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Publication numberUS417559 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 17, 1889
Filing dateOct 19, 1889
Publication numberUS 417559 A, US 417559A, US-A-417559, US417559 A, US417559A
InventorsPeter D. Horton
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US 417559 A
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 417,559, dated December 17, 1889.

Application filed October 19, 1889l Serial No. 327,528. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern: in far enough, preventing its accidental with- Be it known that I, PETER D. IIORTON, of drawal or displacement. Nevada City, county of Nevada, and State The face of the card or sheet has preferably of California, have invented certain'new and printed or marked upon it a number, or, if 5 useful Improvements in Penmanship-Guides; desired, all of theSpencerian characters, with 5 5 and I do hereby declare the following to be a directions for the use of the guide. full, clear, and exact description of the same, In using the guide the operator first forms reference being had to the accompanying the character and then tests it, so to speak, drawings, forming a partof this specification, by holding the Aguide over it with the lower io and to iigures of reference marked thereon. portion of the aperture horizontal or parallel 6o My present invention relates to penmanwith the base-line, on which the letter is ship-guides by which to determine the proper formed, when the needle should be parallel slant of the letters when formed according to with the straight line of the let-ter, if correctly the Spencerian or any other desired system, formed, or should bear such relation to it, if I5 and has for its object to provide a guide that a capital letter, as indicates the proper slant 65 is simple in construction and may be made as exhibited on the card. and sold at a nominal price; and it consists By employinga needle or thread projecting in certain novelties of construction and comacross an opening in a guide the user can see binations of parts, all as will be hereinafter the whole of the letter tested and readily aszo described, and the novel features pointed out certainwherein the fault, if any, lies, and is 7o in the claims at the end of this specification. thereby enabled to correct it readily, and by In the drawings, Figure l is a perspective employing a clear opening instead of making View of the guide; Fig. 2, a top view showing the whole card transparent with a line therethe manner of using it, and Fig. 3 a sectional on a better view can be had of the letter and 25 view. there is no liability of its being obscured from 7 5 Similar figures of reference denote similar any cause-such as the scratching of atransparts. parent card-0n if made of transparent gela- The body of the guide consists of a suitable tine or celluloid, of the cards becoming card or sheet l, of card-board, wood, celluloid, warped or twisted by heat or of being easily '3o or any other suitable cheap and serviceable fractured. SO material, having a suitable opening 2 therein, Instead of the needle beinginserted through preferably rectangular, but at any rate prothe edges of the card, as shown, it will be unvided with the lower side straight, and across derstood that it could be secured in place by said opening projects a straight index filawafers or by a covering pasted on the card 3 5 ment or line 3, arranged in the present inhaving the characters printed thereon, the 85 stance at an angle of fifty-two degrees from needle or index being previously laid on the the bottom portion of the opening, or at such card over the aperture in proper position. other inclination vas it may be desired to have I claim as my inventionthe letters slant. I prefer fifty-two degrees, 1. Apenmanship-guide consisting of a card 4o because this is the slant given the characters having an aperture therein and a needle or 9o in the Spencerian system generally in use in index-line extending across said aperture at schools, and is that of the straight lines of the the proper angle relative to one of its-sides, small letters. as set forth. Y

This index may consist of a thread or strip 2. In apenmanship-guide, the combination, 45 of any suitable thin material that will afford with a card having a series of characters 95 a clear view on both sides of it; but I prefer thereon, with lines indicating their proper into make it of a needle which may be secured clination, and an aperture therein, of a needle in any suitable manner, but preferably by'inor index extending across said aperture at the serting it through the edge of the card-board, proper angle relative to one of its sides, sub- 5o the latter closing over its end when pushed stantially as described. roo

A penlnanship-guide consisting of a card an aperture therein and a needle or index eX- having an aperture therein and a needle intending across Said opening, substantially as serted longitudinally in the card and extenddescribed.

ing across said aperture ab the proper angle PETER D. I'IORTON. 5 relative to one of its sides, substantially as \Vitnesses:

described. FRANK POWER,

4. The combination, with the Card having HENRY H. NICHOLS.

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