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Publication numberUS441628 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1890
Filing dateNov 8, 1889
Publication numberUS 441628 A, US 441628A, US-A-441628, US441628 A, US441628A
InventorsApparatus Foe Supplying- Hot
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Apparatus for supplying hot and cold drinks
US 441628 A
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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.

J. v. nqcooN, C. C. MORIAN su M. C. POLLETT.


@Lui/tvnews i l me nouns ruins co., moro-mun.. wAsnmmon, n. c,

(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.


No. 441,628. Patented NOV. 25, 1890.




- SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 441,628, dated November 25, 1890.

Application filed November 8, 1889. Renewed November l, 1890. Serial No. 370.010. (No model.)

To all whom. it may concern.:

Be it known that we, JAMES V. D. COON, CARLOS C. MORIAN, and MELVILLE C FoL- LETT, citizens of the United States of America, residing at Olean, in the county of Cattaraugus and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Apparatus for Supplying Hot and Cold Drinks; and We do declare the following to be afull, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the aecompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

Figure 1 is au elevation of theimproved device. Fig. 2 is a horizontal section on line 1 1 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a central vertical section on line 2 2 of Fig. 2.

This invention relates to an apparatus for supplying hot and cold drinks; and it consists in the construction hereinafter set forth.

In the annexed drawings, the letter A indicates a suitable :metal body, made cylindrical and nickel or silver4 plated.

Bis the base, C the cover, and D the dome. The base B is open at its bottom and closed at its upper end by a conical frustum-shaped top E, forming a horizontal partition between the bottom of body A and base B.

F is the boiler centrally located within the body A and extending from the top of partition E to the cover C, as clearly shown in Fig. 3. Within boiler F is a hot-water tank or reservoir G, connected near its bottom to a feed coil-pipe H, whose upper end is joined to the city service-pipe at a. At the upper end of tank Gis secured a hot-water outletpipe b, which passes radially outward through the boiler and thence between receptacles W W to the double faucet K, as shown in Figs. 2 and 3.

L is the city service-pipe, which passes upward through the air-spaces c c2, through the boiler, and thence vertically into .the center of the dome.

M is an overiowpipe communicating with -the upper part of the inclosing water-cham ber of the milkmeceptacle near its upper end, thence passing downward and out through the base.

O is the feed-pipe to cold-water chamber f.

It is provided with a funnel o at its upper end to receive the water falling from opening 7c, the said pipe O and funnel vo being shown in dotted lines in Fig. 3.

The cover C has the depending rims g g',

The cold-water or city service-pipe L termif nates in a nozzle m. secured a convex perforated plate n.

P is a valve-opening in the top ofthe covei` C, controlled by Valve P and valve-lever p, provided with a screw-threaded stem pr', or other usual means.

Within the concentric space between the body A and boiler F are fluid-receptacles W W W2 W3, each receptacle 4being detached from the boiler and surrounded by a continuous air-due on all sides, as shown in Figs. 2 and 3. One of these receptacles-the one containing cold milk--is, furthermore, surrounded or inclosed by a cold-water chamber f, intermediate the milk-receptacle and the common outside air-chamber.

Below each fluid rreceptacle, between the bottom air-space and the conical frustum E, is a. continuous layer of asbestus cement R, varying `in thickness under each receptacle, according to the degree of heat required therein. For example, there is a thicker layer of asbestus required under the coee, which we wish to keep below the steaming-point, or at about 120, than is necessary under the chocolate, which we Wish to keep at about 140. Under the'milkchamber we place the thickest layer of asbestus.

Underneath the apparatus is placed a gasburner r or other source of heat.

Around this nozzlem is Onthe outside of the body are faucets K t w y z, communicating with the various compartments and pipes within the body, as shown in Fig. 2. I

The boiler F may be provided with the usual Water-gage.

To start the device, valve P is fully opened, water is admitted through the servicepipe L into the boiler F until the water in the boiler just covers the tank G and its connectingpipes. Then we close valve P. At the same time heat is supplied from the gas-burner o'. As soon as the Water in the boiler comes to the boiling-point steam passes through the opening fi, around the lower part of nozzle fm up into the dome. From nozzle m a constant stream of cold water issues and condenses all the steam that rises into the dome. To supply the Waste from evaporation, We open more or less valve P. It will be seen that the upper faucet K is a double faucet connecting with the pipes b and I, and having two keys t and u, and but one outlet. Said outlet is also small, so as to discharge a fine stream of either hot or cold water.

'u is a cold-water faucet connected directly to the service-pipe and giving a full size ordinary stream of cold water.

w is a cold-milk faucet.

5c is a hot-coffee faucet; y, a hotchocolate faucet, and .e a hottea faucet.

By the above arrangement we can draw either hot or cold drinks, as desired. XVe find that the cold milk drawn from faucet w will have a temperature minus to that of the cold t feed-water.

Having described our invention, what we claim isl. In afountain for dispensing hot and cold drinks, the combination of a body A, a base B, a heater o, a series of fluid-receptacles, and an asbcstus packing of varying thickness interposed between the base in which the heater is located and the air-chamber in which the receptacles are located, whereby their contents may be maintained at proper temperature, as specified.

2. In a fountain consisting of the recepta cle and its inclosed boiler, the cover and the globe supported thereby and communicating with the steam-space of the boiler, with the water-pipe leading into the globe, and a Wastepipe terminating below a hole in the bottom of said globe, the combination therewith of the cold-water-feed pipe O, Watcnspace f, and overiiow-pipe M, as herein set forth.

8. In a fountain consisting of an outer shell and its inclosed boiler, the cover and the globe supported thereby and communicating with the steam-space of the boiler, with the Waterpipe leading into the globe, and a Waste-pipe ,terminatin g below a hole in the bottom of said globethe combination therewithof trap or valve P valvc-openin g P, lever p, and valvestem p', as set forth.

Ll. In a fountain consisting of an outside shell, the boiler F Within, and the compartments \V IV VW W3, between them and the tank G, coil II, and pipe inthe combination therewith of the conical frustum partition i between the base and body of the fountain, the asbestus lining R, of varied thicknesses, the double faucet K, the cold-Water chamber f,pipes O and M, valve P', and the continuous air-space surrounding the various com partments W W 72 NVB, as herein set forth. In testimony whereof We affix our signatures g in presence of two witnesses.





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