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Publication numberUS421264 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 11, 1890
Filing dateMar 19, 1889
Publication numberUS 421264 A, US 421264A, US-A-421264, US421264 A, US421264A
InventorsRodmond Gibbons
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Rodmond gibbons
US 421264 A
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y v PARTY PLATE. l No. 421,264. Patented Feb. 11,1890.l


RoDMoND eInBoNs, or NEW YORK, N. Y.


SPECIFICATION forming' part of Letters Patent No. 421,264, dated February 11, 1 890.

Application filled March 1 9, 1889. Serial No. 303,870. (No specimens.) I Y l and exact description and specifieationof the same, reference being had to the drawings forming part thereof.

The object of my invention is to obviate at social entertainments the inconveniences and damage to clothing incident to serving and 1 managing at the same time away from a table two ormoro kinds of refreshment, such as are usually supplied for guests-say one, a beverage served in awine-glass or tumbler,

Vboth such-plate and glass in partaking of the others including what partakes of the character of custard or cream, or of a stew or a salad with a iiuid dressing or gravy, andl which ale commonly served on a plate, which does not admit of :arresting-place for the wineglass or tumbler free from contact with the said gravy or dressing.

It is known that in serving two or more kinds of refreshment, as above mentioned, at the'same time awayfrom atable in a crowded company without a salver it requires the use of both hands and involves the imminent risk of spilling. It is also' known that a person v receiving such plate and glass with such refreshments is generally obliged when sitting to hold the glass constantly in one hand and rest the platev on the lap while partaking of said refreshments, and that when standing no person can convenientlyy or safely manage such refreshments. v

My invention relates to means for overcoming these diiiiculties; and it consists of what I call a combination party .-plate, the certain parts of which are fully set forth in and claimed at the end of this specification.

In order that persons skilled in the art may understand, construct, and use myinvention, I will proceed to describe it, referring to the drawings, in whieh- Figure l is a plan view of my invention, showing the. glass-stand eccentrically located on the plate. Fig. 2 is a central cross-section of the said plate and glass stand, and also represents a Wine-glass in elevation. It shows a.

depression in the top of the stand to set the glass in and a recess on the under surface beneath to provide for the proper nesting and piling of the plates. Fig. 3 is a bottom view of Fig. 1, showing the circular shape ofthe recessbeneath the glass-stand;v Fig. Ltshows in plan .View the glass-stand placed farther from the center of the plate and extending partly beyond the circumference of the plate.

a is the'outer rim of the plate.

b is the central portion or platen.

c is the circular depression in the stand on the plate for holding a glass abovethe dishing part of the plate.

d is the recess beneath, produced by raising up the material of the plate to form the glass-stand.

e is the beading on the lower surface of the plate for the plate to rest upon.

f is the rim surrounding the circular depression o, which prevents theglass from movingsidewise, and is substantiallyas high as the rim of the plate or a little higher, so

as to prevent the liquid in a stew, salad, or other food that may be served on the ,plate placed on the stand, and to release the same at will with a slight movement of the foretinger and thumb without changing the position of the hand or losing full control of the plate, and thus to perform a double service with one hand, and that the resting-place of the glass or tumbleiywith plate in'hand, being between the thumb and forefinger of the hand grasp ing the plate, (the hand being in the most natural positiom) the said glass or tumbler may be`repeatedly taken from the stand and returned to its secure resting-place without the use of the eyes or any conscious exertion of the will.

From the foregoing it will be understood IOO that after the usual helping of terrapin, stewed enable a person to'take both plate and glass in one hand, and with thumb or with thumb and forefinger he can conveniently hold the bottom of the glass or tumbler and carry both plate` and glass through a crowded company with the minimum risk of accident. It will' also be understood that any 'pei-son, whether standingr or sitting away from a table, will be enabled to hold both plate and glass in one hand and partake' of the two or more kinds of refreshment at will without inconvenience and with the minimum risk of accident.

I am aware that plates with diierent foodreceptacles and with a glass-stand are not new, and I therefore do not broadly claim such; but my plate being construct-ed with special reference to enabling a person to hold both plate and glass in one hand so that the glass cannot be tilted when carrying er manipnlatf ing the same. f What lI claim as new,and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

As a new article ot manufacture, a plate provided at one side with a handhold the top of which forms a glass-stand, substantially as set forth.


Witnesses: v Y


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Cooperative ClassificationA47G19/02