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Publication numberUS410175 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1889
Filing dateJun 16, 1889
Publication numberUS 410175 A, US 410175A, US-A-410175, US410175 A, US410175A
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Resoluble spool-stand
US 410175 A
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(No Model.)


No. 410,175. Patented Spi't. 3, 1889.

v WIT/l/Z'SES:

f imumummunuu 11/ AIM/M57.



RevoLoBLE SPOOL-STAND} 'SPEQIF IGATION forming: part of Letters Patent No. 410,175, dated September 8, 1889.

Application filed June 16,- 1889. Serial to, 3114364- on model.)

To all whom, it 171 2, concern:

Be it known that I, VYILSON-ELLA. PALMER MCALISTER, of Kansas City, Jackson county, Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Combined Spool and Thimble Holders, of which the following is a -full, clear,'and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming a part hereof.

This invention relates to combined spool and. thin ible holders; and it consists in the nove'l combination and arrangement-of parts, as will fully appear from the following description.

In the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 is a detailed pcrspeetive-viewof the upper shelf of my spool-holder, showing a spool in position upon one of the pins. Fig. 2 is a detailed perspective view of the loop-handle, showing the position of the thiuible-holders and the thread-cutter; Fig. 3 is a plan View of my invention; and Fig. .4 is a view, partly in perspective and partly in vertical section, thereof.

A is the main shatter support of the holder, upon which the shelves 13 and O revolve, (l

the base, and E the loop or handle, by means of which the holder can be lifted, The shaft A is -so formed that each upper section is of a smaller diameter than the next lower one, thus forming shoulders a 7;, upon which the shelves B and C rest. 1

In my invention I have shown two revolv ing shelves located on an upright shaft one above the other, each provided with five studs or pins I), placed at equal distances from each otlmranr'l near the edge of the shelves. 1 can, hpwevm', make as many shelves as I think proper and provide them with a suili cientnumbcr of pins or studs to hold any number of spools that maybe desired. Each shell is of e msiderably less diameter than the shelf below it, the axes of the pins in the latter being beyond the periphery of the upper sht-ll', and the said shelves having their edges indented all points midway between each pair of pins, thereby forming radial arms Y, from lhejccnters of which the pins rise. The imlentatimis between the said arms ,are dcsignah-ad bylhe letter Z. It will bc'observed. that I have thus so .t'ormed the shape and outer edge of my shelves that by turn-' ing them to a certain ,point I can remove 'dle E, I form a V-shaped-space n in'which I spool of thread from its position without 5 5 the spool coming in contact with the shelf above it. at their upper ends with pose of receiving the .end of the thread K and holding it securely after a portion of the thread has been unwound for use. These pins are held inposition by means of screws 1 or other-suitable devices. l

In connection with the central eyes of the shelves 1 place extended hubsor collars B and C, in order that the shelveswhen revolved may have a true and easy movement. I The upper end of the shaft A'is provided with a screw-threaded projection g, which screws into a correspondingly-threaded portion h of the handle E, This handle-E is pro vided on opposite sides with circular rings or racksF F for the purpose of holding thi'm bles. At the lower inner portion of the haninsert a piece of steel made very sharp. This through the loop and ward movement.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, isl. The spool-holder having the base, the shouldered shaft rising therefrom, the shelves revolving on the shaft, the lower shelf being of greater diameter than the upper shelf, and said shelves having the radial arms Yand indentations Z, andthc pins Di, rising from the centers of the radial arms, the pins on the lower shelf having their axes beyond the periphery of the upper shelf, substantially as described.

2. The spool-holder comprising the base having the shouldered shaft risingth'erefrom, the shelves of unequal diameter on the shaft and having the radial arms and the pins I), rising from the centers thereof, the loop E, attached to the upper end of thesliaft and forming a handle, said loop having the rings h F forming thimble-holdcrs, and having the loo thread-cutter in as described.

its lower side, substantially In, testimony whereof I affix my signature in,

presence of two witnesses. l

WILSON-ELLA PALMER lllcATlIS'lER. 'itnesses:

J. M (nouwnnn Lucv M.v ltonmson.

The studs or pins 1) are provided slits G for the pur- 75 I use for cutting the thread by drawing it giving it a slight down-

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Cooperative ClassificationD05B91/14