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Publication numberUS404192 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1889
Filing dateAug 18, 1888
Publication numberUS 404192 A, US 404192A, US-A-404192, US404192 A, US404192A
InventorsEdwin Haas
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US 404192 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1.

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No. 404,192. Patented May 28, 1889.

K PETERS. PhuloLilhogF-zpher, Washingion. D. C




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 404,192, dated May 28, 1889.

Application filed August 18, 1888. serial No. 288,075. (No model.)

. specially adapted for use in connection with sirup compartments or jars for soda-water apparatus; and among the objects in view are to provide a faucet which can be united with the jar for operation without the necessity of drilling holes or openings in the apparatus, and which is easily disconnected from the jar, in order that the latter may be removed for refilling or cleansing and which can be operated with one hand, whereby an attendant can fill tWo glasses at the same time, thus facilitating the dispensation of the fluid.

A further object of the invention is to so construct the faucet as to automatically close after the sirup is withdrawn.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will hereinafter appear, and the novel features of the same will be particularly pointed out in the claims.

Referring to the drawings, Figure 1 is a central vertical sect-ion of a sirup-jar provided with a faucet constructed in accordance with my invention. Figs. 1 2, 3, and 4 are modifications of the invention. Fig. 5 is a detail of the valve-plug employed in the modification shown in Fig. 2, and Fig. 6 is a front elevation showing the valve-operating lever.

Like numerals of reference indicate similar parts in all the figures of the drawings.

1 represents any ordinary sirup-jar, which is formed with the usual depending neck, 2, provided with the annular flange 3.

Referring more particularly to Fig. 1, which is the preferred form of valve, 4 represents a plug or stopper, which is provided with the tapered valve-seat 5 and the opening 6 to one side thereof. \Vithin the seat 5 is fitted a conical valve, 7, which is connected to a U shaped arm, 8, the opposite end of which passes downwardly through the opening in the plug and through glands 9, forming a stuffing-box therefor, and below the mouth of the jar. A collar, 10, is fitted around the neck of the jar and is secured in position by means of a bolt,

11, passing through perforated ears formed by the terminals of the collar. From the collar 10 there depends an arm, 12, terminating in a hooked or open eye, 13. The projecting mem- 6o ber of the U-shaped arm Sis formed at its end with a cross-bar or angular projection, 14.

15 represents the valve-operating lever, and

it consists of a ring, 16, which is supported in position by resting within the hook 13 and by the hook 17, projecting from its opposite side and taking over the cross-bar 14 of the arm 8. An arm, 18, projecting from the ring 16, carries a weight, 19. From the arm 18 there projectsv downwardly a tumbler-embracing 7o bail, 20. By this construction it will be seen that by inserting a tumbler under the valveopening 5 and pressing the same against the arm 20 the lever 15 will be raised at its weighted. end and raise the arm 8, and consequently remove the valve 7 from its seat 5, which will permit of the sirup flowing through the valve-opening into the glass placed thereon. By removing the tumbler from contact with the bail 20 the weight 19 will cause the parts to resume their normal position, the valve being closed and the egress of the sirup arrested.

As shown in Fig. 2, the arm 8 may be dispensed with, and the valve 7 depends below the bottom of the plug or stopper 4. In this instance, also, the lever 15 is provided upon its ring portion 16 with opposite hooked arms 21, under which a knife or thin edged strip of metal, 22, secured at its middle to the 0 valve-plug 7 and having its ends flattened, may be inserted. By this construction it will be seen that by the pressure of the tumbler A (shown by dotted lines) against the depending bail 20 the lever 15 will be raised, and in 5 turn will raise the valve 7 from its seat and permit of the withdrawal of the sirup. If desired, also, the weight may depend from the rear end of thelever 15, and may serve as an indicating-plate of the character of sirup con- I00 taincd in the jar. I

Referring to Fig. 3 it will be seen that the valve 7 opens downwardly and is connected to one end of the lever 15, which is pivoted and supported intermediate its weighted end by a depending arm, 12, which in this instance is formed at the opposite or rear side of the collar 10. The operation of this modification is at once obvious, inasmuch as by pressing the glass A against the bail 20 the weighted end of the lever is elevated and the valve 7 withdrawn from its seat.

In Fig. 4 I have omitted the weighted lever, the valve opening upwardly and being provided with a valvestem, 22*, depending through the neck of the jar, connected to a cross-bar, 23, arranged transverse and supporting a ring, 2 From this ring depends the bail 20, which guides it to position immediately under the ring 2i, which is of a diameter agreeing with the tumbler or glass A. \Vhen in this position, by raising the tumbler the valve is opened and is guided in its upward movement by the pins 25, projecting laterally from the stem 38 and riding in the lower portion of the neck of the valve-seat.

The tumbler being withdrawn, the ring which is weighted serves to return the parts to their normal. position. As shown in Figs. 3 and o, the weight may be out of sight and the bail formed with opposite arms 26, having a plate, 37, indicating the character of sirup contained in the jar.

In Fig. 1 I have shown how the stuffingbox 6 maybe varied. In this instance, in lieu of the glands 9, a rubber tube, 38, the lower end of which is preferably open and the upper end of which is provided with a cap, is employed as a stuffing-box. In this instance the cap 39 is rigid with the U-shaped arm 8, and the rubber tube is provided with folds, so as to contract and expand as the lever 15 operates the same, the operation bei 11 similar to that described as regards Fig. 1.

Having described my invention, what I claim is 1. The combination, in a jar having a neck provided with a plug having a 'alve-seat, of a valve-plug having a stem, a collar mounted on the neck of the jar, and a weighted lever pivoted in the collar and connected to the valve-stem, substantially as specified.

2. In a faucet, the plug at, having openings 5 and G, and the valve-phi g 7, fitting into said opening 5, and provided with a stem, 8, passing through said opening 6, in combination with a lever pivoted to said jar and attached .to said valve-stem S, a weight attached to said lever, and a depending bail, also attached to said lever, substantially as described.

3. The combination, in a jar provided with a neck, and a plug inserted therein having a valve-scat and a stuffing-box, of a valve provided with a U-shaped valve-stem, one end being connected to the plug and the opposite end projected through the stuffing-box to the outside of the jar, a collar mounted on the neck of the jar and having a depending arm. terminating in a hook, and a weighted lever pivoted in the hook-arm and connected with the valve-stem, and provided with a glass-receivingd epending arm, substantially as specified.

i. The ,'ar 1 havin the neck 2 and llll i:

having the seat 5, and st uilin g-box 6, in combination with the plug 7, the stem 8, the glands 9, the collar 1.0, mounted upon the neck having the bolt 11 and the dependinghooked-shaped arm 12, the lever 15, having the ring portion 16 mounted in the hook and connected to the valve, as at 17, and having the projecting arm 18, carrying the weight 1.) and the depending glass-receivin g bail 20, substantially as speciiied.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

EDWIN llAAS. \Vitnesses:


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