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Publication numberUS423434 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 18, 1890
Filing dateJun 7, 1889
Publication numberUS 423434 A, US 423434A, US-A-423434, US423434 A, US423434A
InventorsAlbert J. Lotto
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US 423434 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1.

0% R mm OM w 0 D m w d 0 M 0 m I No. 423,434. Patented Mar. 18, 1890.

nmumn n hm. Walhinglun. o c.

(No Model.) 7 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.

r A; J. LOTTO.


No. 423,434. Patented'Mar. 18, 1890.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 423,434, dated March'IB 1890.

Application filed June 7,1889- flerial No. 313,523. No model.)

To alli-w hom it may concernr Be it known that I, ALBERT J. Lorrro, a

f subject of the Emperor of Germany, residing at Chicago,'in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Window-Mirrors, of

which the following is a specification, refer ence being had therein to the accompanying drawings.

This invention relates to mirrors fixed outside-of the windows of dwelling-houses and adj ustably arranged that a person in the room can see all that transpires on the street or people approaching the house; and .it is my object to provide such a mirror or combination 1 of mirrors attached to a flexiblebracket and arranged for universal adjust ment in a ready manner, and also in devices for insulating such mirrors, so as not to be affected by the changes of the outdoor atmosphere; and with these objects in view my invention consists of the novel devices and combinations of devices hereinafter described and specifically claimed.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents a perspective view of the device complete and as attached and adjusted for immediate use; Fig. 2, a sectional elevation of the-mirrors and adjusting devices; Fig. 3,

a section through one of the mirrors and frames, showing the manner of insulating and adjusting; Fig. 4, an interior elevation of the mirror-back frame, and Fig. 5 a section of 'the adjusting device for the downwardly-defleeting mirror.

Corresponding referential characters in the several figures of the drawings designate like parts.

rior frame 'of'the window.

A and A are mirrors to be adjusted diagonally for deflecting sidewise of the building up and down the street, and Bis a mirror to Each mirror A and B is covered on its silvercoated face with a thin sheet of fabric 1,this being covered again with sheet-rubber 2, the edges of which are covered bya semi-tubular ring of rubber 3, stretched over the edges of the mirron The back frame for each mirror A and B iconsists of a sheet-metal plate 4, concavecl be secured by a series of screws 8, so as to be easily taken apart for inserting a new mirror in case of breakage.

Each plate 4 of nirror-frames A A is secured by screws to an arm 9, having near its end a segmental annular. groove 10, where it is inclosed by a sleeve .11, that again has formed integraltherewithat one side thereof another sleeve 12, that is fitted upon standard 0, which also engages the groove 10 in arm 9, both sleeves 11 and 12 being at right angles to each other and sleeve 12 having a boss tapped for a thumb-screw 13, that with tightening will not only secure the sleeve 12 to standard 0, but at the same time will draw the arm 9 against the standard 0 to hold the same rigid on the adjusted position. sleeves 12 of both mirrors A and A thus being placed upon standard 0, one on top of the other, they are supported, while thumbscrews 13 are loosened for adjustment, by a loose collar 14, fitted upon standard 0 and adjustably secured by a thumb-screw 15. Below loose collar'14 is fitted upon standard 0 a sleeve 16, having a boss tapped for a thumbscrew 17, by which to fix it adj ustably to such standard C, and diametrically opposite to this thumb-screw 17 the sleeve 16 has a diskshaped extension 18, with an annular recess With thisconstruction, as will be seen, the several mirrorsby simple means cannot only be adjusted on standard vertically to the desired elevation and to the desired horizontally-angular position, but also vertically tov any angular position for thedesired direction of the points of observation.

The standard 0 is pivotally secured in the end socket 'of arm D, so it can be turned therein to swing simultaneously all the mirrors attached to standard 0, which then can be rigidly secured by a thumb screw 22, tapped into the end of such standard 0 .and passed through a washer 23 below the end socket of arm D. The armsoD and E are pivotally connected with their ends in the manner of double-armed-bracket gas-fixtures to be rigidly secured by a thumb-screw 24 for adjustably holding the same in any desired relative angular position. The end sleeve 25 of arm E is fitted to slide upon vertical rod F, that is rigidly fixed to the window-frame by brackets G and G, and for holding it vertically and angularly on any desired position it is provided with a thumbscrew 26, tapped through a boss of such sleeve 25. A loose collar 27, also fitted upon 4 rod Fand provided witha thumb-screw 28,

is for supporting the arm E in its elevated position while the thumb-screw26isloosened for angular adjustment of such arm.

The Window -mirror thus provided with three mirrors universally adjustable in all 1. The mirror-plate covered on its silvered Y back firstwith a sheet of WOVGll fabric and then with a sheet of rubber and surrounded presence of two witnesses. V


on, its edges by a semi-tubular rubber overlapping the edges of the rubber sheet, and the whole inclosed in a metal frame, only exposing the reflecting-face of such mirror, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

2. The combination, with the mirror-plate A or B, covered on its silvered back first with a sheet of woven fabric and then with asheet of rubber and surrounded on its edges by a semi-tubular rubber overlapping the edges of the rubber sheet, of a metal frame inclosing the mirror-plate thus insulated, and consisting of back 4, with rim 5 and lined with flannel strips 6, and of molding 7, secured to rim 5 and overlapping the edges of the refiecting;face of the miror, substantially as set forth.

3. The combination of arm D, standard 0,

secured thereto, sleeves 12, having sleevesockets 11 and fitted upon said standard, and provided with a thumb-screw 13, whereby they may be secured in verticaladjustment, and the mirrors A A, provided with arms 9, fitting said sleeves or sockets 11, substantially as described. 4. The combination of arm D, standardO, secured thereto, sleeve 16, fitted upon said standard and provided with thumb-screw 17, whereby it may be secured in vertical ad .justment, and having disk 18, and the mirror B, provided with arm 20, having disk19, fitted upon disk 18, and thumb-screw '21,

whereby the mirror B may be secured in angular adj ustmen t, substantially as described. In testimony whereof I affix my signature in Witnesses: v

WM. I-I. LoTz, Orro LUBKERT.

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