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Publication numberUS402681 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1889
Filing dateSep 15, 1888
Publication numberUS 402681 A, US 402681A, US-A-402681, US402681 A, US402681A
InventorsLouis C. Lindeman
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Smoking device
US 402681 A
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(No Model.)

SMOKING DEVIGE. No. 402,681. Patented May 7, 1889.v

1,2?. Z IIIIII [17E/VZ '072.

N. PETERS` Pbnmliwgmphur, Washington. D, CA




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 402,681, dated May 7, 1889.

Application iiled September l5, 1888. Serial No. 285,492. (No model.)

' To all whom t may concern.:

ing had therein to the accompanying drawings.

This improvement relates to a smoking apparatus; and the invention consists in a device of this character which will relieve the throat, wind-pipe, lungs, dac., of the labor and wear incident to smoking` when pursued in the ordinary manner.

In the accompanying drawings, which show my proposed improvement, Figure l is a vertical central section of my apparatus. Figs. 2 and 3 represent a valve and its seat, respectively.

Referring now to the details of the drawings, A indicates a cylinder in which freely works a close-iitting piston,B, preferably tu'bular, around the lower part of which is a spiral spring, O, which finds its resisting-points between a flange on the bottom of the tubular piston and the lower end of t-he cylinder A, the whole being so arranged that the spring tends to force. the piston out of the cylinder.

At the upper end of the cylinder A are two valves, D E, the one D opening from a tube, F, adapted to receive a cigarette, cigar, or pipe, into the interior of the cylinder A, and the other, E, opening from`the interior of the cylinder A into a tube, G, which may be fitted with a mouth-piece or smoke-tube of any desirable length.

Near the top of the cylinder A are two rings, I-I, adapted to receive the smokers first and second fingers, while his thumb should be placed under the bottom of the tubular piston B.

The valves may be of any suitable form; but in each of those shown there is a metal disk, of the form shown in Fig. 3, for the valveseat, and a flexible disk having a series of perforations, as shown in Fig. 2, for the valve. The two parts are cemented or secured together at one edge or the valve held in position in any suitable way, and as the valve is l elastic it easily opens to admit of the passage of the smoke-say from the tube F through the center of the valve-seat and through the apertures in the valve-and then shut down quite close upon the seat to shut oil communication. Both valves are alike and operate in the same way, but one opens from the tube F intothe cylinder A, while the other opens from said cylinderA into the tube G, the two valves acting together in the same manner as the valves in a syringe or similar instrument, and their motion is indicated by the dotted lines.

The operation is as follows: Supposing a lighted cigarette, cigar, or pipe to be properly itted into the tube F, the tube G put in the smokers mouth, his first and second fingers in the rings I-I, and his thumb under the bottom of the piston B, by pressing his thumb under said piston the air or smoke, as the case may be, contained in cylinder A will be expelled through the tube G. The pressure of the thumb is then relaxed and the spring forces out the piston, drawing in a charge of smoke from the cigar, cigarette, or whatever may bein the tube F, which charge on the next pressure of `the thumb will be forced through the valve E and tube G into the operators mouth, and by a continuance of these operations a cigar, cigarette, or pipe may be entirely consumed without any effort or wear of the organs likely to be affected by such ac` tion. This will be found very useful where the smoking is intended as a remedial agent, independent of the increased enjoyment incident to avoidance of the labor of smoking in the ordinary manner.

I do not intend to limit myself to the exact construction shown and so far described, as it is evident that it may be varied considerably Without departing from the spirit of my invention. For instance, the tube F may be enlarged to form the bowl of a pipe, and a long flexible tube or mouth-piece maybe attached to the end of the tube G. Nor dol limit myself to the use of tobacco, as it is obvious that the apparatus may be used for other material, especially where the smoke is intended as a curative agent-as for curing asthma and other diseases of the throat and lungs.

I am aware that smoking-machines have been devised for the purpose of coloring 'meer- IOO Schaum-pipes, and do not therefore claim, broadly, the idea ot' using an apparatus for drawing the smoke from a pipe and then discharging the same. My ap]p)aratus is for an essentially-different purpose, and the construction thereof is entirely different, being adapted to be held and operated by a single hand, or rather two 'n gers and a thumb, While the machines above referred to are provided with eccentrics or cranks, and cannot therefore be operated in the same Way as mine.

Having thus shown how my invention may be carried out Without limiting myself t0 the exact construction, what l claim as new isl. The combination, in a smoking device, of a cylinder carrying at one end inlet and discharge pipes and corresponding valves, and a piston working through the other end, substantially as and for the purpose specified.




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