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Publication numberUS429894 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1890
Filing dateOct 23, 1889
Publication numberUS 429894 A, US 429894A, US-A-429894, US429894 A, US429894A
InventorsWilliam T. Doremus
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US 429894 A
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(No Model.) W. T. DORBMUS.


No. 429,894. Patented June 10, 1890.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 429,894, dated June 10, 1890.

Application filed October 23, 1889. Serial No. 327,882- (No model.)

To CLZZ whom it may concern: Fig. 2, a section of the same in direction of Be it known that 1, WILLIAM T. DOREMUS, its width, and Fig. 3 a perspective view of a of Flatbush,in the county of Kings and State weighting-bag designed to be inserted in the 55 of New York, have invented a new and usecover.

5 ful Improvement in Bed-Coverings, of which A indicates a quilt, comfortable, or spread, the following is a full, clear, and exact dein part, formed with pockets 1) b at or near its sol'lption. sides and with a longitudinal approximately This invention is applicable to removable centralpocketb'. These pockets are designed 6o bed-coveringsgenerally,includingquilts,comto contain the weighting material, and so far 10 fortables, spreads, counterpanes, and the like. as the side pockets, as shown, are concerned,

The special or more particular object of the the same may be made by first laying on the invention is to prevent the outer air from enlining c of the quilt the loose or flocculent matering under and between the bed-covers, terial designed to form the filling (l of the 7 thereby protecting the occupant or occupants quilt, then placing a strip e, of any suitable I5 of the bed from outside drafts or cold-air exmaterial along and over said filling on oppoposures, and further serving to make said site side margins of the quilt, then laying the covers less liable to displacement when in use. covering material f over the whole and stitch- The invention consists in a removable or ing the quilt at its sides, as at g g, through loose bed-covering having superadded weight the covering material f, longitudinal margins 20 made up of special flexible masses of weightof the strips 0, and lining 0, thereby leaving I ing material incorporated with it and applied or forming the pockets 1) b, which may then within pockets along or near the opposite side be filled with any suit-able flexible masses of margins of the covering, and, if desired,along Weighting material h, and the ends of said or near the central portion of its body paralpockets be afterward closed and the whole 2 5 lel or thereabout with said side margins, subcover be quilted on its surface, as usual. The stantiallyas hereinafter described, and more intermediate pocket I) may be similarly particularly pointed out in the claims. formed and weighted; but it is here shown Practically the superadded weight will be as without any filling division and adapted v applied continuously to the parts of the covto receive asand or other weighted bag k,

0 ering above named instead of at numerous which may be inserted and removed as reseparated portions throughout their length to quired, preferably leaving the end or ends of keep the cover close to the bed, as required, the pocket open for the purpose. This will and restrain its ready displacement either by he found very convenient when it is desired the restlessness of the occupant of the bed or to change the cover from a double to a single 3 5 otherwise; and to still better obtain these ends, one, or vice versa-that is, to one for either as well as to provide for the more convenient one person or two persons in the bed. The handling of the loose cover or covering and pockets at the sides of the quilt might also be for other reasons, but more particularly to insimilarly weightednamely, by removable sure the uninterrupted or close'fitting of the bags containing suitably weighty material in- 40 covering to the bed at the parts named, the stead of a permanent weighty filling.

superadded weight of said parts will be se- I do not restrict myself to any particular cured by using flexible masses of weighting material for giving the superadded weight material as distinguished from inflexible dewithin the pockets at the parts required, so 5 tached weights strungorarrangedatdistances long as the same is made up of practically 45 apart. continuous flexible masses of weighting ma- Reference is to be had to the accompanying terial, so as not to destroy the flexibility of drawings, forming a part of this specification, the cover at said parts and insure a close fit in which similar letters of reference indicate of the cover or covering to the bed. corresponding parts inall the figures. Having thus described myinvention, what I 50 Figure 1 represents a view in perspective claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters of a bed-quilt or like cover, in part, having Patent, is my invention in one of its forms applied; 1. A removable bed cover or coveiing provided with longitudinal and substantially par allel tubular weighting-pockets, essentially as and for the purpose herein set forth.

2. A removable bed cover or covering provided with tubular parallel Weighting-pockets, as described, in combination with substantially continuous flexible masses or fillings of weighting material applied to said pockets, substantially as specified.

3. A removable bed cover or covering having" tubular weighting-pockets, as described, in combination with removable weighted bags applied to said pockets or either of them, essentially as and for the purpose or purposes herein set forth.

WILLIAM 'l. DOREMUS. \Vitnesses:


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