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Publication numberUS432712 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 22, 1890
Filing dateDec 9, 1889
Publication numberUS 432712 A, US 432712A, US-A-432712, US432712 A, US432712A
InventorsGeorge Taylor
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George taylor
US 432712 A
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"No Model.)



No. 432,712. Patented July 22, 1890.

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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 432,712, dated July 22, 1890.

Application filed December 9, 1889- Serial No. 333.095. (No model.) v

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE TAYLOR, a citizen of the United States, residing at Jersey City, in the county of Hudson and State of New Jersey, have invented an Improvement in Shower-Baths, oi which the following is a specification.

This bath is especially intended for bathing establishments, hotels, public and reformatory institutions, dac. It is made as a large and strong frame supported by and formed with three or more columns, and the parts of the bath form a skeleton frame that is easily separated or detached for cleaning, and all sharp angles and edges are avoided, so thatthere may be no danger of injury to the person, especially to those who may be disciplined by a compulsory bath.

In this bath is combined a range of finelyperforated columns to surround-the person and form what is known as a needle bath, and there is also a shower and douche bath above the person, perforated roses to form what is familiarly called a liver spray bath, and an upwardly-directed rose or spray to form a bidet bath, and these are so arranged and connected that either one or more can be brought .into operation at the will of the attendant or of the party taking such bath.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view representing the improvemenu'and Fig. 2 is a section of the ascending column and the connections to the respective pipes.

The pipe H is connected to yany suitable supply of hot water and the pipe C' to the supply for cold water, and the respective cocks H and C regulate the quantity of water admitted from the pipes into the mixingcolumn D, and this mixing-column is to be connected at top and bottom to the wall K or other suitable support by the respective plates k k, and from the mixing-column D branch connections or Ts pass to the respective cocks 1, 2,13, 4, and 5, and from these pipes and couplings lead to the respective portions of the bath.

The columns A A are connected at their lower ends to the slab L, which is perforated and provided with a grating, so that water passes to a suitable sewer or drain pipe, and

the upper portions of the columns A A are connected by the plates a to the surrounding slabs or inclosure M M2, and such columns are arched toward each other and connected to the head-piece 9, but the 'pipe or column A is stopped off, so that it does not open into this head-piece 9, and from this head-piece 9A the shower P hangs, and it is provided with the douche 12, and there is a third column A3, having its upper end arched to and connected with the head 9, and through this tubular column A3 water is supplied to the douche, as neXt described. Y i

From the valve 2 a pipe 15 passes around adjacent to the inclosure M M2, and it is connected by a branch pipe 2O with the ascending column A3 above the pipe B and in the hollow head 9 is a pipe connected with the douche 12. From the cock 1 a branch pipe 16 is connected with the upper part 17 ot the column A', so that water passes through the upper part of such column A to the head 9 and thence to the shower P; but the Column A is stopped off below the connection thereto of the branch' pipe 16, and there is a branch pipe 18, passing from the cock 3 to the column A below the point where it is stopped off, and there are curved pipes B and B3 extending around from the columns AA to the column A3 and coupled to such columns, and there are inwardly-projecting knobs 2l and 22, that are hollow, and through which the vertical spray-pipes a pass, which spray-pipes are closed at their upper and lower ends and are provided with one or more lines of ne perforations for the issuing of water in the form of needle-jets. The knobs 22 open into the curved pipes B', and there are also openings in the pipes a into such knobs 22, so that water passing by the branch 18 from the cock 3 into a portion of the column A', passes by the curved pipe B to these vertical pipes a, and issues in the form of fine jets, the jets being directed inwardly, and it will be apparent that in consequence of the knobs 21 22 being round and the connections between the respective pipes and columns being globular there are no points or angles against which a person is liable to become injured should they come in contact with any portion of the'bath while under treatment, and the pipes a ct and columns form a frame within which the person can movewith the utmost freedom without risk of injury.

Around the outside of the vertical pipes d o. there is a curved pipe B3, having upon it two or more spray-roses b, projecting inwardly between the vertical pipes a a, and the end of this pipe l?.2 is united bya branch b3 to the valve 4, so that water may be directed through this pipe b3 B3 and discharged in numerous sprays from the roses h b. The water passes around the column A3 in the ball or coupling B4.

The lower curved pipe B3 may open into the lower partof the column A3, such 'column A3 being stopped off above the junction therewith of the said pipe B3, and at the lower end of the column A3 a branch pipe 'passes out horizontally within arecess in the bottom slab L, and it terminates with an upwardly-projecting rose D, forming a bidet, and this pipe B3 is connected by a branch pipe 25 with the supply-cock 5; but I prefer to run a sm all pipe from thebranch 25 through the pipe B3 and lower part of the column A3 to the branch pipe and bidet D', so that less water will be consumed in reaching such bidet. l

Vater of any desired temperature can pass from the mixing-column D to either the bidet D the side sprays h, the needle-sprays from the tubes a, or to the shower P when the proper valve is opened, and I remark that the column A3 may be perforated between the supply-pipe B andthe pipe B3, such pipe B opening into this portion of the column A3 and said column being stopped off above the pipe B, so that the wateresupplies are kept separate.

If desired, the vertical pipes a may be made removable from the respective hollow knobs 2l 22, so as to be more easily cleaned; but by providing screw end pieces at the top and bottoms of said pipes a these pipes can be opened and cleaned by a wire or rod passed through the same, in order that any obstruction to the fine needle-jets may be removed.

In cases where vertical perforated spraypipes have been used they were supported by metal bands near the top and bot-tom and supplied by a central pipe and coupling, such spray-pipes being in two parts.

My device is more reliable and cheaper because each of the vertical perforated pipes is in one piece. They are supplied near the upper ends, the lower ends being free to expand or contract through the knobs 2l, and the parts that come next the person are rounding and without angles and not liable to injure the person, and the columns A A A3, being connected at their upper ends and by the pipes B B3, form a very strong frame-work, and the tubes ct a are sustained by the tubes alone.

I claim as my invention- 1. The columns A A A3, curved inwardly at their upper end, and the head 9, connecting such columns, and the curved pipes B B3, connected to such columns, in combination with the vertical perforated spray-pipes a a, closed at their ends, the hollow knobs v 22, into which the pipes a open, and which knobs are supported by and open into the pipe B and the hot and cold watersupply pipes and cocks, and the mixing-column cock 3 and pipe 18, leading to the pipe B', and the knobs 2l on the pipe B3, through which the pipes a pass, substantially as specified.

2. Thecombination, with the hot and cold water supply pipes and the mixing-column, of the cock 5, branch pipe 25, curved pipes B3, the columns A AA3, supportingsuch pipes, the column A3 being stopped oit above the connection to the pipe B3, the branch pipe at the bottom of the column A3, and the bidet D', substantially as set forth.

Signed by me this 3d day of December, 1889.




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