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Publication numberUS423059 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 11, 1890
Filing dateDec 2, 1889
Publication numberUS 423059 A, US 423059A, US-A-423059, US423059 A, US423059A
InventorsEdwaed Lear
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Packing-box for photographic dry-plates
US 423059 A
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7 (No Model.)


No. 423,059. Patented Mar. 11, 1890.

lllllul Hp N. PETERS Phuwmnn m mr. Wilshinglon. D. c.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 423,059, dated March 11, 1890.

Application filed December 2, 1889. Serial No.332,246. (No model.) i

To aZZ whom it may concern; inner corner of the separator is extended in- 50 Be it known that I, EDWARD LEAR, of Chiwardly at 'L', the inner line of said projecting cage, in the county of Cook, State of Illinois, portion forming equal obtuse angles with the have invented certain new and useful Imedges of the sides and ends of said separator.

5 provements in Packing- Boxes for Photo- In use a separator O is disposed on the boxgraphic Dry-Plates, of which the following bottom and a dry-plate D placed in the box is a description sufficiently full, clear, and between the partitions f g, which are disposed exact to enable any person skilled in the art at such distances from each other that the to which said invention appertains to make plates will fit closely between them, prevent- IO and use the same, reference being had to the ing lateral movement thereof. The corners accompanying drawings, forming part of this of the plate project between. the adjacent 6o specification, in which ends of a side partition f and an end part-i- Figure 1 is aplan View of myimproved box, tion and their extreme corners or points showing the plates in position, the cover be rest upon the extended portions 1' of the sepa- I 5 ing removed. Fig. 2 shows a vertical section rator, as shown in Fig. 1. Another separator taken on line c 00 in Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a secis disposed on top of the plate, and the box is 6 tional perspective of an inner corner of the thus filled with plates separated from each box to show the guards, and Fig. 4 is a reother by the frames 0. By this method of duced plan View of one of the separators. packing only the extreme corners of the Like letters of reference indicate correplates come into contact with the separators,

sponding parts in the different figuresof the and practically the whole of their sensitive 7o drawings. surfaces are thus preserved.

In shipping photographic dryor bromo-gela- 7 Having thus explained my invention, what tine plates they are usually packed in a rect- I claim is angular box constructed of paper-board or 1. A box for packing photographic drysimilar material. A rectangular frame or plates, comprising a body, vertical guards or 75 separator of like material is interposed bepartitions therein, and detachable frames or tween succeeding plates, all the edges of separators adapted to be disposed between which come into contact with said separators. the body-walls and the partitions, the corners The chemicals with which the plates are preof said separators being extended inwardly to pared act upon the material of the separareceive the extreme corners of the plates, sub- 80 tors, and the faces of said plates for some disstantially as described. tance from each edge are thereby rendered 2. In a device of the character described, a useless. rectangular box, shortened vertical partitions My invention is designed especially to overtherein parallel-with the walls of said box,

come these objections, and in carrying it out and a rectangular separator adapted to be 85 I make use of means which will be readily undisposed between said walls and partitions, derstood by all conversant with such matters said separator having its corner portions exfrom the following explanation. tended inwardly at an angle to its sides, sub- In the drawings, A represents the body of stantially as and for the purpose set forth.

the box, which is rectangular in form and is 3. The combination of the box A, )rovided 0 provided with a cover B. WVithin the box at with the partitions f g, with the detachable equal distances from its sides I) and ends d, separators 0, having the extended corner porand parallel therewith, vertical partitions f g tions 1', substantially as described.

4 5 are secured, said partitions being shorter than the adjacent box-sides. EDWARD LEAR.

The separator 0 consists of a rectangular Vitnesses: frame adapted to be inserted in the box be- 0. M. SHAW,

tween its walls and the partitions f g. Each K. DURFEE.

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D81/30, G03C3/00