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Publication numberUS400358 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 26, 1889
Filing dateSep 12, 1885
Publication numberUS 400358 A, US 400358A, US-A-400358, US400358 A, US400358A
InventorsAndrew J. Page
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Combined goblet-holder and drip-cup attachment for refrigerators
US 400358 A
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(No Model.)


' No. 400,358. Patented Mar. 26, 1889.


i4. PETERS. Plumb-Lithographer. Washington. a c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 400,358, dated March 26, 1889.

' Application filed September 12, 1885- Serial No. 176,886- (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ANDREW J. PAGE, of the city and county of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in a Combined Goblet-Holder and Drip-Cup Attachment for Refrigerators or Water-Cooling Tanks, of which the following is a complete description, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use my invention, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part hereof, and in which Figure 1 shows a longitudinal section attached to a fragment of the side of a refrigerator containing a water-tank and faucet communicating therewith. Fig. 2 is a horizontal View of the goblet-holder and dripcup. Fig. 3 is' a horizontal View of the bracketsupport for the same.

Like letters of reference indicate like parts.

In the drawings at Fig. 1, A represents the interior of a water-tank in a refrigerator; or a, the sides thereof; B, a faucet communicating therewith.

C is a bracket-support for the holder and cup D. This bracket is made with an angular socket, b b, to receive the base d of the holder and cup D. From this socket b b a shank, 6, extends having a bowl or cavity, f, formed in its upper side, and projecting at right angles therefrom is a flange, 9, provided with one or more screw-holes. This shank e continues to extend in the form of a tube, the bore h of which communicates with the bowl or cavity f, and the end of which is properly formed to connect with a pipe, 2', which may be led away in any course. The holder and cup D is made larger in diameter at the top and with an angular projection, O, the bottom it of which is pierced with a hole, P, which extends downward through a nipple,

. S, and pending from the top portion of the holder and cup D along the side of the angular projection 0, around thecircumference of the holder and cup D to and along the other side of the angular projection O, is a flange or apron, t, the object of which is to cover, when in place, the bracket 0 and hide it from view. The lower part of the holder or cup D is made with a bowl, K, in its base d, which bowl K is intended to retain water, the object of which is to provide a liquid cushion upon which drippings from the faucet B will fall, and thus prevent the splashing which would be liable to occur if such drippings should fall upon a solid surface. Immediately over the bowl K of the holder and cup D is a plate or diaphragm, Z, which has a circular opening, m, through it intended to be when in position perpendicularly under the nose of the faucet B, so that drippings from the faucet B will fall through it onto the water contained in the bowl K. This plate or diaphragm Z is also notched out, as shown at n, in order to permit a discharge of water from thebowl K to overflow the surface n and pass on downward through the hole P into the bowl or cavity fof the bracket 0 and thence through the bore h of the shank 6 into the pipe 1'.

The holder and cup D is purposely detachable from the bracket 0 at pleasure, so that it may be made of glass, porcelain, or some such material, while the bracket (3 may be made of any suitable metal; also, so that whenever it is desired the holder and cup D may be removed and emptied or washed.

It will be obvious that alongitudinal groove in the upper side of the shank e of the bracket 0 is an equivalent to the bore h and may be substituted therefor.

The use and operation of my improvement being obvious from the foregoing description, I need but add that the bracketC is attached to the side of the refrigerator or tank by inserting the shank e ina hole previously bored to receive it, and then screwing it fast through the holes in the flange g.

What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is*

1. The combination, with a cup having a peripheral shoulder, the said cup at or near the shoulder being non-circular in horizontal cross-section, and a perforated diaphragm lo cated within the cup, of a bracket having an opening conforming in shape to the cup at the non-circular portion thereof and adapted to form a seat for the shoulder on the cup, substantially as set forth.

2. The combination, with a water-cooler and IOO a detachable drip-cup located beneath the faucet of the cooler and provided with a diaphragm having an orifice through which the drip is adapted to fall directly from the faucet,

of a Waste-pipe leading from a point just beneath the diaphragm of the cup to the coolersupport, substantially as set forth.

3. The combinati0n,with a Water-cooler located Within a refrigerator, of a drip-cup and goblet-holder supported beneath the faucet of IO the water-cooler, and a waste-pipe adapted to conduct the water from the drip-cup to the Wastepipe of the refrigerator, substantially as set forth.

ANDREW J. PAGE. In presence 0t' JOHN N. MCLEAN, G. S. BUNDY.

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