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Publication numberUS4026 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1845
Publication numberUS 4026 A, US 4026A, US-A-4026, US4026 A, US4026A
InventorsFriedrich Walther
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US 4026 A
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` and operation of the same,




Specification of Letters Patent Noa-1,026, dated May 1, 184,5.

To all 'whom it may concern Be it known that I, FRIEDRICH WALTHER, ofwinchester, in thecounty Frederick and State of 'Virginia, have invented a new and Improved Double-Action Ball-Pump; and I do herebydeclare the following to be afull and exact description of the const-ruction reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, Figure l being a perspective elevation, and Fig. 2 a

vert-ical longitudinal section.

The same letters ref each figure.

I construct the cylinder f1/ the upper and lower side pipes b band the air vessel -cand discharge pipe ,rlof iron or some other suitable metallic substance, and usually all at the same time in one piece. side pipes are bolted t-he boxes -.-e e connecting with both the cylinder and side pipes. the cylinder and side pipes I insert` in the boxes at both ends, two pieces of yellow or pitch pine plank f f f-confned by grooves at each side of the same. In the center of these pieces of plank are formed round holes tapering downward; the apertures to be about the same area of the side pi es; g g g g are spherical balls or valves, (l1 {ewise of pitch pine wood) of such size as to accurately lit the seats in the openings r to similar parts in in the planks f f.

h is the piston rod having pistons at each end of .the same; z' is an opening in the center ofthe piston rod through which the crosspiece c passes, the ends of which project out through the narrow o-blong'openings on each side ofthe cylinder. The pistons are worked backward and forward by the levers Z Z, connecting each end of the cross piece lo with the crank wheels, 11am. I construct the pistons of two pieces of leather n n with me- 'Io each end of the cylinder and Parallel with the partition between tallic plates o o on each rside of them, the outer plate screwed on to the end of the piston rod, so as Iirmly pressed between the metallic plates. The edges of each piece of leather forming the piston, are turned outward from the center, and are pressed against the side of the' cylinder by the whale bone ring springs, p, p, p, p, underneath them.

he operation of my improved ball ump is as follows: When the pistons are orced toward one end of the cylinder, the upper ball `at the opposite end o'f the piston is drawn down tightly over the upper aperture into the upper side pipe, and the lower apertureinto the lower side pipe is opened and the water is drawn from the suction pipe 7' into that end of the cylinder. Atthat end move, the valve-connecting with the lower side` pipeis closed and 'side pipe opened, and the water in that end of, the cylinder is forced through the upper valve into the upper side pipe and air vessel, and out at the discharge pi e.

Having thus fully described the construction and operation of my improved double action ball pump,-I would observe that I do not claim the pump action, nor the working of two pumps together by `one piston rod, but 1 What I do claim as new and cure by Letters Patent is'-V The working of two pumps upon one rod within one cylinder in the manner setforth-the cross piece 71:, attached to the piston rod and passing out through the slots in the cylinder in' the manner and for the purpose herein described.,


desire to se- J oHN NICHOLSON.

to keep the pieces of leather' of the cylinder toward which the pistons the one into the upper

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