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Publication numberUS448783 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1891
Filing dateJul 23, 1890
Publication numberUS 448783 A, US 448783A, US-A-448783, US448783 A, US448783A
InventorsFrancis Kern An
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Hot-air furnace
US 448783 A
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(No Model.) 1

F. KERNAN, Jr., 82: W. H. LANDERS.


Patented Mar. 24, 1891.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 448,783, dated March 24, 1891.

Application filed July 23, 1890. Serial No. 359,616. (No model.)

To a whom it may concern: In the cover to one side of its center we Be it known that we, FRANCIS KERNAN,J12, provide two openings 3 3, arrangedto receive and YVILLIAM H. LANDERS, of Utica, in the tubes 4 4, which connect with and support the county of Oneida and State of New York, radiator, located above the feed-section and 55 5 have invented certain new and useful Imcover, the fines or passage-ways 4. at, connectprorements in Hot-Air Furnaces; and we do ing the cover with the radiator, the latter hereby declare that the following is a full, flues connecting with the encircling flue 5 in clear, and exact description of the invention, the radiator, the portions of which unite at which will enable others skilled in the art to a point opposite to lines 4: a, and thence de 60 which it appertains to make and use the same, liver into the horizontal flue 6 through the reference being had to the accompanying radiator to the smoke-exit 7. By this arrangedrawings, and to the figures of reference ment the cover and radiator can be swung marked thereon, which form part of this speciinto any position to accommodate the smokefiggtion, exit without reference to the location or ar- 65 Our invention relates to a hot-air furnace; rangement of thefeed-section and the ash pit and it consists in the mechanism hereinafter opening. The arrangement and location of pointed out. and claimed. the portions of the flue leading from the feed- In the drawings,Figure 1 shows a side elesection to the radiator to one side of the cenvation of our improved furnace. Fig. 2 repter connecting with the encircling flues unit- 70 2O resents a vertical central section 011 line A B ing in the horizontal flue at a point opposite of Fig. 3. Fig. 3 represents atop view, looking to the entrance of the gases into the circular downward, taken on line E F of Fig. 1. Fig. flue, and thence horizontally through the ra 4. represents a section of the radiator on line diator to the smoke-exit, leave hot-air spaces 0 D of Fig. 3. 8 S, which are surrounded by the lines, so that 75 5 The objectof our invention is to producea both sides of the column of heated air are hot-air furnace which will impart the maxiheated in its passage in the distributingnum amount of heat from a given quantity chamber above the furnace. By admitting of coal, and we claim to attain this result by the heated current of smoke and gases from employing and constructing ourfurnace with the furnace into the encircling flue of the ra- 8o 3 a feed-section 1, flaring outward from the hotdiator and carrying the same through the entom toward the top, the upper'portion of the circling flue to the horizontal flue and then to feed-section being provided witha cup-shaped the smoke-exit there is afforded a large heatjoint a for receiving the flange of the convex ing and radiating surface, which will impart cover 2, which fits into the cup-shaped joint, the maximum amount of heat from the mini 85 and is arranged so that the cover and the ramum amount of coal, and by passing fine 6 diator, which is supported upon the cover, over the center of the cover,that being the may be swung into any position to accommocenter of the fire, added heat is imparted to date the smoke-exit. the moving current of air in its passage By the arrangement and construction of through openings 8 S in the radiator, and by 90 40 the feed-section and the cover an expanding locating the furnace-casing in close proximgas-chamber is formed above the fire, and the ity to the periphery of the radiator the heated cover is brought into closer proximity to the column of air is kept in the draftof the firefire than in furnaces heretofore constructed, pot and feedsection in close proximity to the and facilitates a more thorough and complete furnace, thereby imparting heat which could 5 combustion of the gases than is possible in not be attained by allowing the heated air of furnaces having a large dome over the fire, the fire-pot to pass outside of the radiator. thereby augmenting the heating qualities of For providing an additional heating-flue the furnace, and at the same time furnishing for the passage of heated air through the ra a sufficient expanding-chamber to accommodiator we provide a vertical line 9 through I00 date the expansion of the gasesin the process the radiator 10, which is elevated above the of combustion. feed-section. The flue-opening over the center of the cover and fire accelerates the movement of the current of air in its upward passage, and this flue may be connected at the upper surface of the radiator by a hot-air pipe with any portion of the building and afford a strong moving current of hot-air for distribution in the room to be heated.

For preventing any injury to the furnace arising from the explosion of gas therein we provided openings 1% 1t between the encircling flue and the horizontal flue near the smoke-exit, which are covered with automatic dampers 15, Figs. 2 and 3, which open whenever the pressure of gas in the encircling fine is sufficient to move the dampers, and when the pressure is relieved the dampers automatically fall into position and close openings 11- 1I,thus forcing the heated gases and smoke through the encircling tlue to the horizontal flue and then to the smoke-exit. \Yhile the openings between the encircling and horizontal fines and their dampers are shown they may be omitted without departing from the spirit of our invention, and a like omission maybe made of the vertical flue through the radiator, although we believe it to be much preferable, as it affords a greater air-space in the radiator where the moving column of heated air can be heated on both sides and its movement thereby accelerated. The radiatoris supported in part bytuloe 1l,connectingwith cover 3, provided with opening 12 of less diameter than the size of the flue, with a like opening 13 into the horizontal flue of the radiator, through which a slight passage is provided for admitting of some draft in the furnace. The openings 12 and 13 may, however, be omitted.

\Vhat we claim is- The combination, in a furnace, of a fire-pot, dome, and radiator having an encircling fine, a cross-flue communicating with the encircling-flue at one side of the radiator and extending diametrically across the radiator to the smoke-exit, being divided to surround a vertical central air-passage through the radiator and cutting off the encircling fine at the smoke-exit, the encircling flue having an enlarged portion at each end and next to the smoke-exit,theautomaticallyoutwardly-openin g dampers closing openin in the enlarged ends of the encircling fine and the two equal flues between the furnace-dome and radiator and opening into the enlarged end of the encircling flue of the radiator adjacent to the smoke-exit, substantially as set forth.

In witness whereof we have affixed our natures in presence of two witnesses.



EDWIN II. RIDLEY, t. I). Rosn.

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