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Publication numberUS42943 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1864
Publication numberUS 42943 A, US 42943A, US-A-42943, US42943 A, US42943A
InventorsEdward H. Hance
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Improvement in medicine-cases
US 42943 A
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. scribed and specified,` in making the case in a lare arranged in like troughs d di d di which NITED STA-TES EDWARD H. HANCE, OF PHILADELPHTA, PENNSYLVANIA.


Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 42.943, dated Muy 3l, 1864;

To all whom, it may concern,.-

' Be it known that l, EDWARD H. HANCE, of the city of Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and useful Improvement in-Medicine-Cases; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description 0f the`construction` and operation of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making a part of this specification, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective viewof the case opened for use, and Fig. 2 a vertical transverse section of the saine closed, like letters indicating the same parts whenpshown in both figures. A

My invention has for its object the pro- I duction of a pannier medicine-case for arniy service that will afford greater facilities for viewing and withdrawing orpreplacing the bottles, drawers, and other containing devices, aswell as in weighing and other manipula tions requisite, either on the march or in the field.

It consists, substantially as hereinafter. de-

trapezoidal forni in its vertical transverse section, and arranging the bottles and other con taining vessels or boxes therein, so that not only a full and distinct view of the labels on the face sides of each of the said vessels will be instantly aiorded when the case is opened, but access can as quickly be had to any one of themwithout removing any other one, and for Weighing and manipulating their contents, as occasion may require, .either on the march-or c3 c* c5 the rows of the removable containingvessels. In the present inst-ance the row c' is 5 arranged directly over the bottonrrow, e, in the vertical front portion of the case, and the under side ofthe supporting-trough d of row i d is curved downward, so that while it serves to' keep the vessels of row o from being raised vertically, it allows of their being easily tilted forward by ones ingerand removed or replaced with facility. Each of the other rows are xed behind and above each other successively at such heights, respectively, as will bring the tops of the eorks or Stoppers of the vessels ofthe several rows therein on a line troughs d are each made about the height of the shoulders of the vessels of its respect-ive row, while the height' of the fronts are respectively made only about a half orthreequarters of an inch. As this arrangement of the four upper rows of containing-vessels necessarilyv leaves a consideiable space below them in rear of the two front rows,.c c', two

l drawers, e e', Aadapted for packing the necessary instruments, lint, adhesive plaster, &G., are applied so as to nearly occupy the whole space, each drawer being made the whole length of the case, and so as to be drawn or pushed out at either end, as occasion and convenience may require. The lid b of the vertical fron't of the case is held securely'by adjust-able hooks l 1, when the case is closed, as

in Fig. 2, and is supported in the horizontal position shownfn-Eigr-l (and also by the-- faint lines in Fig. 2) bymeans of the jointed tension-barsfz 2. The lid a2 is supported in a horizontal position by means of a prop, 3,

which. is attached by a pivot, and so as to lie in a groove, 4, when the' case isolosed To the under side of the lid a? a suspensionrod, 5, is attached for the purpose of suspendinga balance for weighing when necessary, the said rod being secured' in the-necessary horizontal position when the lid is closed by- A 5 means of a small'hook, 6. In the drawings, A Bis the case, and 'o c c2 i A W`hile the rectangular medicine-cases heretofore used in the army require the entire removal of the trays or platforms of bottles there in to give access to other parts, it will be readily seen that this my improved case is i comparatively much better adapted for pannier transportation, -and affords an instant and perfect view of and access to everything therein, and for manipulation, either while in the pannier upon the mules back or on the field, by simply opening the lids, as seen in the drawings.

For the rows c of bottles, drawers may be 4substituted, so as to present their labeled fronts in the same visible and accessible manner, if desired.

i Fu

Having thus fully described my improved medicine-case and shown its utility, what I claim as new therein ofniy invention, and (lesire to secure by Lei-ters Patent, is-

A ine lioi1iecasr of the liapezoidal form, and having the rowsf of its containing-vos sels arranged nliovo @zich other in the reoossofl i manner iu front, substantially 51s described, i for the purposes specified.


W i t liesses':


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