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Publication numberUS453470 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1891
Filing dateJan 17, 1891
Publication numberUS 453470 A, US 453470A, US-A-453470, US453470 A, US453470A
InventorsJohn J. Geiger
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US 453470 A
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SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 453,470, dated Tune 2, 1891.

Application filed January 17, -1 891. Serial No. 378,149. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that we, JOHN J. GEIGER and LYMAN KNAPP, of Clyde, in the county of Sandusky and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Roofing; and we do hereby'declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it pertains to make and use it, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, which form part of this specification.

Our invention relates to an improvement in roofing; and it consists in the combination of a strip or piece which is formed from a single sheet of metal and is bent or doubled so as to form a double T with the sheets out of which the roof is formed, and which have their edges bent so as to fit in the sides of the double T and a cap which is placed over the upper flanges of the double T'and the roofingplates, and then bent down, as will be more fully described hereinafter.

The object of ourinvention is to provide a metallic roofing in which the parts are quickly and readily applied together, and then secured in position, without requiring the skilled labor which has usually to be employed in this connection.

Figure 1 is a detail View showing allot the parts of a portion of a roof ready to be put together. Fig. 2 is a similar view showing the same parts put together, but the cap-piece not bent over. Fig. 3'is a vertical section of the parts when completed. Fig. 4. is a detail view of an end piece.

A represents a sheet of metal which has been bent so as to form a double T, and which is to be nailed directly upon the roof at its lower edges. The sheets or plates B which form the roofing proper have their edges bent into a U shape, so as to fit within the flanges of the part A, and their the cap-piece O is applied over the upper edges of the double T B will be secured together. The edges of the cap are then closed together, and the flanges inclosed in the cap are bent down, as shown, so as to form a tight joint.v

At the ends of the roof, instead of having the double-T pieces A, the flanged end pieces G are used, and which pieces have a flange H upon their inner sides about one-half way down and two flanges a at their upper edges. Only one flange is formed at the center, because the sheets or plates B are applied only to the inner sides of the end pieces. A cap is then applied to the top flanges, which are then turned down, as shown in Fig. 3.

As a sheet-metal roof constructed as here shown and described can be readily applied without the help of skilled labor, a great reduction in the cost of the roof is elfected and an absolutely tight joint without solder is made.

Having thus described our invention, we claim- In a metallic roofing, the combination of the double -T pieces, the roofing-plates having their outer edges made U-shaped, so as to fit in the sides of the double Ts, and the caps which secure the double Ts and the roofingplates together, substantially as shown.

In testimony whereof We affix our signatures in presence of two witnesses.



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