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Publication numberUS449 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 11, 1837
Publication numberUS 449 A, US 449A, US-A-449, US449 A, US449A
InventorsLouis Paimboeuf
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Improvement in the mode of preparing paint for the protection of buildings against fire
US 449 A
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, To all whom it may concern s Be it known that L'LOUIS PAIMBOEUF, of

" the city of Washington, in the District of Golumbia, have invented an Improved ;Mode of Preparing Paint'for the Protection of Buildings against Fire audI do hereby declare that the following is a full and exact description thereof. a

grinding and incorporatingthe ingredients used either with oil or with water, as may be I preferred. .Thatprepared with water or other f aqueous .fluid, however, hasone advantage over that prepared w ithtoil -t-namely, it dries very'rapidly andadords the desired protection immediately, while-1 that prepared with 5 oil-will not harden perfectlyiuntil the lapse of several weeks, dependingf'npon thelseason of i tIJGSEflL I v To prepare my paint Iiak'e the best quicklime, such as when slake'd forms an impalpable powder, and slake it by the addition ofso much water only as is requisite to .produce that eifect, performing this operation in a trough or vessel, which may be covered over, so as to retain the vapor and heat as perfectly as possible, as upon this procedure I find that much of the efi'ective strengthof the compositionis dependent. When the staking has become perfect and the masshas, cooled, I, in order to prepare; my wate'r-paint, add either water or skimmed milk, or av mixture of the two, to the lime in snfiicientquantlty to give I r to it the consistency of cream or that of ordinary paint. When milk is not usedI add to the water a quantitykot rice -paste made by boiling ricetiu waterto 'a-proper consistence, using about eight pounds of rice to every hundred gallons of the prepared paint. To every hundred gallons of this prepared lime mixture-Iadd twenty pounds of alum, fifteen pounds of potash, and one. bushel of common salt. These are the essential ingredients, and the proportions such as I have found to ;answer well, If the paint is to. be white, I find it advantageous to add to these ingredi I ents about six pounds of prepared plaster-or f paris and the same qua: ty 01' line white 7 clay. When the paintwis not reamedto be white I substitute clean, well-3i its-ti, hard-wood UNITED l STATES My fire proof paint may ,be prepared by.


Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 449, dated November 11, 1837.

ashes for the potash, about two bushels bcing suflicient for the above quantity. In this case, also, I frequently add three or four gallons of molasses. After mingling these ingredientsI first strain them through a fine strainer, and afterward grind them together in a paintmill, when the paint is ready for use. When roofs are to be covered orwhen crumbling brick walls are to be coated I mix with my paint a quantity of line white sand,

in the proportion of about one pound to every I impaired. Three coats will be sufficient in a all cases. In putting on the first coat the paint should be more diluted than with the others. It can be managed by any person used to the paint-brush. When the oil-paint is to be preparedItake forty gallons otgood boiled linseed-oil, and to this I add such quantity of the fine dry-slaked lime as is requisite to v bring it to a proper consistence for paint, and

to this I add two pounds of alum,one pound of pot or of pearl ashes, and eight pounds of common salt. In this paint good wood-ashes may be substituted for the potash, eight or ten pounds being used.

This paint is to be used in the same manner as other paint, taking special care that the first coat is perfectly dry before the second is applied. Under the same circumstances the Whatldo claim as my invention or discovery is--- The combining 'together of lime, potash, alum, and common salt, substantially in the manner herein "set forth, whether the same be combined in thepioportions herein designated 01' in any other which will produce alike effeet, and whetherthe'other ingredients named 01' any similar substances he added to the water 01' the oil'painc, prepared as above.

' L. PAIMBOEUF. Witnesses:

Tnos. P. JL mas, CLEMENT T. FC'OTE.

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