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Publication numberUS439793 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 4, 1890
Filing dateDec 7, 1889
Publication numberUS 439793 A, US 439793A, US-A-439793, US439793 A, US439793A
InventorsGeorge Taylor
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George taylor
US 439793 A
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(No Model.)


SPRAY BATH. No. 439,793. Patented Nov. 4, 1890.

ms nonms perms m1, moro-uma, WASHINGTON, n. c.



SPRAY-BATH SPEGIFIC ATION forming part r Letters Patent No. 439,793, dated November 4, 1890.

I Application filed December 7, 1889- Serial No. 332,916. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE TAYLOR, a citizen of the United States, residing at Jersey City, in the county of Hudson and State of New J ersey, have invented an Improvement in Spray-Baths, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to the combination, with the shower and descending douche, of tubes finely perforated to form what is known as a needle-bath and the improvement consists in the combinations of devices, hereinafter set forth, whereby the bath is easily operated, so as to regulate'the temperature of the water, and the parts are strong and durable.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view representing the improved bath. Fig. 2 is a vertical section through the supplypipes and shower; Fig. 3 is a plan view, sectionally, at the line a: as; and Fig. 4 is a face view of the hot-water cook or valve with a part of the case in section.

The pipe A is to be connected with a hotwater supply and the pipe 13 with a cold-water supply, and the cocks or valves 2 and 3 are adapted to regulate the quantity of water admitted, and in apparatus supplying hot and cold water to a shower the cold-water cock 3 is usually provided'with a bypass or opening through it, as seen in the detached view, Fig. 4, so that it cannot be entirely closed, in order that a limited supply of cold water may always enter the mixingcolumn O to avoid the possibility of hot water alone passing to the shower-bath. This mixing-column is of any suitable length, and at the upper end of the mixing-column is the cock at to regulate the quantity of water passing into the horizontal pipes II, and from these pipes II into the vertical spray columns or pipes I, which pipes I are perforated for the passage of the needle-jets, and the lines of these perforations are such that the needle jets are directed inwardly upon the person standing centrally between the four or more columns I, and it is preferable to fasten these columns I at their lower ends to the slab L, through which is an opening and grating 6 for the water to pass to an escape-pipe, and in cases where an inclos ure is provided by the three slabs M M M the columns I are connected to such slabs at their junction with. the pipes H, as seen in Fig. 1, and the columns I are continued above said pipes H, and they arch toward each other and are united to a central head-piece 10 by' suitable couplings, but the ends of the columns I at such head-piece 10 are stopped off, so that water does not pass into' this headpiece, and the supply of water for the columns and needle-jets is independent of the supply of water to the shower, and the quantity of water sosupplied to the columns is regulated by the cook or valve at.

There is a T or connection from the column O to the two cocks 12 and 13, as seen in Fig. 3, and from these cocks 12 and 13 the pipes D and E ascend, and are brought together at the ball or union F, and from this a double pipe ascends, and the pipe 15 within the pipe Gis connected with the pipe D,and it extends through the pipe G and head 10 to the central jet or douche 16, and, the water that passes up the pipe E surrounds the pipe 15 and passes through the pipe G into the head 10 and thence to the shower P, such shower being formed of a nearly-flat plate containing perforations or nipples and having a dome-shaped upper portion of sheet metal uniting at the center with the base of head 10.

It will now be understood that the temperature of the water employed for the douche or shower is regulated by the cooks 2 and 3, admitting hot and cold water to the mixingcolumn 0, and this water can pass by the cock 13 to the douche 16, or by the cock 12 to the shower I, and the douche, shower, and spray can all be made use of simultaneously, or either one separately, as desired. From the lower end of the mixing-column O a short pipe descends and is connected with the flexible tube of the sprinkler J, there being a suitable cook or valve at 20 to regulate the quantity of water passing through such sprinkler J, and this sprinkler is adapted to use in the hand for directing the water against any desired portion of the body.

This combined needle, shower, and douche bath is especially adapted to gymnasium or IOO athletic rooms, and water of the same te m perature will be supplied to all parts of the apparatus in consequence of passing through the shower and stopping oft such columns to separate the water in them from the shower the apparatus is rendered more strong and reliable, and the columns are used for the two purposes of needle-sprays and shower-bath supports.

I claim as my invention 1. The combination, with the hotand cold Water supply cocks and pipes and the mixingcolumn, of the cooks 12 and 13, the pipes D and E, passing to the ball or coupling F, the pipe G,intowhich the pipe E opens, the pipe 15 within the pipe G and connected to the pipe D ,the douche 16, connected w th the end of the pipe 15, and the shower P, into WhlCl'l the pipe G opens, substantially as set forth.

2. The combination, with the hot and cold water supply pipes and cooks and the mix ngcolumn, of the cock 4:, pipes H, andwertical perforated columns I, connected with such pipe H and arched inwardly, and the head 10, with which the upper ends of such columns I are connected,the shower P, and douche 16, supported by the head 10, the pipe G,lead1ng to the shower, and the pipe 15 within the same and leading to the douche, the globe or coupling F, the pipes I) and E, connected therewith and with the pipes 15 and G, respectively, the cooks 12 and 13, and the connection to the mixing-column O, substantially as set forth. Signed by me this 3d day of December, 1889.




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