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Publication numberUS445192 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1891
Filing dateJun 27, 1890
Publication numberUS 445192 A, US 445192A, US-A-445192, US445192 A, US445192A
InventorsAnd Ole Knudson
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Hand-hold for guns
US 445192 A
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No. 445,192. PatentedJan 27, 1891.-


YER/ewes glvw enikim a W, 6. (ASkM-Q GQWI IWM lhvirnn STATES PATENT @rrrcn.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 445,192, dated January 27, 1891.

Application filed June 27, 1890.

To all whom, it may concern.-

Be it known that we, FRANK NYE, RICHARD F. DENHAM, and OLE KNUDSON, citizens of the United States of America, and residents of Lake Park,in the county of Dickinson and State of Iowa, have invented an Improved Hand-Hold for Guns, of which the following is a specification.

, claims, and illustrated by the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is atransverse sectional view showing the relative positions of the separate parts of our invention and the means employed to attach the device to the fore-end of a gun. Fig. 2 is aside view showing asection of a gun having the complete device attached thereto. Fig. 3 is a transverse sectional view showing a modified form of the device attached to a double-barreled shotgun. Figs. at, 5, 6, and 7 are modifications of the device. Fig.8 is a face view of a device adapted to be fixed to the wooden stock, as shown in Fig. 7.

A represents the body portion of a straight metal bar that is angular at its central portion and round and screw-threaded at its end portions 13 and B 0 represents a wooden sleeve having a longitudinal angular bore adapted to admit the bar A.

D represents a metal ferrule, one end of which is adapted to fit over the upper end of the sleeve C, and the opposite end is concaved. This ferrule D has a circular bore in its central portion adapted to admit the end portion B of the bar A. I

E represents an elongated circular nut adapted to engage the end portion B of the bar. This nut has an annular bead F, adapt- Serial No. 356,999. (at model.)

ed to engage the end of the sleeve 0 and to project past the side of said ferrule, to be grasped by the fingers of the user, to be rotated thereby. The surface of said head is serrated.

II represents a screw-seat adapted to be fixed in a mortise in the lower side of the fore-end J of the wooden stock of agun. The lower end of said screw-seat is convex to fit the upper end of the ferrule D, and the upper end is concaved to fit the lower side of a gun-barrel.

K represents the barrel of a single-barreled gun.

In Fig. 3, L represents the barrels of a double-barreled gun.

M is a metal clasp consisting of two converging hooks adapted in size and shape to admit the fore-end J and barrels L. The free end portions of the hooks are bent downward, so that the points thereof may enter the depression between the web N and the barrels L. This clasp M has a screw-seat formed integral on its lower end adapted in shape to fit to the upper end of the ferrule D, and to admit the end B of the bar A.

0 represents a modified form of clasp adapted for attaching the handle to WVinchester repeating arms and single-barreled guns.

P represents a modified form of clasp adapted to attach the handle to the old styles of Spencer or Oolts repeating arms.

S represents a modified form of clasp adapted to attach the handle to the new styles of Spencer or Oolts repeating arms.

In Fig. 7, T represents a cap -nut, an enlarged plan View of which is shown in Fig. 8. This nut is set in a mortise in the fore-endJ and secured by means of a. screw, and is adapted to admit and form a bearing for the end portion B of the bar A.

In the practical use of our invention We insert the bar A into the wooden sleeve and screw the nut F on the end B a short distance. Then insert the end B through the ferrule D and screw itinto the screw-seat H by rotating the sleeve 0 as faras desired, and then screw up the nut F until it is tigh In using the modified forms of clasps We attach the handle in the same way, and to adjust it to suit the varying lengths of arms of various users we loosen the clasp by a backward rotary movement of the sleeve C and slide the clasp along the gun in the direction desired to the suitable position, and then tighten the clasp in the usual Way. The complete invention maybe thus interchangeably used on the different forms of guns named.

Having thus described our invention, Whatwe claim as new, and desire to secure byLetters'Patent, is

1. A hand-hold for guns, composed of abar having an angular body portion and round screw-threaded end portions, an outer sleeve or handle having a longitudinal angular bore, an adjusting-nut on one end portion of the rod, and a metal ferrule on the opposite end portion of the bar, in combination "with a screwseatfiXed to the fore-end of a gun, as and for the purposes set forth.

2. A hand-hold for the fore-end of fire-arms, consisting of a rod or bar having an angular body portion and circular screw-threaded end portions, a nut mounted upon one end of the rod, a sleeve having an angular bore mounted upon the middle portion of the rod, and a metal ferrule mounted on the end portion of the bar opposite to the nut, together with means for attaching the bar to the said fore-end, as shown and described, to operate in the manner set forth, for the purposes stated.

3. A hand-hold for guns, comprising a loop or clasp adapted to encircle agun-barrel, and a handle adapted to be detachably fixed to the bottom of the loop or clasp and to clamp the clasp fast to the gun in the manner set 35 forth.




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