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Publication numberUS425527 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1890
Filing dateFeb 7, 1890
Publication numberUS 425527 A, US 425527A, US-A-425527, US425527 A, US425527A
InventorsRalph Speae
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Ralph speae
US 425527 A
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' SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 425,527, dated April 15, 1890.

Application filed February 7, 1890. Serial Nm 339,544. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I', RALPH SPEAR, a sub ject of the Queen of Great Britain, residing at Frth, Bavaria, Germany, have invented a new a useful Improved Combined Pen and Pencil Holder and Eraser, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to the manufacture ot' an improved combined pen and pencil holder and eraser, so arranged that when closed the article has the appearance of a cigar.

In order to enable myinvention to be fully understood, I will describe how it can be carried into practice by reference to the accompanying drawings, in Which- Figure l is an elevation, and Fig. 2 a longitudinal section, of my combined pen and pencil holder and eraser closed. Figs. 3 and 4 are sections, respectively, of the two parts which form the case. Fig. 5 is an elevation of the body or part of the case which holds the pen and pencil. Fig. 6 is a view of the pen and pencil, which arev removable; and

Fig. 7 is a view similar to that shown in Fig.

(i, but with the pen and pencil placed therein in the position for using the pen.

Similar letters in all the gures represent similar parts.

In carrying out my invention I provide a Wooden case formed in two parts a, and b of nearly equal lengths, which, when placed together or closed up, have the external appearance of a cigar, as shown in Fig. l. The body partb of the case serves to receive a holderc for the pencil d and pen e. This holder c is reversible, so that either the pencil d or the pen e can be used as required. One end of the part b of the case is reduced, as shown at f, and on this reduced part f the other part or cap a of the case tits like a socket.

g g represent .splits in the reduced part f, so as to cause the part f to act as a spring, which not only serves for better holding the reversible pen and pencil holder or stock c, but also to assist in holding the cap a when closed upon the part b. h is a piece of any suitable erasing material, which is placed in the outer end of the cap a, and which, when the device is closed, as in Fig. l, has somewhat the appearance of the ash on the end of a cigar.

From the preceding description it will be seen that I obtain a neat and compact combined pen and pencil holder and eraser, which, when closed, not only shields and protects both the pen and pencil from possible injury, but also has the ,appearance of a cigar in course of being smoked, thle eraser indicating ashes.

To make use of the devicej the cap a is removed, and either the pencil or pen can then be used as required.

In the drawings, Fig. 7 shows the pen e in position for being used. If it is required to use the pencil, the holder c is withdrawn from the case b and reversed, so that the pencil d Will project from the case l). The eraser h can be used either when the case is closed, as in Fig. l, or when the cap dis removed, as in Fig. 3.

Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what I claim isl. A pen and pencil holder and eraser constructed in two nearly equal lengths, combined With and adapted to clasp a reversible pen and pencil stocker receiver in one of its lengths or parts, and to receive and incase the projecting part of such stock in its other part, and also having the eraser in the blunt end of the holder, the Whole,when the two lengths are put together, resembling a cigar, as shown and described.

`2. In a combined pen and pencil holder and reversible pen and pencil stock c, incased therein, as set forth,a case or holder made in two parts or sections c b, as set forth, one of which is partially socketed in the other, and is provided with a number of splits, acting as a spring, which serve the double purpose of holding stock to place and also ot holding the two sections together.



G. F. REDFERN, JOHN E. BoUsEIELD, Of the firm of G. F. Redfern et* U0., 4 South Street, Fe'nshwy, London, Patent Agents.

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