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Publication numberUS429533 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 3, 1890
Filing dateOct 17, 1889
Publication numberUS 429533 A, US 429533A, US-A-429533, US429533 A, US429533A
InventorsThomas J. Kerstetter
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US 429533 A
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(No Model.)


VEHICLE SEAT. No. 429,533. Patented June 3, 1890.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 429,533, dated June 3, 1890. Application filed October 17, 1889. Serial No. 327.360. (No model.)

seeking, am ong other objects, to provide a siniple convenient construction whereby the back bar of a vehicle-seat can be held in different positions andcan yield with a spring action,

rendering riding more easy and comfortable.l

The invention consists in certain novel constructions and combinations of parts, as will be hereinafter described and-claimed.

In the drawings, Figure l is a side view of a seat provided with my improvements. Fig. 2 is a detail perspective View. Fig. 3 is a sectional view enlarged on about line 3 3, Fig. l. Fig. 4 is a bottom plan view of the improvement, and Fig. 5 is a side view showing'the sliding frame-section in a different position from that shown in Fig. l.

The seat A and back bar B may be of any suitable construction, and may be upholstered or cushioned, if desired, in any suitable manner. The back bar B is supported on springarms C, which by preference are formed of rods of spring metal having upright portions D, base portions E, and coiled or looped at F at the juncture of such parts, the coil or loop being preferred, because it gives greater elasticity or spring to the arm, and the base portions E being provided to facilitate the application of the spring-arms to the seat in the manner presently described. j

In securing the arms C to the seat I employ a holding-frame and adjustable securing devices by which the spring-arms may be held at different angles to throw the back bar forward and hold the driver upright, or to set such bar back, so as to form what may be called a lazy-back, as will be understood from the drawings.

It is preferred to make the holding-frame G of two sections H I, and to construct the same as will be more fully described.

In use the section H, which is a xedsection, is secured to the under side of the seat. I provide this section H at its rear end with an opening h, forming a bearing for the base portion of the spring-arm. I also make the section Hwith guides h for the movable section I, which is held in said guides and may be moved back and forth, a clamp c', consisting of a screw, being arranged to clamp the section I to section H and hold such section I in any of its positions. This section I is provided with a slotted segment I,with which the screw c" co-operates to clamp the forward end of the base portion of the spring-arm in any desired vertical adjustment.

To prevent the seat-back from falling back and injuring the rider in case the bow or coil of the spring-arms should break, I provide a safety-stop arranged for engagement by the said arms should such contingency arise, and limit their rearward movement. In the construction as shown and as is preferred, the safety-stop is an upright arml2 on the rear end of the section IV of the holding-frame, having at its upper end aseat-like portion cl2,

to receive the upright portion of the springarms when it moves to the rear of its normal positions.

In operation the base portions of the springarms are passed through the bearings in the xed holding-sections forward to the slotted segment of the movable frame-section I, and are secured thereto by the clamp. By adj usting such forward ends of the base portions of the arms up or down it will be seen that the angle of the upright portions of the said arms may be varied, and by adjusting the sliding section of the holding-frame back or forth I am able to set the back bar back and forth, so that it may be arranged, if desired, at about the same point, whether the upright portions of the spring-arms are vertical or inclined in either direction.

Having thus described my invention, what IOO ing and clamp devices, by which the arms may be adjusted pivotally on said fulcrum and bearing and secured in their' different adjustment, substantially as set forth.

3. The improvement in seats, con'lprising the holding-frame having a bearing for the spring-arm and provided in advance thereof with the clamp, and the spring-arm engaging said bearing and arranged to be engaged by said clamp, substantially as described.

4. In a seat, substantially as described, in combination with the arms for supporting the seat-back, a holding-frame provided with devices for securing such arms and for adj usting the same to different angles, substantially as set forth.

5. The improvement in seats herein described, comprising the holding-frame having a slotted segment and provided in rear thereof with a bearing for the spring-arm, the spring -arm engaging said bearing, and a clamping-screw connecting the said springarln With the segment of the holding-frame, substantially as set forth.

6. In a seat, the co1nbination,with the seatarm, of the holding-frame provided with a clamp whereby the arm may be held in different adjustments, and having a section movable back and forth, whereby the back bar may be set back or forward in the different adjustments of the spring-arms, substantially as set forth. v

7. In a seat, the co1nbination,with the back bar and the arms for supporting the same, of the securing or clamp devices for said arms, and the safety-stop whereby to engage said arms above its clamp devices and limit its movement in case of breakage, substantially as set forth.

8. In a seat, the combination of the holding-frame having a fixed section provided With a bearing for the spring-arm and with guides for the movable section, the movable section held in said guides, the clamp for secu ring said movable section in its different positions, the spring-arm, and the clamp for securing said arm, substantially as set forth.

9. As an improvement in seats, theholdingframe consisting of a fixed section provided with a bearing for the seat-arms, and the movable frame-section having a slotted segment and provided at its rear end with the safetystop, substantially as set forth.

l0. The combination, with the seat, of the holding-frame secured to said seat and provided With adjustable securing devices for the spring-arms, and the spring-arms, substantially as set forth.

ll. The improvement in seats herein 'described, consisting of the holding-frame having afixed section provided with a bearing for the spring-arm and with guides for the movable section, the movable section provided at its front end with a slotted segment and at its rear end with the safety-stop, the spring-arm having a coil or loop and engaging the bearing of the fixed frame-section, and the clam p-screvv securing such sp rin g-arm to the slotted segment of the movable framesection, substantially as set forth.

12. In an improved seat, the' combination of the back-bar-supporting arms having upright and base portions,a bearing for the rear end of the base portion, and adjustable securing devices, whereby its forward end may be held in different vertical adjustments, substantially as set forth.

f1.3. The combination, substantially as described, of the seat, the back bar, the holding-frames secured to the seat and provided With clamp devices, and the arms supporting the back bar and held by the clamp devices of the holding-frame, substantially as set forth.



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