then pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings already mentioned, which serve to illustrate my said invention. more fully, Figure 1 is an elevation of a walking cane provided with my improved handle and head. Fig. 53 is a longitudinal sectional 016- 1 vation of the same in line a :0 of Fig. 35. Fig.

3 is an elevation at rightangles to that shown in Fig. 1. Fig. 4 is a plan, the cover of the glass tube nearly filled with a liquid and a salt, a mixture alfected by the conditions of the compass being shownin an open position. Figs.5 and 6 are frag-mental sections of the compass, showin the device for elevating the magnetic needle to bring; it to a position of rest.

Like parts are designated by corresponding letters of reference in all the figures.

The object of this invention is the combination, with a walking-cane, umbrella, parasol,

fishing-pole, &c., of a handle containing the apparatus necessary for met ontological observati0ns-viz.,' asttn'm-n'lass, thermometer, compass, &c.

To accomplish this rcsult,l construct. the

fiead, A, of a cane, &c., witha recess, A, en-

a 'i'm a tenon B on the u )0]? end of the handle B, whereby said head is securely af fixed to said handle, or otherwise fastened, it desi/hei'l. In the upper face of this head I her or other suitable cushi0ns, D I)", placed on the ends of said storm-glass to isolate 1t made, and thereby to prevent it from being readily broken.

\ In the handle ll illci'e i u longitudinal slot or aperture, ii, through which the contents of the storm'g'lass may be examined andthe indications thereof observed and studied. The construction of these storm-glasses is well understood, they being a regular article of commerce. Suffice it to say that they consist ofa wood, metal, or other material now used in the art for similar purposes.

The device heretofore described is especially serviceable to tourists, sportsmen,

&c.,-who possess in the handle all the necessary instruments for determining the .temperature and other meteorological state of the atmosphere, the direction of the compass, &c.

usual compass-dial divided into the different It is also readily applied to umbrella-sticks,

my invention. 10

Having thus fully described-my invention, I claim as new and desire to secnre to me by Letters Patent of the United States- 1. As an improved article of manufacture,

' a handle for a walking-cane, umbrella,'.para

sol, fishing-pole, and the like, consisting of a head, A, having the compass with its cover H, the hollow body portion B, provided in its bore with the storm-glass D, and the slot-ted the object, .set forth.

aperture E, and the thermometerl the whole being combined and arranged in a manner asand for the purpose stated.

2. The combination, with the head A, of

theshell G, having the cover H, the central pin, M, magnetic needle -I,- and the lifter 1T, provided with asuitable handle, L, as and for In handles for canes, umbrellas, and the like, the -combination, with the. central portion, B, having a core, 0', of a stormglass, D,

retained infposition by the elastic cushions D D ,said portion B having a' longitudinal slot, 'E, as and for the object stated.




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