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Publication numberUS434262 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1890
Filing dateSep 5, 1889
Publication numberUS 434262 A, US 434262A, US-A-434262, US434262 A, US434262A
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US 434262 A
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(No Model.)



Nd. 434,262. Patented Aug. 12, 1890.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 434,262, dated August 12, 1890.

application filed September 5, 1889, Serial No. 323,019- (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM C. FREEMAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Louisiana, county of Pike, State of Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Rolling-Pins, of which the following is a specification.

The improvements relate more particularly to handles for rolling-pins; and it consists in constructing the handle so that it can be revolved or rotated while the pin is in use and independently from the movement of the said rolling-pin.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, which form apart of this specification, Figure 1 represents a rolling-pin with a portion of one end cut away, showing the construction thereof, together with the handle attached thereto. The handle is shown in longitudinal section. Fig. 2 is a detail view. Fig. 3 is a modification.

In the drawings, F represents the body of a rolling-pin and is provided at G with a recess or opening which extends from a central point at the end of said pin into the body a distance of about two inches, or thereabout. 0 represents a handle,- also provided with a longitudinal recess or opening somewhat larger in diameter than the opening G of the rolling-pin. At the inner end of the opening or bore the recess A isenlarged at A, and the handle is provided with two annular shoulders S S, which connect the handle with the pin in such a manner that it will be securely attached thereto and be free to revolve relatively therewith. is adapted to fit tightly the recess or opening G of the pin F, and to fit loosely the complementa-ry recess A of the handle 0, so that the handle can turn upon the pintle; but. the pintle will be securelylodged in the rolling-pin F. The pintle or peg B is provided with two lugs X X, which seat upon and bear against the shoulders S S of the handle 0, and a slot (Z is cut in the pintle or peg in such amanner that the handle 0 can press them'together when the parts are being assembled, and the lugs X X are pushed through the opening or recess A. \Vhen the said lugs reach the I'provide a pintle B, which enlarged circular chamber A at the end of the recess A, they will spring apart'and will bear upon and seat against the shoulders S S of the handle.

In Fig. 2 I have shown the peg or pintle in side elevation and have illustrated my mode of beveling the lugs X X at their outer ends, so that they will prevent resistance in entering the opening A. By this construction when the parts are assembled I provide a rolling-pin having revoluble handles, the working parts being thoroughly protected, as hereinbefore shown and described.

In lieu of forming the parts as shown I may reverse their position, forming the lugs X X at the other end of the pintle and the shoulders S S in'the opening G of the rolling-pin. This construction is illustrated in Fig. 3.

Having thus described my invention, the following is what I claim as new therein and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. The herein-described means for attaching a revoluble handle to a rolling-pin, consisting of a pintle attached to one member at one end and provided with spring-lugs at the other end, the other member being provided with a longitudinal circular opening having a circular offset at its inner end to receive the lugs, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

2. In a rolling-pin provided with revolving handles, the combination of the pins F, pintles B, having spring-lugs X X, with the handle 0, having opening A and annular shoul ders S S, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.

3. The combination of the rolling-pin F, having openings G, with handles revolving relatively thereto and connected to said rolling-pin by means of pintles or pegs 13, having the spring-lugs X X and the slot d, the handlesbcing provided with openings A, a circular chambered recess G, and annular shoulders S S, all arranged substantially as and for the purposes set forth.


' Witnesses:

E. B. RULE, J r., ED MoOUEN.

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