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Publication numberUS425215 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 8, 1890
Filing dateDec 16, 1889
Publication numberUS 425215 A, US 425215A, US-A-425215, US425215 A, US425215A
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US 425215 A
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(No Model.)


TO0L-GHEST. No. 425,216. Patented Apr. 8, 1890.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 425,215, dated April 8, 1890.

Application filed December 16, 1889. Serial No. 333,882. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern: J, which extend inward in opposite direc- Be it known that I, JAMES A. FRANKLIN, tions and engage the said ratchet-teeth, and a citizen of the United States, residing at thereby prevent movement of the disk in Wabash, in the county of Wabash and State either direction. of Indiana, have invented certain new and use- My device provides a very simple and comfullmprovementsin Chests forTools,&c.; and paetly-arranged chest, in which a workman I do hereby declare the following to be afull, may arrange his tools in a convenient manclear, and exact description of the invention, ner and have them always at hand. such as will enable others skilled in the art In practice the tools are placed in the IO to which it appertains to make and use the trays or drawers and the rotary frame, comsame. posed of the disks and trays, hung in the My invention relates to improvements in chest, as shown and before described. WVhen tool boxes or chests; and it consists in certain the workman desires to use any particular novel features hereinafter described and tool, one of the pawls is disengaged from the 15 claimed. ratchet-teeth and the frame is then rotated to In the annexed drawings, Figure 1 is a perbring the tray containing the desired tool spective view of my improved device with a into convenient reach.

part broken away. Fig. 2 is a transverse sec- It will be observed that as the frame rotates 6 5 tion thereof. Fig. 3 is a detail view of one of the trays will swing on their pivots, and thus 20 the bearings or hangers for the trays. maintain their horizontal position. The 1101- Referring to the drawings by letter, A deslow rollers in the hangers for the trays reduce ignates the casing or chest, which may be of the friction between the contacting parts to any desired size, and is provided in the ina minimum, and thus enable the trays to turn ner faces of its ends with the vertical grooves easily and readily. The ends of the chest 25 B, as shown. An axle or shaft C has its ends prevent longitudinal movement of the rotary fitted in these grooves, and is supported by frame, while the grooves in the ends of the the lower ends of the same. To this axle, chest permit the frame to be quickly removed near the ends of the same, I secure the disks for cleaning or repairs, or to economize room D, and to the said disks I pivot the trays or in the storage and transportation of large 30 drawers E, which extend between the disks numbers of the devices. My device can be and are adapted to contain the tools or other manufactured at a small cost, and its advanarticles, as will be readily understood. These tages are thought to be obvious. trays are secured to the disks in such a man- Having thus described my invention, what ner that they will always be in a horizontal I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Pat- 3 5 position, and this result is secured by the use ent, is-

of the hangers or bearings illustrated in Fig. The combination of the tray, the disks,

l. Each disk is provided on its inner side the perforated lugs secured to the disks, the around its edge with the perforated lugs or hollow rollers fitted within the openings in brackets F, and within the opening of said said lugs, and the securing-screws inserted 4o lug or bracket I arrange a hollow roller G, through the said rollers into the ends of the through which a headed screw H is inserted tray, as set forth. into the end of the tray to secure the several In testimony whereofl affix my signature in parts together, as will be readily understood presence of two witnesses.

upon reference to Fig. 4. One of the disks JAMES A. FRANKLIN. 45 D is provided around its edges with the re- Witnesses:

versely-arranged ratchet-teeth I, and to the OLIVER H. BOGUE,

adjacent end of the chest A,I pivot the pawls B. F. CLEMANS.

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