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Publication numberUS450823 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 21, 1891
Filing dateJul 30, 1890
Publication numberUS 450823 A, US 450823A, US-A-450823, US450823 A, US450823A
InventorsCharles W. B. Fuller
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US 450823 A
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(No Model.)

0. W. B. FULLER.


No. 450,823. Patented Apr. 21, 1891.





SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 450,823, dated April 21, 1891.

Application filed July 30, 1890- Serial No. 360,401. (No model.)

To all whom it may C blades a a, cannot turn with the bolt It.

Be it known thatI, CHARLES V. B. FULLER, The plate d is marked off in degrees on its 55 of Malden, in the county of Middlesex and upper side, the markings or graduations co- State of Massachusetts, have invented ceroperating with the indicator in showing the tain new and useful Improvements in Bevels degree at which the blade 0 stands with relaand Protractors, of which the following is a tion to the edges of the blades a a, the plate specification. d being prevented from turning, while the This invention has for its objectto provide indicator 0 turns with the blade 0, as above a bevel-gage and protractor which shall be described. to simple and inexpensive in construction; and The bolt 7:. is screw-threaded at the end it consists in the improved construction opposite the head h, and is provided with a which I will now proceed to describe and thumb-nut m, which, when turned up against claim. the blade ct, secures the bolt 71. at any point Of the accompanying drawings, forming a to which it may be moved along the slots f, r 5 part of this specification, Figure 1 represents and also secures the blade 0 at any angle to a perspective View of my improved bevel and which it may be adjusted. protractor. Fig. 2 represents a transverse It will be seen from the foregoing that the section of the same. Figs. 3, 4, and 5 repreimproved tool is extremely simple and consent perspective views of detached parts of stitutes a convenient and eificient bevel and 20 the device. protractor which is capable of being made at The same letters and numerals of reference small expense as compared with many other indicate the same parts in all of the figures. tools for the same purpose now in use.

The body portion of my improved bevel I claim-- and protractor is composed of two parallel The improved bevel and protractor consist- 2 5 blades a a, which are rigidly connected at ing of the body portion having the slotted one end and are separated throughout the blades a a, separated by a blade-receiving greater part of their length by a slot or space space, the adjustable blade 0, inserted in said which receives the adjustable blade 0, said space and having a slot j, the graduated scaleblade being adapted to swing between the plate cl, having a central orifice t' and an off- 0 blades 0. ct. set cl, the edges of which bear on the edges of it represents a pivot-bolt, which passes the slot in the blade ct to prevent said plate through slots ffin the blades a at and a slot from turning on the body portion of the tool, j in the blade 0, the portion of said bolt that and the bolt 7t, having at one end a head 72. passes through the slot j being square and bearing on the scale-plate (Z and an indicator 3 5 of such size that its sides are in contact with 0 on said head, and at the other end a clampthe edges of the said slot, so that when the ing-nut bearing on the underside of the body blade 0 is turned the bolt h must turn with portion of the tool, said bolt being adapted to go it, the head h of said bolt having an inditurn freely in the orifice o of the scale-plate cator 0, which co-operates with an annular and provided with fiat sides bearing against 40 scale plate d, engaged, as hereinafter dethe edges of the slotj in the blade 0, whereby scribed, with the blade at in indicating any the bolt and its indicator are engaged with angle which the edges of the blade 0 may asthe blade 0, the swinging movements of said 5 sume with relation to the edges of the blades blade causing corresponding movements of ct a. The scale d is an annular plate or disk the indicator over the non-rotating scale- 45 having a central orifice t', through which the plate, as set forth.

bolt it passes, the said orifice being of such In testimony whereof I have signed my size that the circular portion 3 above the name to this specification, in the presence of square portion 20f said bolt 72. can turn freely two subscribing witnesses, this 22d day of in it. The under side of the plate d has an .July, A. D. 1890.

50 oifset or projection d, the parallel edges of CHARLES XV. B. FULLER.

which are formed to bear against the edges Witnesses: of the slot f in the blade at, so that the plate 0. F. BROWN, cl, while adapted to slide lengthwise of the A. D. HARRISON.

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Cooperative ClassificationG01B3/56, B43L7/12