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Publication numberUS407971 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 30, 1889
Filing dateOct 17, 1888
Publication numberUS 407971 A, US 407971A, US-A-407971, US407971 A, US407971A
InventorsMichael Siersdorfer
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US 407971 A
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No. 407,971, Patented July so, 1889,.


N. PETERS. Flwmmhogmmmr. wnshinglun. l)4 c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 407,971, dated July 30, 1889.

Application filed October 17, 1888. Serial No. 288.347.` (No model.)

T0 @ZZ whom t muy concern:

Be it known that I, MICHAEL SIERsDoRFER, a citizen of the United States, residing at Louisville, in the county of Jefferson and State of Kentucky, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Siphons, of which the following is a specification.

Heretofore in starting the flow of liquids from barrels which have not been tapped, it was nsually the custom to insert a hose, pipe, or other tube through the bung in order to start the flow. This method is very laborious, and especially so when the barrels used are retained in a horizontal position.

My present invention is designed to obviate the present drawbacks by sucking the air from the pipe leading to the barrel, and thus starting the siphonic flow by means of a mechanical suction device, which will now be described.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, which forms a part of this specification, the iigure therein shown represents a longitudinal sectional view of my improved device.

v1 is a rubber bulb of any suitable shape and in the present instance shown elliptical, which has at each end a straight portion firmly secured in tubes 2 and To the tube 2 is connected the pipe 7, which leads from the barrel or other receptacle, and on the end of the tube 3 is screwed a nozzle 9. In the outer end of the pipe 7 is a suitable strainer 6, the purpose of which is to arrest any sediment and prevent it from leaving the liquidcontaining barrel.

The strainer 6 consists of a wire cage or frame composed of the longitudinal iiexible ribs 6, which are secured together by means of the transverse rib Gb. The ends of these longitudinal ribs are adapted to fit over the outer end of the rubber pipe or tube 7, and a binding or locking ring 16 is provided,which is slipped over the ends of the ribs and the cloth, and serves to keep and retain in position the cloth strainer, which is arranged around the wire cage or frame, and at the same time binding the ribs and tube iirmly together. These parts are assembled and placed in position as Jfollows: The piece of cloth-such as is used for straining purposesis placed around the wire frame, and the edges of the cloth are slipped underneath the ring. The end of the rubber tubing is then forced into the open end of the completed strainer, the sliding locking-ring serving to bind the parts together. The tube 2 is provided with a valve-chamber 17, having a valve-seat 18 and valve 19. This valve is Inonnted on a longitudinally -moving stem 20, the latter serving as a guide for the valve and keeping it to the proper directions and positions.

12 represents a dome or boX on top of the tube 3. It contains a hollow stein 11, around which a spiral spring 13 is coiled, on whose upper end is a thumb-lever and on the lower end a disk 10, preferably made integral with the stem, as shown. A pin 15 is inserted in this stem for the purpose of affording a bearing for the hollow stem. The valve or pan 21 is also mounted on the pin 15. The spring holds the disk 10 normally depressed. Vhen the disk is depressed, it rests on the valve or pan 21.

S is a flat ring secured to or made integral with the bottom of the tube 3, the purpose of which is to afford a bearing for the foreiinger when the thumb is pressed upon the stein 11. Then the thumb-lever 22 is pressed down, the hollow stem 11 will be raised. This movement will relieve the valve or pan from pressure, and it will be free to respond to any outward movement.

The device is operated as follows: Hold the siphon with the third iinger through ring 3, open valve 21 by pressing down lever 22 with thumb, then compress the bulb several times, and the liquor will flow in 'a continuous stream. To temporarily stop the iow, raise the lever with the thumb, and by pressing it down again the liquor will flow as before.

It will be seen that when the thumb-lever is turned with its face a down upon the top of the box 12 the valve will remain open without Vthe necessity of retaining the lever under the thumb, and when it is desired to close the valve the arm B of the lever,which Will be' uppermost while t-he valve is open, may be pressed in the opposite direction and the spring will force the valve closed. It

will also be seen that the valve-stem is pivoted in a cavity c ofv this thumb-lever, and that it is pivoted at a greater distance from IOO the face a than it is from the lower face, in order that the valve will be held from its seat when the face co is in contact with the dat top of the box 12. Y p

To empty contents of Siphon back into barrel, Simply raise the si phon above the level of barrel, and by holding it in this position a few seconds the Siphon will be completely drained. l

Having thus described my invention, the following is what I claim as new therein, and desire to Secure by Letters Patent:

rPhe combination, with the valve having a seat, the perforated box l2, having a flat top and a spring for closing Said valve,5of the` thumb-lever having a Hat face resting upon said box l2 and a, hat face et, projecting at an angle thereto, the valve stem projecting

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Cooperative ClassificationF16K31/44