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Publication numberUS453626 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1891
Filing dateSep 11, 1890
Publication numberUS 453626 A, US 453626A, US-A-453626, US453626 A, US453626A
InventorsCharles L. Coulter
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US 453626 A
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12B-1203.16 sa j "if" -f (NoModel.) C L COULTER l 'INHALER l No. 453,626. Patented June 9,1891.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No."453,626, dated June 9, 1891. Application tiled September 11, 1890. Serial No. 364,593. (No model.) Petentedin Canada October 10, 1890, No. 35,173.

Inhalers, (for which l have obtained a patent ot` Canada, No. 35,173, dated-October l0, 1890;)

and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the saine, reference being had to the accompaf nying drawings, forming a part hereof.

- My Invention, which will be hereinafter fully set forth and claimed, relates to devices for vapotizing, medicating, and inhaling medicated er other liquids.

-Figure l is an. elevation of my improved vaporizer and inhaler. Fig. 2 is another elevation of. the same, taken at a right angle to Fig. l; and Fig. 3 is a vert-ical section of the same.

A is a cylindrical stand, having a weighted foot or base a and provided with a handle A. Justabove the base a portion ofthe cylindrical casing is out away to form an aperture a for the insertion of a heater, a spiritlamp C, having a large flat shield c, formed by a disk attached to the burner or wicktube. being preferred, and perforations a" are provided for the admission of air.

B is a water-tight vessel or boiler having a' .slightly conical body loosely fitting the upper part of the casing A and depending from the upper rim thereof by a ang'e b. The

upper pa'rtof saidboler above said fiange tapers oli conically into a wide cylindrical neck b,open at-the top, and is adaptcdto form one part of a slip-joint.

D is a bent tube, having at one end the cylindrical capsule mouth-piece d, adapted to pti. closely upon thecylindrical neck of the boiler, and at the other end the bulb d', having a Wide straight cylindrical mouth d, adapted for the insertion in sponge D.

-Said bulb of. a

Eis an' inhaling-tube,.having atone end 'a wide mouth e', with a straight cylindrical end e adapted to connect with the mouth d of the bulb d by passing tightly over said mouth and forming a slip-joint, and at the other a mouth-piece e, adapted to lit over the lips of-a person. The tube Dis so-bent that when the. apparatus is'placcd upon the table before a person the mouth-piece e meets the users lips or nostrils at a convenient angle, the tube E being preferably straight, but

may of course be bent, if desired.

V For use the boiler 13 `is partially filled with water, (preferably hot,) which may or may not be medicated. In the cnlbffl is placed a small sponge saturated with essential oils or Vany drug or medicament desired. The lamp @beinglghted and placed under thc boiler, causes the water in .the latter to beevaporated and the vapors to pass through the tube D, bulb d ,and tube E, and to be inhaled 'from the mouth-piece e.

I claim as my invention- In a combined vaporizer and inhaler, tht,` combination of the cylindrical stand A, hav ing aweighted base and an aperture adapted to receive a heater, a boiler B, having a ange b, by which it is suspended at the top rim of said stand, and a wide-mouthed cylindrical neck adapted to form one part o f a unionjoint, a bent tubeD, having at one end a cylindrical capsulemouth adapted to connect with theboiler-mouth and at the other a cylindrical b'ulbadapted to receive a sponge, and an inhaling-tube E, having a cylindrical with said bulb at one end and a mouth-piece c at the other end, substantially as set forth. Intestimony whereof I have signed this specification in the presence of the undersigned Witnesses.

. CI-.IARLES- L. COULTER. Witnesses. l



`mouth-piece adapted .to form a union-joint

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Cooperative ClassificationA61M16/16