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Publication numberUS4365 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 23, 1846
Publication numberUS 4365 A, US 4365A, US-A-4365, US4365 A, US4365A
InventorsLathrop S. Bacon
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Lathrop s
US 4365 A
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V L. s. BAGON;

Cooking Stove.

Patented Jan'y 20. 1846.



Specfication of Letters Patent No. 4,365, dated January 23, 1846.

To all Iwhom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LATHROP S. BAGON, of Le Roy, in the county of Genesee and State of New York, have made a new and luseful Improvement' in the Manner of `Combining Elevated Ovens with Cooking-Stoves; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof.

In the accompanying drawing, Figure l is a perspective view of a stove with my elevated oven thereon. Fig. 2 is a vertical section jthereof from front to back through the line ac w of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a vertical section through the middle of the oven from end to end and through its flues, and Fig. 4: a representation of the auxiliary fire box removed from the stove.

A A is the ordinary fire chamber, which, if desired, may have an oven in its rear with flues around it, but I have shown it as surmounted by boiler holes for receiving cooking utensils only. I combine with my stove an auxiliary fire box B in which the fuel may be placed when it is desired not to use all the cooking utensils adapted to the stove. When the auxiliary fire boxv is employed, shutters or dampers C are used to close the flue space between the fire chamber A and the rear part of the stove. D is the elevated oven which is sustained on a wide flue E, E', extending nearly from side to side of the stove. This flue I divide into two parts by a partition plate F, and this plate eXtends around the larger portion of the flue of the elevated oven as shown at F I F' in the section Fig. 2, the part Gr of this flue space being open for the passing of the draft from one section of the oven to the other. H, H', are dampers, or valves placed in the lower part of the flues leading to the elevated oven by means of which dampers the draft may be governed in either of them. I is the place of the escape pipe shown as situated in the back part of one of the oven flues. Under this arrangement the elevated oven is more equally and effectively heated than heretofore and the flue space which surrounds it is kept more free from soot and other foreign matter than can possibly be done when the exit pipe proceeds from said surrounding flue.

As respects the elevated oven, its action will be the same whether the fire be made -in the chamber A or in the auxiliary fire box B, and as I do not make claim to this auxiliary fire box as new, and as the manner of combining it with the stove is obvious, it does not require any more particular desoription.

When the fire is being kindled the damper H is to be closed, and the damper H', opened; no portion of the draft will then pass into the flue space that surrounds the elevated oven but the whole will escape directly through the exit opening I; and when the cooking utensils placed on the top of the stove are to be used without heating the elevated oven, this position of the valves Will be retained, the valve H' serving however to regulate the force of the draft. When the elevated oven is to be used, the damper H' is to be closed and the damper-H opened as represented in Fig. 3. The heated air will then pass around that half of the flue space that is toward the end D' of the elevated oven through the opening G in the partition dividing said flue space, and around the other half of the flue space toward the end D of the oven and down the elevating flue space E' to the exit pipe I.

Having thus fully described the nature' of my improvements in the manner of combining an elevated oven with a cooking stove and set forth the advantageous operation of the same, what I claim as' new therein and desire to secure by Letters Patent, s-

The dividing of the wide elevating flue E, E', ofthe elevated oven, and of the flue space surrounding said oven, into two compartments by the partition/plate F, F', in combination with the dampers H H' and the exit opening I in the flue FK; the whole being arranged and operating substantially as herein fully made known.



JOHN S. GiBsoN, B. S. GLEAsoN.

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