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Publication numberUS399640 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 12, 1889
Filing dateJun 1, 1888
Publication numberUS 399640 A, US 399640A, US-A-399640, US399640 A, US399640A
InventorsAlyixus B. Wood
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Alyixus b
US 399640 A
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(No Model.)

-.A. B Woon.

Patented Muri-2,1889.


No. 399,640.V




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 399,640, dated March 12,1889.4 Application filed .Tulle 1, 1888. Serial No. 275,774. (No model.)

[n (Ll/f 717mm, it muy (fon/MPH.:

le it known that'y I, ALVINL'S l. XVOOD, a (fitizell'of thv I'nitvd Stativs, rvsit'lingat Ann Arllor, Mivhig'all, have illvtlnted eel-tain new and llsetlll llllprovvnlvllts ill Tents, ol' whivh the following isa spvvilivatioll.

'lhe object oll lll illvvaltioll or illl] lro\'vlllvllt is tio lllalce a tellt that will allt'olllativallbT volll'orlll to thevhallges ill the weather and lllailltaill atllllt.- and stl'vtellvd volldition wllvtllvr the svastlll llv wvt ol' dry; alld nl)Y intention vollsists ill thv l'vatllrvs alld llvtails ot' voll- Astl'llvtioll llvl'villatlvr dvsvl'illvd and vlailllvll.

thv canvas, thv tlaps. tllv j l'll'v-lopvs,and othvr parts. ltigl'. 2 is all vlllal'ged View ol" olle ot' the upright posts: Fig'. il, a sidv view olA ollv ond ol' thv ridg'v-polv and :l portion ot' onvoi the upright posts; Fig'. l, a lllollilivd \'ivw ol`v tllv salllv, alld Fig'. ."l a portion ol` ollv olthv glly-l'opvs witll a springl inserted.

A is tllv ll' right posts; l5, thv ridgv-polv; the tvllt-vallvas; Il, thv flaps ot' tllv tvllt; It). thv :lll \ropvs, and l" tllv spl-ing.

llvl'vtolol'v ollv el'vat illvollvvnivllev ill tllv llsoot'tvllts has llvvn that the vallvas and glly-l'opvs havv eolltl'avted alld vxpalldvll with vhallgvs ill thv wvather I'l'olll wvl to dry. Ill llly wvatllvr they have vxpalldvth and thv othvr parts olI tllv tvllt have Ilvvll tlappy .-lllll noisy oll windy days, or baggy and unsightly on vallll days, and ill wvt wvathvl' tllv vllllvlls and l'opvs llavv volltl'avtvdand drawn tllv parts llp lllltil tllv vde'vs wvl-v ot'l thv nlolllld or tallo tent-stakes loosened or drawn vlltirvl)v in some of the supporting' parts to vxpallll or l contract, aeeordillg to .its location, to vonlpvllsate for the variations in length of the guyropvs alld canvas ill wet olrdry weather. This spring may be ol' any kind desired, whether ooilvd or itat, or metal o1' rubber, so long as it` is ot' a size and strength to answer the plu'- pose. I have shown l'llore than one kind of spring' and arranged in more than on'e way. In Fig'. l I have shown a coiled spring l0- eated ill the lllaill upright posts about the llliddle. In this ease the posts are divided into two partis and the spring inelosed in a llarrel or Case, into wlliell the divided .portions ot' thv posts are inserted and held irl propvr position, hllt still loosely enough to pvrllllti thv one part of the posts to freely tl'aoted or expanded.

In VFig. 2 l have shown the spring as coiled and lovated ill a barrel or ease, in whiehtlle lower end ot.' tllv post is inserted, so that it van bv lllorvd llp or dowll against ol'witll the sprir lll l `i e;. l I have shown the' spring as flat and lovat ed at the top of the upright posts.

In Fie'. l l have shown the spring as coiled and lovat'vd at` the top of the upright posts.

Ill Fig. 5 l havv shown the spring as coiled and insel-tied ill the guy-ropes to form a seotioll ot' thv saine.

Ill all thvsv vases, and in others which might hv, nlvllt ionvd. the act ion of thespring is the salllv and lllakvs thetentseIf-adj llstable to the ra ria-t iolls ol' t he weather. In the first four tilglllvs the vontravtion of the canvas and gllyropvs vwl-ts a tol-ee downward and causes-the sllpports ot' thv tents to .Fall or lleoolne lower, and the expansion of the canvas and guyropvs vallsvs the supports to rise or become higher. lhe alllolllltordegreeof volltl'aetion is ol vollrse eollllnvllsllrate with the anlount of volltraetioll ill the ropes and so fully conl- Y pellsatvs it. Ill the last liglll'v the spring is arranged asa svetioll ot" the glly-ropes and expands enough. to eolllpellsate for the colltravtioll ill thv ropvs. Ill this way the force ot' thv volltl'aetion is exerted on the springs ill tht` supports, illstvad of on the stakes, wllivll, it is to liv lllldvl'st'ood, will yield at a lvss powvr `than that required to draw thv` IOO stallvs t'rolll thv lrrolllld.` As the weather ^l'lvi ally lengthen out to their normal condition, and as they lengthen the springs' will raise the ridge-pole, or, if located in the guy-ropes, shorten the length of the ropes, so that the parts of the tent are constantly kept stretched and taut.

It will of course be understood that the strength oi.' the springs, however made or applied, is to be proportioned or adapted tothe size and weight of the tent in connection with .which they :irc to be used. 'This is n n'mtter that can easily be detcrinined by the nul-nufacturer and need not be enlnrgct'l upouj` nor is thc kind ol tent, whether wall, round, or lA tents, in connection with which my invention is io be usci l, material, as it is adapted and intended for nil tents.

W hat I regard as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. In a tent, the combination of a canvas and its supporting-post provided with a spring` which permits the post to lengthen or shorten as the canvas contracts or expands7 substantially described.

2. In :t tent, the conlbimttion of a ridgepole, upright posts supporting the same, and springs placed in or upon such posts, whereby the ridge-pole is raised or lowered as the tentcitnvas expands or contracts, substantially as described.




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