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Publication numberUS425996 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 15, 1890
Filing dateJan 21, 1890
Publication numberUS 425996 A, US 425996A, US-A-425996, US425996 A, US425996A
InventorsFred G. Dietertcii
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US 425996 A
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(No Model.) I 3 Sheets-Sheet 1. P. G. DIETERIGH.


No. 425,996. Patented Apr. 22, 1890.

WITNESSES ZZrQ/ZMZZ 114:: name PETERS ca, mowrumm, WASHINGTON u c (No Model.) 3 Sheets-Sheet 2.



No. 425,996. Patented Apr. 22, 1890.

(No Model.) 3 Sheets-Sheet 3. F. G. DIETERIGH.


No. 425,996. Patented A 1;. 2 1890.






SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 425,996, dated April 22, 1890.

Application filed January 21, 1890.

Serial No. 387,573. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern..-

Be it known that I, FRED G. DIETERICH, r siding at lVashington, District of Columbia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in VendingMachines, of which the following is a specification. My invention relates to machines for vending articles of merchandise after a coin of predetermined size and value has been insorted to release locking devices which nornally hold the feed-slides from operation, and 1t more particularly relates to cigar-selling machines, being improvements on the invention set forth in Patent N o. 423,03l, granted to me in the United States Patent Office March 11, 1890.

My invention has for it sundry novel arra bination of the op the practical op s object to provide ngernents and peculiar comerative mechanism,whereby eration of the machine is rendered more perfect, simple, and positive.

To this end my invention consists in the peculiar construction and novel combination of parts hereinafter fully described in the annexed specification, and particularly pointed out in the claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a vertical longitudinal section of my improved vendingmachine. Fig. 2 a sectional elevation of the same, taken 011 the line 2 2, Fig. 3. Fig. 3 is a horizontal section of the same, showing the delivery-slide and the coin-operated mechanism in plan view. Fig. 4 is a detail perspective view of the coinmechanism-supporting bracket. Fig. 5 is a detail perspective view of the lower end of the coin'tube and the operating-slide, the parts being shown detached. Fig. 6 is a detail view of the supplemental box. Fig. 7 is a detail view of the upper reciprocating feedslide. Fig. 8 is a modification of the same.

Fig. 9 is a view illustrating the adjustable bar which forms the stop for the lower end of the cigar-box, and Fig. 10 is a detail .view of the plate for adjusting the feed-opening of the lower or delivery slide. Fig. 11 is a de tail view of a modification of the gravity-pawl. Fig. 12 is a detail view hereinafter referred to.

In the general operation and construction my present invention, so far as it relates to the feeding devices and the coin-operating mechanism, is precisely similar to that shown in my Patent No. 423,03l.

Referring to the accompanying drawings,

A indicates the box, provided with the sup 5 5 ports I) b, as shown, upon which rests the rear end of the merchandise-holder B, the forward end of which rests normally on the lower or delivery slide G.

The construction of the support B is simi- 6o lar to that shown in my patent, except that I form the corrugated bottom B of sheet metal, the edges 1 1 thereof lapping the sides 2 2 of the holder-frame, being adjustably secured thereon by means of the screws 3 3, which pass through elongated slots 4: 4. By this construction the feed-opening B maybe quickly enlarged or diminished, according to the thickness of the special kind of cigar to be sold.

When it is desired to use the machine c011- tinuously for a special kind of cigar, such as is nearly circular in cross-section, I dispense with the corrugated holder B and use a holder with a smooth upper face, such construction being shown in Fig. 8 of the drawings.

H indicates a transverse stop-bar located in the front part of the casing at a point over the front end of the feed-openings, which in this case is secured for lateral adjustment by connecting its ends with links H, pivoted on i plates I1 I1 secured to the sides of the machine, one of said links being preferably formed of spring metal, its upper end extended to form a handle, said link being also formed with a lug 72., adapted to engage with a series of radial notches formed in the plate H By this construction it will be seen that the lower end of the cigar-box when placed in position against said bar can be readily adjusted lono gitudinally in relation to the feed-openings by swinging such stop-bar inward oroutward.

The supplemental box D, which I describe and show as being adjustable in my patent referred to, is formed of the two half-sections, the rear cross-bar (Z of which is cut away even with the side flanges d, so as to permit the rear end of the goods-b0 long box is used. To provide mental box to an approximatelya x to project in casea said suppleutomatic adustment,I form the same with the projecting guide fingers or plates (1, arranged as shown, md connect the two halves by means of the zoiled springs (1 By this means the box D may be quickly pulled out to the desired width and fitted over the lower edge of the cigarbox, the springs d serving to pull the sections gate frictional contact against the sides of the G denotes the delivery-slide, provided with the receiving-opening G, which in this case is formed with a fixed rear wall 9 over which is fitted an adj usting-plate J, by the movement of which the month of the dischargeopening G maybe enlarged or diminished.

The remainingparts of the feed mechanism are precisely similar to those shown in my .patent referred to, and need, therefore, no further description here.

The coin-chute M, I form into two parts, the upperl being preferably formed of sheet metal, the ends bent upon each other, as shown, but disconnected to form a slot m, which permits of the insertion of any sharp instrument to dislodge any foreign article in case the chute should in any manner become clogged. The lower portion M of the chute is formed integral with the wear-plate L, with which are also integrally formed the abutment Q and the guides Z Z for the operating-bar K, which is formed of a single piece of metal, being provided with the recess or coin-receiving pocket K as shown.

The wear-plate L is provided with lugs or feet L, which are secured upon the bracket F, said bracket having cast integral therewith the operating-pawl pivot-bearing f and one of the swinging link-supports J. By this construction it will be seen that the lower part of the coin-chute can be quickly connected to the upper part, and, as the bracket F supports the lockin g-lever, (said bracket being readily removed from the side wall of the case by removing the nuts and bolts X X,) that the two parts can be quickly joined together and adjusted for operation before they are placed in the box, thereby permitting of a careful fitting of the coin-tripping mechanism before putting same in the casing. I also provide the lower portion of the coinchnte with a removable cap-plate M which is formed with a lateral extension M which fits between the operating-bar K and the abutment Q, such extension projecting to the point where the coin is discharged from the locking pawl. Providing this removable plate with the extension permits of casting the remaining portion of the lower end of the chute integral with the,wear-plate L, thereby saving a great deal of labor in fitting the lower end of the chute, the extension keeping thecoin from-view of the purchaser, and at the same time admitting of the observation of the operation of the entire coin-operating mechanism through the transpicuons top without disclosing the coin.

In my patent referred to I employ a supplemental locking-pawl to prevent unnecessary manipulation of the operating-handle and to prevent more than one cigar being withdrawn by means of a careful manipulation of said handle. In this case I dispense with the supplemental pawl and provide the coin-operated pawl with an extension 0 formed with a double-inclined face 10 and 20, which is adapted to engage a gravity-pawl S, pivoted to the delivery-slide at s.

The pawl S, which is most clearly shown in Figs. 2-and 3, is formed with a lateral wing 5, provided with a series of teeth .9 s inclined rearward in opposite direction to the teeth in the locking-plate T, also secured to the sliding bar, said pawl S being also provided with a foot-piece S, as shown. The pawl S is so disposed in relation to the locking-plate T and the locking-pawl O that when a coin is inserted and the pawl O is raised from engagement with the locking-plate T and the slide G is pulled forward the edge 8 of said pawl will engage the lower inclined edge of the extension 0 Following this movement, it will be observed that as the slide G is drawn forward the said edge 20 will engage the teeth S and should the outward pull on the delivery-slide cease it (the slide) will be held from return movement, and that a continued pull outward to the limit must be made before the extension will pass over the wing S of the pawl, it being understood that the delivery mechanism is so adjusted that the slide must be pulled out to its full extent before a cigar will be discharged.

I have found f rom'practical experience that sometimes persons would pull the slide until the coin would be dropped and release same before the cigar would fall in sight. By the aforesaid arrangement it will be seen that in case the operator should accidentally or otherwise release the operating-rod too soon the feed mechanism will remain in position and can be operated by again pulling on the operating-rod without the necessity of again putting in a coin. After the slide has been pulled forward its full extent and it starts back it will be observed that the upper inclined face 10 of the extension O will. engage.

the under side of the wing s and lift the pawl S out of the way, the locking-pawl automat' ically engaging the series of teeth-t t in the plate '1, thereby compelling a complete movement backward before the feed slides can again be successfully operated to discharge a cigar.

As a simple means for preventing the irregular manipulation of the slide G after the cigar is discharged, and yet afiord means whereby the locking-pawl is held from engagement with the teeth t until the slide starts on its return movement, I employ the modified form of lifting-pawl shown in Fig. 11, which consists of a spring-plate 30, formed with a lateral wing 40, which engages the said pawl and holds the same from the teeth 15 in the same manner as the pawl S, except it will not hold said slide in its partial forward movement.

The means for operatiu the slides and the operating-bar K are similar to that shown in my other application.

If desired, the abutting-bar ll may be dis pensed with, and the adjustable stop 70, secured to the rear wall of the casing, may be constructed in the manner shown in Fig. 12 of the drawings, by reference to which it will be seen I form the horizontal adjustable bar 80 with depending fingers, which embrace the rear wall of the cigar-box and serve to hold the same in position on the merchandiseholder. It will also be observed that by adjusting the bar 80 inward or outward the lower wall of the box may be so adjusted rela tively to the feed-opening in the reciprocating holder B that said opening may be enlarged or decreased in width to provide for the sale of different-sized cigars.

From the foregoing description, taken in connection with the drawings, the complete operation of my invention will be readily understood. It will be seen that by the 0011- struction set forth the machine can readily be adapted to sell cigars of any ordinary size, that the feed can be rendered almost perfect, and that a complete movement outward and inward of the delivery-slide must be made for each cigar delivered, thereby rendering it impossible for meddlesome or dishonest persons to surreptitiously obtain a cigar without first depositing the required coin.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1s

1. In a machine essentially as described, the combination, with a delivery-slide, a set of ratchet-teeth thereon, and a locking-pawl arranged to engage the said teeth and lock the slide from movement, of devices secured upon said slide arranged to engage the look ing end of said pawl when released from said teeth and hold such end from engagement therewith in one direction of movement of said slide and become disengaged from the locking portion of said pawl on the reverse movement of said slide, substantially as and for the purpose described.

2. In a machine substantially as described, the combination, with the delivery-slide, of a set of ratchet-teeth thereon engaged to face in one direction, a second set of ratchet-teeth on said slide facing in the reverse direction, and a locking-pawl arranged to have a direct locking engagement with one of said sets of teeth in one direction of its movement and a direct locking engagement with the other set of teeth on its 'opposite direction of move ment, substantially as and for the purpose described.

3. The combination of the delivery-slide, a set of ratchet-teeth inclined in one direction, fixedly held on said slide, and a second set of teeth pivotally connected to said slide, their faces inclined in reverse direction to the fixed teeth of the locking-pawl, adapted, when released, to engage the said pivoted teeth on one direction of movement of the slide, said pawl arranged to lift said pivoted teeth out of the way and to engage the fixed teeth on the reverse movement of the slide, substantially as and for the purpose described.

4. The combination, with the delivery-slide, the fixed ratchet-teeth, and the movable ratchet-teeth held on said slide, said movable and fixed teeth inclined in reverse directions, of a locking-pawl adapted to engage said teeth, said pawl provided at the point of such engagement with oppositely-inclined eontaet-surfaces, substantially as shown and described.

5. In a vending-machine essentially as de scribed, the combination, with the coin-released lockingpawl, of the delivery-slide normally held thereby, provided with a fixed set of ratchet-teeth, and a movable set of ratchet teeth formed of a pivoted pawl S, formed with a lateral extension having an upper ratchet-face, the teeth thereof inclined reversely to the fixed teeth, and a smooth under face, said pawl adapted to engage the-ratchet portion in one direction of movement of the slide and the smooth face in the reverse direction, substantially as and for the purpose described.

(3. In a vending-machine essentially as described, a merchandise holder or support consisting of a rectangular frame adapted to support the goods-box and a bottom plate longitudinally adj ustable on said frame, substantially as and for the purpose described.

7. The combination, with the merchandiseholder formed with a discharge-opening and a goods receptacle or box disposed over said holder, of the adjustable abutting-bar II, for adjusting the goods-box in relation to said feed-opening, substantially as and for the purpose described.

8. In a vending-machine essentially as de scribed, the combination, with the merchandise-holder provided with a feed-discharge opening and the delivery-slide having a receiving-opening below said discharge-opening, of the adjustable slide-plate J, disposed horizontallyover the rear wall of said receiving-opening, substantially as and for the purpose described.

9. In a vending-machine, the combination, with the wear-plate Ii, provided with the lower end of the coingrooves and the coinabutment formed integral therewith, of the removable cap-plate formed with a lateral extension adapted to hide the movement of the coin during the operation of unlocking the holding pawl, substantially as and for the purpose described.

10. In a vending-machine essentially as described, the supplemental box D, formed of two half-sections adapted to be forced apart and be automatically closed toward each other, substantially as and for the purpose described.

11. The combination, with the merchandiseholder provided with a discharge-opening at its lower end and the goods receptacle or box held on said support, its lower wall arranged over said discharge-opening, of a restraining device adapted to hold said box in such position and means for adjusting said device, whereby the lower Wall of said box may be adjusted relatively to said discharge-openin g,

substantially as and for the purpose de- IO scribed.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


\Vitnesses: L


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