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Publication numberUS43695 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 2, 1864
Publication numberUS 43695 A, US 43695A, US-A-43695, US43695 A, US43695A
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Improved artificial fuel
US 43695 A
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. able those skilledin the art to practice it.

- suitable for transportation andus'e.

"It is well known that in the operation of v mining coal vast quantities or coal-dust and generally of the i-cry best of acid, free from slate, but is of no use inthc common stoves and furnaces; because it is; too fine to burn freely, itheving'a. tendency to smother a coalfire when thrown upon it. it it conldbe formed into lumps or cakes possessing-density and tenacity enough to bear transportation and to burn w thout disintegration, such material "duce a new and t alunble fuel out of materials c usists.

' coal pest from which the fibrous or uudecom- TATTES NITE ' IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL Fug-it.

" Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 48.695, dated August 2, 1864; v

To all whom it may cmtcem:

Be it known that I, H. S. LUCAS, of Chester, in the county of Hempden and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Fuel and I do hereby declare that the following isa'description'of my invention'suflicieut to en- 'My invention relates to the preparation of fuel from coal and peat; and it consists in the combination together of peat in a finely-di vided condition end'pulrerized coal, these two I components being' thoroughiy mixed and compressed, so as to be formed into cakes orlumps fine coal collect, which are thrown aside as useless; such throwing aside being also in it-r self"ex pen'sive, us'the said fine coal has to be removed from the vicinity of the screening apparatus to prevent it from accumulating and becoming an obstruction This-materiel is would pIssess value as a Iuel. It is also well. known that there exist on the lines of many of the railroads of the country vast peat-holds, Pent is but little used use fuel, because of its bulk and the diiiicnltyoi dryingand compressin it.

gene purpose of my invention is to bring these two substances together, and by intiumtely mixing, nndcompressing them to pro-' which are now considered as: comparatively worthless; end it is in this that my Invention t consists, further, in combining with fine posed vegetable matters have been removed;

In compressing pent to extract the moisture therefroinmuch of the dificulty' in bringing it to a thoroughly dry state arises from the fee: that the fibers of the undecomposed portions consist of vegetable tubes or vessels containing water, which-tubes, surrounded by elastic matter, are hard to crush. Therefore by first extracting such fibers and then mixing the line coal and peat and compressing them together I obtain a still more valuablefuel.

In carrying out my invention the peat may be first reduced in a triturating-machine to a pulpy mass and then mixed with the coal-dust. and the homogeneous mixture compressed and formed into cakes; or the peat may be pol esized end partially dried before being combinei with the coal; but in cithercasethemoisture from the peat, being of a glutinous cheractfr,

will serve, when the pest and coal are cori1? pressed together, to cement the two ingreif dient's into one solid mass possessingv the req.-.

duced by me to possesssdvantogesover either; of theme Beat, in itself; when properly dried, 2 possesses only half the heating-power of cool;

and the combination of pulverized substances by the aid of resinous matter is too ex ensiv while the fuel rocesses dengerousou account of its. liability to spontaneous ignition; By my production a perfectly safe, and un'o'hjectionable fuel is produced at a low cost and in i convenient form for use.

What I- claim is-- 1. A fuel produced by combining and comi? pressing fine coal end peat, substantially as .seti'orth.

7 k r 2.1a a. fuel media from coal and neat: co'm.

binefi, the employment of pest from which the nndecomposed portion has been artiflcialiy removed.-

.7 5* HEMAN Si LUCAS. Witnesses:

, E. D. Goons JomrB. 'lsrcre

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